Best Travel Insurance For Trekking in Nepal

Best Travel Insurance For Trekking in Nepal

Traveling is a lot of fun when you get to gather surprises on your journey. Well, the good ones transform your travel plans into a blossoming flower. But sometimes it could act the other way around. For the latter, you should be prepared being insured.

You will want to have Travel insurance when you travel to countries. Be it bigger countries like Europe or small ones like Nepal.

People usually travel to Nepal seeking adventures in the Himalayas. You can choose from mountain biking, canyoning, white-water rafting or the most preferred trekking and hiking trips to satisfy the adventure bug in you.

When it comes to trip planning, most travelers start with a checklist that includes everything from booking accommodations to making reservations to planning an itinerary.

You must have checked everything off the list for your Trek in Nepal – bag, clothes, jacket, gear, trekking shoes, every pair of socks you own. Did insurance make the list?

Not everyone knows about the best travel insurance for trekking in Nepal. Now that you know that travel insurance exists, you must be curious about why you might need it. It may seem like you do. Or it could sound like a burdened cost.

Well, you do need it.

Let’s find out what travel insurance is.

So, What is travel insurance?

Travel Insurances is the insurance that basically covers trip cancellation, travel medical insurance, flight accident, luggage lost and other losses incurred while traveling. Some travel policies cover damage to personal property, rented equipment. Some travel insurances also cover the cost of paying a ransom.

Travel Insurance is also popularly known as travelers’ insurance.

Travel Insurance is usually sold as a package by travel companies. Some companies will give you the option while other companies will have travel insurance included while buying tickets or trek packages.

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Why do you need it?

You could travel without a travel insurance. But the only thing you will need to understand is, you will be paying your bills in case you get sick, lose something or miss your flight. And these cases will skyrocket your travel expenses in the blink of an eye.

Now, you might just say there is an 80 to 20% chance.

Say your next travel itinerary brings along that 20% chance into your travel budget. Now, you are trying to make ends meet paying your travel bills.

So, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Considering, the cost of a small medical emergency abroad could deplete your entire holiday budget. Travel Insurance lets you travel with a peace of mind.

Travel Insurance Coverage

You now know what travel insurance is. Also, every travel insurance is different, based on the incidents they cover and the price of the packages you choose.

So what are the things the travel insurance, you pick, needs to cover? It is better to buy travel insurance that cover the following area.

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance covers you in the event when you or your traveling companions need to cancel, interrupt or delay your trip. In simple words, trip cancellation insurances cover for you when you experience an interruption in traveling.

  • Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance covers you in the case you become ill or injured while you are trekking. This insurance should also help you locate doctors, hospitals, and healthcare facilities if you become ill or injured during the trip. You will want to choose the insurance according to the length of your trip.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance

Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance is one of the most important insurance coverage you need. It provides you coverage for the medically necessary evacuation and transportation to medical facilities.

Lookout for an insurance company which offers this service even at around 6,000 meters above sea level. Treks like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, and Cho-La Pass – Gokyo Trek covers grounds at around 4000+ meters.

  • Baggage coverage

Baggage coverage covers things such as loss of checked luggage, baggage delay up to various amounts. The coverage depends on the policies and packages provided. Some policies may just pay for the additional expenses you incur because you lost your luggage and reimburse you for those items.

  • Accidental Death and Flight Accident Insurance

Accidental death and flight accident insurance is paid out in case an accident results in the death or serious injury of the trekker/insurer.

  • Personal money, passport and travel documents

This coverage is good to have in your insurance agreement. Losing your belongings and theft is only too common. You will want to be insured for money, passport and travel documents you carry on our trip.

You should know there are many other categories your travel insurance should cover, like extreme sports, trip interruption coverage, accommodation cover, and legal expenses. Make sure to check your insurance policies first.

Recommended Travel Insurance for trekking in Nepal

Planning and packing for the trip must already be stressful. Finding the right travel insurance company that suits your trekking needs could be an added weight. This might be confusing and mind draining.

Great Adventures would like to take that burden off your shoulders. The following is a list of travel insurances we think are the best for trekking in Nepal. This, however, should be done back in your home country, before the journey begins.

For Canadians and Americans

World Nomads

World Nomads travel insurance has been designed by travelers for travelers. Their insurance covers your trip essentials.

You’d rather not think about all of the things that might go wrong on your trip. Whether you do or don’t think of it these things can and do happen. This is the very reason World Nomads want their insurers to travel smarter and safer.

And here is why we recommend World Nomads as your travel insurance partner:

  • Most of the World Nomads plans can cover hiking/trekking up to 6,000 meters on recognized routes. Most insurance companies cover up to around 4,000 to 5,000 meters.
  • They will cover you for helicopter evacuation. You need to contact them before you book the helicopter. Their 24-hour assistance providers agree it’s medically necessary.
  • You can book your insurance coverage even if you are not in your home country.
  • They have worked for over ten years. They have developed one of the longest lists of covered activities with over 150 adventure activities.
  • Nationals of most countries can buy cover against natural disasters, such as earthquakes, avalanches, rock-falls and other natural calamities.

Travel Guard

Travel Guard has been providing travel insurance for 25 years. They specialize in providing innovative travel insurance, assistance and emergency travel service plans for millions of travelers throughout the world. It’s easy to buy and use Travel Guard services with their 24-hour emergency travel services.

We think Travel Guard is one of the best travel insurance for trekking because:

  • Insurance can be purchased up to 24 hours prior to trip departure date.
  • Insurance covers medical and surgical treatment by a licensed physician. They get professional nursing, hospital, x-ray and ambulance services during your trip.
  • Assistance with any travel emergency or request for general travel information.
  • They cover lost, stolen or delayed baggage.
  • They also replace lost passport or travel documents; emergency cash transfers; pre-trip travel advice; inoculation information and more.
  • Their services also include 24/7 access to security and safety advisories and more.


Tugo has been in the insurance industry for more than 50 years. They understand their customers’ needs and are passionate about helping their customers.

They work on assisting you to have better experiences, providing top-rated claims assistance and customer service. They have worked with their partners to insure millions of travelers around the world.

Their products and services go beyond financial protection. They give their customers the confidence that they are there when they need it most!

And here is why we think Tugo is among the best travel insurance partner for trekking in Nepal.

  • They have a worldwide multilingual 24/7 emergency contact number and/or translation services for health-care providers at your travel destination.
  • Their Emergency Medical insurance covers you for high-risk activities like hiking, zip-line, bungee jumping or even parasailing.
  • They offer travel assistance services including visa/passport information, lost document assistance, worldwide Canadian consular services, vaccination requirements, legal assistance and weather information.
  • You can buy travel insurance in two ways. First, through your local insurance broker. Second by contacting TuGo’s Customer Service.

For the British

Insure and Go

Insure and Go follow the motto – travel insurance should be available to as many people as possible. So they offer you different policies regardless of your age. They also consider any medical conditions you might have and include your kids in your annual policy for free. With 18 years of experience, they cover up to 50 adventure activities.

Why we recommend Insure and Go:

  • They cover for over 50 sports and activities as a standard with all their travel insurance policies.
  • You will be covered for your medical expenses up to 6000 meters above sea level.
  • They have a pet insurance in case you are traveling with your pet.
  • They will also cover you in case you need to return to your homeland due to a medical emergency.
  • They have other types of insurance, but travel insurance is still their biggest focus.
  • They will cover your kids for free whatever policy you buy. They also do not have an upper age limit; all medical conditions considered.

Direct Travel Insurance

Direct Travel Insurance is a United kingdom- based travel insurance provider. They have been in the travel insurance industry for over 20 years. Their UK based team are always there to help you before, during and after your trip. They have a large number of packages that provide great benefits.

So, you can relax and focus on enjoying your travels.

  • They have over 15 different schemes and policy levels. These policies will cover to suit all budgets and needs. Plus customize your holiday cover with extras such as winter sports.
  • You can have up to a maximum of 7 gadgets covered by their policies. They cover 1 Gadget on every Direct Travel Insurance policy.
  • They provide cover for most disclosed pre-existing medical conditions using their online medical screening system.
  • Their backpacker policy is different to any other travel insurance policy. It allows you to travel for extended periods of time, to different destinations – on one trip.
  • Most of their policies offer automatic cover for more than 100 different sports and activities from canoeing to trekking or paragliding.

BMC (British Mountaineering Council)

BMC offers a wide range of insurance covers for travelers, trekkers, hill walkers, climbers, mountaineers and skiers alike. All their policies are designed by active experts and tailored for adventure seekers.

It only provides insurance to the residents of United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Here is why we choose BMC as one of the best travel insurers for trekking in Nepal.

  • All mountaineering and climbing activities including climbs and expeditions to remote and inaccessible regions. Difficult or extreme high-altitude peaks anywhere in the world is covered in their High Alt & Remote policy.
  • Your insurance will cover up to 60 days after it expires if your journey home is delayed ( that is beyond your control) and you do not get back home.
  • A full refund will be made provided you have not travelled within 14 days of purchase.

For Australians and New Zealanders:

1Cover Travel Insurance

Founded in 2003, 1Cover Travel Insurance has become one of Australia’s largest providers of online travel insurance. Their policies are Underwritten at Lloyd’s. They have provided cover to over 1.5 million customers in both Australia and New Zealand.

And here is why we recommend 1Cover Travel Insurance.

  • You get unlimited emergency assistance and medical cover.
  • You get unlimited cover for cancellation fees or lost deposits, in the case, an unexpected incident happens and plans change.
  • They provide $15,000 worth of luggage and personal effects cover.
  • You can travel on the same policy as your partner, your mates or your family member. In fact, you can include up to 25 people on the one policy.
  • If you’re already overseas and have forgotten your travel insurance then it’s not too late. 1Cover provides travel insurance to residents of Australia even though they are already overseas.
  • Their overseas emergency medical assistance includes 24-hour emergency medical assistance, ambulance fees, medical evacuations, funeral arrangements, and messages to family and hospital guarantees.

Cover-More Travel Insurance

Cover-More Travel Insurance has been providing the travel insurance to Australians traveling domestically and internationally for about 30 years. Cover-More Group provides travel and rental car excess insurance. They do not outsource their emergency assistance. Their customer operations are all based in Australia.

Here is the answers to why you should choose Cover-More.

  • They provide unlimited overseas medical and dental expenses.
  • Your Cover-More policy covers you for more than 40 adventure sports.
  • Their Adventure Sports Travel Insurance can cover your trekking activities at no extra charge even if you go hiking at high altitudes.
  • Cover-More offers a 15 working day cooling off period. If you cancel your policy within 15 days of your purchase, their money back guarantee ensures you’ll get a full refund.

Itrek Travel Insurance

Itrek Travel Insurance provides a range of super sweet policies to not only include the essential unlimited medical cover, but also protect your gadgets. They also cover you for cancellation costs, your luggage, lost deposits and much more.

Itrek covers you for as many activities you want to experience as possible. They also extend their cover for up to 18 months.

  • From abseiling to scuba diving, from camel riding to hot air ballooning, you can enjoy a range of activities knowing we’ve got you covered.
  • You can choose your own medical advisor or get an approved medical adviser chosen for you.
  • Itrek offers 4 different levels of cover. They also have a budget- friendly travel insurance policies – Backpacker and adventure travel insurance.
  • They have unlimited Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance, Overseas Emergency Medical and Hospital Expenses, and Cancellation Fees and Lost Deposits.

For Europe and South-Africa:

Europ Assistance

Europ Assistance has highly-customized, modular, ready-to-sell solutions to resolve your difficult or stressful situations. Their policies come in single or bundled solutions form. They are there for you whether it is for travel, roadside assistance, home emergency, concierge services, or medical insurance.

Created 54 years ago, Europ Assistance’s mission has remained the same: caring for people and improving their lives by providing services that resolve difficult or stressful situations.

Why would you choose Europ Assistance as your travel insurer?

  • Their health care comes without limits and ceilings, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.
  • They assure total protection from accidents, reimbursement of medical expenses and baggage.
  • They reimburse for the lessons, equipment, stay and pass you did not take.
  • If the injury suffered has resulted in severe case that further requires psychological support, Europ Assistance will pay the costs incurred.

Last Say,

Indeed, there are a lot of things that could bother you, especially when you are traveling away from home.

The planning, the scheduling, the arranging, the packing and a lot more. Craving the time to comb through the enormous number of travel insurers is another workload you would want to avoid, right?

We have tried to unload some of your stress unto ours with this list. Now you have fewer and surer option to pick out of. We have given you our reasons why we think you should pick these travel insurers. Despite this, you will want to focus on the details of travel insurance you own.

Now that you have the best travel insurance or trekking in Nepal, you can truly focus only on the destination. Let the Himalayas, the trail, the people, the weather and a new country enthrall you.

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