9 Days Tour in Nepal

9 Days Nepal Tour

This 9 days Nepal tour starts from Kathmandu, the cultural hub of Nepal. You will be visiting various UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And get a chance to see some of the most ancient and stunning art crafts in Nepal.

This is the tour where you can have all the fun even without going for the popular treks in the Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu,Langtang regions. So, join the 9 days Nepal tour to enjoy in Nepal without doing challenging walks on the mountainsides.

Nepal features a perfect blend of mountains, jungles, medieval cities, spiritual sites, and the friendliest people. It is the perfect destination for all travel enthusiasts.

Natural beauty, majestic mountains, and religious sites are some obvious reasons you should visit Nepal.

Once in Nepal, you’ll feel happiness and contentment without many luxurious facilities. It is something you cannot find anywhere else.

You will also be visiting Pokhara, the lake city of Nepal. You can enjoy a stroll in the banks of Fewa Lake with the backdrop of the Annapurna Range.

Chitwan National Park is the oldest national park in Nepal. You will get a chance to see the wildlife of Nepal and learn about a new culture.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha has to be one of the major highlights of this tour. You will get to visit the Maya Devi Temple where you will still find ruins of the exact place where Buddha was born. After this spiritual place, the last leg of the tour will be Nagarkot.

Nagarkot is the nearest place from Kathmandu where you will get to see picturesque views of the Himalayan ranges. The invigorating air and landscapes will make you want to take a retreat in this peaceful and stunning place.

With our itinerary, make the most of your time in Nepal and explore this exotic country.

From breathtaking scenery to the friendliest people, this trip will surely be one of the best travel destinations of your life.

Highlights of the 9 Days Nepal Tour

  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Visit various tourist spots in Pokhara like the Seti Gorge, Devi’s Fall, Bindhyabasini Temple etc.
  • Visit ancient temples and learn about its history.
  • See the sunrise from Sarangkot in Pokhara and Nagarkot.
  • Pokhara, Nagarkot, and Chitwan are the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal.
  • Chitwan National Park, one of the best national parks for viewing wildlife in Asia.
  • Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha is the center of Buddhists from all over the world.
  • Road trips that allow you to see the beauty of Nepal and gives you a chance to meet people from all over Nepal.

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Detailed Itinerary of 9 Days Nepal Tour

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu and Transfer to Hotel

Maximum Altitude: 1,300 m

Welcome to Kathmandu, our representatives will be at the airport to pick you up and transfer you to the hotel.

Once you get settled in your rooms, you can have the rest of the day to yourself. You can either take a stroll and explore the surrounding area or just take rest in your respective hotels.

At the hotel, our representative will call you for a small meeting to discuss with you about the trip.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 02: A Day in Kathmandu with a Sightseeing Tour

After breakfast at the hotel, you will officially start your 9 Days Nepal Tour. Your first destination for today will be the Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu Durbar Square, located in the heart of old Kathmandu in Basantapur is an architectural paradise.

The place is filled with souvenir shops, cafes and plenty of ancient temples and houses. This complex square displays the excellent craftsmanship of the ancient Nepalese people.

This square houses a lot of important temples like the Taleju Temple, Kal Bhairav, and Jagannath Temple. Nine storey palace, Coronation Nasal Chowk, the Gaddi Baithak are some of the major attractions in the area.

After exploring Kathmandu Durbar Square, you will move to your next destination, the Swayambhu Stupa.

Swayambhu Stupa

Sitting at the top of a hill, it is also famously known as the monkey temple. This is because of the monkeys that you find in the area.

A golden spire crowning the lofty white dome, this stupa is visible for many miles and from all sides. It is also the oldest of all holy shrines in Kathmandu Valley.

Once at the top, you can take some rounds around the stupa (circumambulations). You can take a look inside the shops around the stupa selling paintings, handicrafts etc.

You can also get a view of the entire Kathmandu Valley from here.

The next destination for your tour is the Pashupatinath Temple. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple complex consists of 518 temples and monuments.

Pashupatinath Temple

The main temple is a square two-tiered pagoda styled temple and stands in the middle of an open courtyard. Foreigners, however, are not allowed inside the temple premises. But there is still a lot to see around the main temple.

For a temple that deals with death, it is remarkably vibrant and full of life. You will definitely leave fascinated by this place.

The last destination on your Kathmandu Tour is the Boudhanath Stupa. It is the largest stupa in Nepal.

Boudhanath Stupa

Towering at around 360 feet, it is one of the most liked sightseeing places in Kathmandu.

The stupa surrounded by monasteries, rooftop cafes, and a string of shops selling Tibetan handicraft, is a mesmerizing place.

The energy you will feel here is unreal and will make you forget about all your problems and be at peace. Enjoy the spectacular beauty of the stupa and take in the good energy from this place.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 03: Drive to Chitwan National Park from Kathmandu

Maximum Altitude: 415 m

Travel Hours: 5-6 hours

After breakfast at Kathmandu, you will leave for Chitwan. Once you leave Kathmandu, driving through the hilly ranges to Chitwan makes the drive a scenic one.

The breathtaking scenery and the local food and people along the way will make this trip an interesting one.

You will be traveling through Thankot-Naubise-Malekhu-Manakamana-Mugling to finally reach Sauraha. Sauraha is the main transportation hub to Chitwan National Park.

From Sauraha, you will transfer to a resort lodge in Chitwan where you will stay the night.

Day 04: Chitwan National Park Jungle Activity

After breakfast, you will embark on an adventurous tour of the Chitwan National Park.

You will have a full day of jungle activities like jeep safari, Jungle walk, Tharu village tour.

And in the evening you will witness the famous Tharu cultural program before dinner. This is a program staged by the Tharu people to showcase their culture and tradition to the tourists.

Their dances especially the stick dance are quite appealing and engaging.

You can learn a lot about their culture through this performance. And also be a part of it by joining them towards the end.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 05: Chitwan to Lumbini (Birthplace of Lord Buddha)

Maximum Altitude: 150 m

Travel Hours: 5-6 hours

After breakfast, it is time to say goodbye to this amazing place and head to the next destination, Lumbini.

You will start your drive to Lumbini along the Siddhartha Highway. Passing through Narayangarh, Butwal and Bhairawa. This drive takes you through the edges of Churia mountains and small villages.

After reaching Lumbini, you will check into your hotel and set out to explore the birthplace of Buddha.

You will visit the Maya Devi Temple where you will still see ruins and the exact spot of Buddha’s birth. There is a pool next to the temple, which is where Maya Devi bathed before and after giving birth to Buddha.

The birth site is an international peace park. Any other construction other than places of religious significance is not allowed here.

Lumbini is of great significance to Buddhists. Countries from around the world have built temples in the Lumbini area.

After a religious tour of Lumbini, you will head back to your hotel for dinner.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 06: Lumbini to Pokhara via Tansen, Palpa

Maximum Altitude: 1,400 m

Travel Hours: 7-8 hours

After breakfast at the hotel, you will head to Pokhara the next destination of your tour.

The route crosses Tansen, the administrative headquarter of Palpa district. Tansen is the nearest hill station from the Indian border. It has the closest and clearest views of Himalaya.

It is also known as the Darjeeling of Nepal because of the pleasant weather throughout the year and panoramic views of some of the mountain ranges.

Once you reach Pokhara, take a much-needed break to sit back in the lakeside bars/restaurants and relax.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 07: Pokhara (Sunrise View and Sightseeing)

You will wake up early today and drive to Sarangkot to view the sunrise. You will see the sunrise over the majestic mountains of the Annapurna Range. After watching the sunrise, you will head back to the hotel for breakfast.

After breakfast, you will be visiting some of the most famous tourist spots in Pokhara. It includes Peace Stupa, Devi’s Fall, Gupteshwor Cave, Seti Gorge, Tibetan Refugee Camp and the Barahi Temple in Fewa Lake.

You can also try boating in the famous Fewa Lake here.

You can take a stroll at the Lake Side and enjoy the view of the mountains, lake, and hills from here.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 08: Pokhara to Nagarkot

Maximum Altitude: 2,175 m

Travel Hours: 8-9 hours

After breakfast at the hotel, you will drive to Nagarkot via Kathmandu. There is no direct route to Nagarkot from Pokhara.

The drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu is one of the most scenic drives. You will pass through beautiful views of the Himalayan ranges and lush green hills along with rivers on the way.

You will also stop at various places on the road for breaks where you will get to try unique street foods of Nepal.

Once you reach Nagarkot, you should freshen up and settle down in your rooms. After that, you can enjoy the sunset along the mountains from Nagarkot.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 09: Nagarkot to Kathmandu and Free Time at Kathmandu

Maximum Altitude: 1,400 m

Travel Hours: 1-2 hours

You will wake up early today and drive to the viewpoint in Nagarkot. It is the most famous spot for watching sunrise and sunsets.

Sunrise and Sunsets are a popular activity in Nagarkot. The sun rising from behind the mountains and the first orange rays of sun falling on the crisp white mountains is a breathtaking sight.

You can see the Langtang Lirung, Annapurna II, Ganesh Himal and also Everest on a very clear day from here.

After enjoying this spectacular view, you’ll return to the hotel for breakfast. After breakfast, you can relax and enjoy the nature and the peace of this place.

You will then check out of the hotel and return to Kathmandu. Once in Kathmandu, you can spend the rest of the day as you like.

You can explore the area around you or go check out new places, go souvenir shopping etc.


A 9-Day Nepal Tour is one of the best tours for people visiting Nepal for a short time. This tour gives you an opportunity to explore much of what Nepal is widely known for.

From the mountain views, unique and rich culture and architecture to the natural beauty, this tour lets you experience all that and more.

For further questions or for bookings please contact us.

Do you have any question about trip to Nepal?

Tell us about your trip to Nepal and what you expect from it. We will answer your questions in 24 hours and help you design a trip with a comfortable itinerary to best meet your needs.
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