Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost, Itinerary and Best Time

Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost

In this article, we are going to discuss Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost in a detailed manner.

Bhutan, a beautiful and forever at peace landlocked country from South Asia. The guardian of the Eastern Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a lovely country to visit. Although the country has no access to the seas, mother nature has not hindered this country from any other thing. Rich in natural beauty and resources, numerous sky-towering peaks, unique culture and lifestyle, always smiling people, and many more. Bhutan, a country that is so small in size has so many things to offer to its visitors.

Bhutan 5 Days Trip is a tour for those who want to explore this awesomely beautiful country in about 5 days. In fact, the tour will start with a scenic flight over the Himalayas to Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. Once you land at one of the world’s dangerous airports, Paro International Airport, you will kick off the city’s sightseeing.

In particular, thimphu has got so many tourist places which are worth touring, you’ll tour most of them. Then the tour will move towards Punakha, another stop of the Bhutan 5 Day Trip. There in Punakha, you’ll traverse Punakha Dzong, one of the main religious stops of the country. A full day will be well spent around Punakha, the path will lead to Paro.

In Paro, you’ll hike around the uniquely located Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest). This will be the most exciting day of the whole trip when you learn about this highly important monastery. Thereafter, it will be time for Kichu Sanctuary and the National Museum of Paro. Likewise, the day will end at the place where it all was started, Paro. Afterward, the eventful visit of Bhutan 5 Day Trip will come to an end with so many good memories.

Needless to say, Bhutan is a must-visit country for every peace and nature seeker. In Bhutan, it is peace at its best, it’s nature at its best, and most importantly, the people at its best.

This is a blog about “Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost” where we will not only talk about the cost but all of the details and reads of Bhutan 5 Day Trip from Nepal. So stick with us until last.

Highlights of Bhutan 5 Days Trip

  • Flying just over some of the world’s highest peaks.
  • Landing in one of the happiest countries in the world.
  • Exploring the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu.
  • Heading and Traversing the must-visit places like Paro and Punakha Valley.
  • Paying the visits to the most important stops of the country like Tiger’s Nest, Punakha Dzong.
  • Scenic hike to the Tiger’s Nest and the amazing panorama from there.
  • Knowing the culture and lifestyle of the country.
  • Reaching the national museum to know about the history of the country.

Bhutan 5 day trip cost

Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost

In particular, the cost of traveling to Bhutan starts from the lowest USD 200 and can range any high depending upon your preference. It is cheaper to travel to Bhutan in low seasons like Monsoon and Spring, the cost starts from USD 200 per person per day. However, you need to pay at least USD 250 per day per person if you are traveling this country in the main season, September to November and March to May.

Those above-mentioned costs are for those who come in a group of at least two heads. If you want to travel to Bhutan solely then you have to pay plus USD 40 per day. For instance, if you are visiting this country in the main season alone, the price per day will be USD 250 + USD 40. In fact, the costs until now are the basic ones. If your starting point is from Nepal then you have to pay other expenses also like visa fee, flight tickets on that basic cost.

To inform you, the Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost(USD250/200) includes most of the things. Usually, you’ll get accommodation in at least a three stars hotel. All of the meals, transportation, taxes, and paperwork’s cost is included over there. However, you have to pay extra if you want to add luxury and do some personal expenses. Plus, the visa fee and flight cost if you are starting the trip from Nepal.

So the round Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost starts from USD 200 or USD 250 and can go anywhere up to 1000USD only if you choose luxury over comfort.

Breakdown of Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost

Package Fee per day(Peak season): USD 250

Package fee per day(Low season): USD 200

Solo Supplement Charge per day(only if you are traveling solo): USD 40

Bhutan Visa Fee (for 30 days): USD 40 to 50

Kathmandu to Paro Flight cost: USD 225

Bhutan 5 Day Trip Itinerary

Day 01: Flight from Kathmandu to Paro International Airport and Drive to Thimphu.

Flight Duration: 1 Hour

The journey of Bhutan 5 Day Trip Itinerary will be planned to start from Kathmandu. You’ll hop on the flight to Paro International Airport from Kathmandu Airport. The country is not too far from Nepal, so it will not take long to reach there. Moreover, it is all about one hour to reach Paro, the only entrance to Bhutan via airways. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the time in the air when you’ll see jaw-dropping mountains to the north. Besides, that view includes the likes of Mt Everest, Mt Lhotse, Mt Cho Oyu, Mt Kanchenjunga which are the mentions of the ten highest peaks in the world.

In short, enjoying the Himalayan flight, you’ll land at Paro International Airport which is also one of the treacherous airports in the world. There are only a few pilots in the world who can land at this airport. The heart will surely race while landing at Paro Airport. Upon your arrival, our representatives from Bhutan will be there to pick you up from the airport. Similarly, they will take you all the way to the capital of the country, Thimphu. Moreover, you’ll explore the streets of Thimpu as much as you can in the time left. Also, the architecture and design of Bhutan can impress anyone, simple yet beautiful. Overnight in the hotel in Thimpu.

(Note: The Bhutan 5 Day Itinerary starts from Kathmandu, Nepal. You might be wondering why to start from Nepal, why not straight from Bhutan? Well, there are some reasons that make Bhutan 5 Day Trip more beautiful when started from Kathmandu. The reasons are listed in a few paragraphs below, don’t forget to read that!)

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Day 02: Sightseeing of Thimphu and Drive to Punakha

Thimpu is a beautiful valley with many alluring tourist attractions. So today you’ll visit around to know Thimphu valley in a better way. Being the capital of the country, the city is busy all the time. But you can manage to visit Trashi Chho Dzong, a piece of art from the medieval period. Likewise, you will observe Changangkha Lhakha, an old temple, and the National Textile Museum. Or you can just hit the scenic road which is picturesque in itself.

Once you have been to most of the corners of Thimpu, it is time to move toward Punakha. Thereafter, it will be a drive to Punakha through an amazing countryside road. The greenery around this country amazes every visitor. Moreover, you explore a little bit of Punakha before nightfall and will keep the rest of that for tomorrow. Overnight in Punakha.

Day 03: Sightseeing of Punakha and drive to Paro

The third of Bhutan 5 Day Itinerary is scheduled to do the sightseeing of Punakha. Actually, Punakha was the old capital of Bhutan until 1955. This place sits at an altitude of 1,200m above sea level and it is known for its lucrative terrain structure and greenery. Yet, the best part about Punakha is the Punakha Dzong, one of the most important Dzongs of Bhutan. This Dzong is cornered in the confluence of Mo Chu and Pho Chu. In addition, the Dzong also serves as the religious and historical center of Bhutan. It got damaged by fire and earthquake several times but was restored in its original shape again. Overall, the place is surrounded by rivers, trees, and greenery. It is quite a nice place to spend a day around in Bhutan.

Furthermore. to unfold Punakha Dzong, it will take a while as it is one of the biggest Dzongs in the country. Coming out of this place, you’ll learn so much of things about Bhutanese culture, history, and architecture. In particular, once you feel like you have explored Punakha enough, it is time to leave it for Paru, the next stop of the Bhutan 5 Day Trip. Overnight in Paro.

Day 04: Sightseeing of Paro and hike to Tiger’s Nest( Taktsang Monastery)

Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost

On the fourth day of Bhutan 5 Day Trip Itinerary, you are supposed to do sightseeing in Paro, a historical town that is dotted with sacred sites and old buildings. You’ll find out worthwhile places like Rinchen Pung Dzong, Drukgyel Zong, Druk Choeding Temple, and many more. This day will be the best day of the trip as you will unturn the never seen things on this day.

Yet, the major attraction of the day will be the Taktsang Monastery which is also popular as Tiger’s Nest. The monastery is situated around 10 KM away from Paro. Likewise, this place has huge religious importance and interesting history. You’ll do a hike all the way to Tiger’s Nest which takes around three hours. The cultural icon of Bhutan, Taktsang Monastery, is located on the cliffside of the upper Paro valley. The location of the monastery makes it an iconic place. It actually looks like a nest.

After the visit to Tiger’s Nest, you’ll hike back to Paro for the night. This will be the last night of the Bhutan 5 Day Trip, so make sure you get most of this day and night. Overnight in a hotel in Paro.

Day 05: Drive to Paro International Airport and fly back to Kathmandu

This day will make you leave this beautiful and peaceful Kingdom of Bhutan. It surely feels emotional to leave such a nice place to live around. But you have to return to your home also. You’ll get an airport transfer from our team in Bhutan. The plane will fly from Bhutan and within 1 hour you’ll be back in Kathmandu. And this is how the Bhutan 5 Day Trip Itinerary concludes. Farewell!

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Why a Bhutan Trip from Nepal?

Two beautiful landlocked and small countries

With an excuse of Bhutan 5 Day Trip from Nepal, you’ll traverse the two most beautiful landlocked countries in the world. The only thing they lack is the seas except that, you have many things to get busy with within these countries. On the one hand, is Nepal which is a religiously diversified country. And to the next, Bhutan the country with so much importance of Buddhism. The landscapes of both of the countries are quite beautiful.

Lots of Mountains

Bhutan and Nepal are the two homes of the Himalayas. The tallest mountain range is spread all across Nepal to Bhutan. As of that, you’ll see numerous mountains over time in Nepal and Bhutan. Interestingly, 8 out of 14 eight-thousanders peaks can be seen while flying to Bhutan from Nepal.

Peace at its best

The countries are also known for their peaceful surroundings. People of both of the countries are so lovely and welcoming to their visitors. It is totally safe to visit these nations. You’ll feel nothing but peace and serenity while traversing through these countries.

Religious and Cultural connection

Nepal and Bhutan are two closely connected nations in South Asia. These countries have something in common. Well if it is culture or language or tradition. You can easily guess that connection in the air of both nations.

Greenery all around

If you talk about the forest resources of Bhutan and Nepal altogether, it will take a while to finish the talk. Both of the countries are enriched with deep and green woods. There is fresh air to breathe for your nose in both of the countries. Bhutan solely has around 70% of its land covered with forest. That is why the Bhutan 5 Day Trip from Nepal is a good treat for your nose and eyes.

Things to know before traveling to Bhutan

Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost

Tobacco-free Country

Bhutan is totally a tobacco-free country. That means the country does not produce or consumes any kind of tobacco goods. However, tourists can bring around 200 cigarettes and consume them in a safe place. If not then you might face some trouble while puffing.

Buddhist Nation

The majority of people living in this country are Buddhists. So you don’t expect anything other than prayer flags, monasteries, Dzongs, and prayer wheels. The cultural dress of Bhutanese people, Gho(For men) and Kira(For women) are a must to wear by every citizen.

Organic Country

Bhutan is a country that produces and consumes organic food only. The pesticides and other chemicals are not used by the farmers at all. This means you will eat the healthiest food all the time in Bhutan.


The government does not measure any Gross Domestic Product to know the progress of the country. Yet, they believe in the Gross National Happiness measurement to find the improvement of the Nation. The country is also the happiest country in Asia. So, you can expect happy faces anywhere you go to Bhutan.

A country full of woods

Bhutan is an excellent country for viewing greenery. About 72% of the total land is dotted with deep and green forests. You get the purest air to breathe in Bhutan. The country is so serious about maintaining its forest resources.

Spicy Food

If you want to taste the spiciest food of your life until now, you should visit this country. Besides, the food with no spicy is not food for the locals. They add hot and spicy things to their foods all the time.

Not a place for mountaineer

You are not allowed to climb mountains in Bhutan except for some trekking peaks. Mountaineering is entirely banned in Bhutan to preserve the local beliefs about mountains. Therefore, if you are a mountaineer and looking for climbing mountains only then visit Nepal instead of this place.

No Solo Travel for women

Solo traveling in Bhutan is not that much allowed or practiced in this country. And when it is about Solo travel for women, it is a big no from the authorities of Bhutan. Overall, you should be on a team that is guided by a local and experienced guide.

Best time for Bhutan 5 Day Trip

Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost

Bhutan is a country located in the lapse of the easternmost Himalayas bordered by Tibet and India. Also, the weather in Bhutan is more or less like in Nepal. However, the weather and temperature of all of the places are never the same.

Talking about the best time for Bhutan 5 Day Trip, there are two times: September to November(Autumn) and March to May( Spring). If you want stable weather and warm temperature while traveling in Bhutan, go for Spring and Autumn. And never go for Monsoon which waits from June to September and Winter(December to February). However, you can enjoy discounts while traveling in low seasons. But if you want to enjoy a clear mountain and terrain view, the peak seasons are the right time for Bhutan. Or else you have to travel on a rainy or cold day without any mountain views.

Telling it again, the best times for Bhutan 5 Day Trip are Spring and Autumn. And low times are Winter and Monsoon(Summer).

The temperature and perception chart of Bhutan(around Paro) throughout a year is as below:

MonthMin Temp(°C)Max Temp(°C)Rainfall(mm)

Frequently asked questions about Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost and other details

Where is Bhutan located?

Bhutan is a country from South Asia located in the eastern Himalayas and surrounded by India and China.

How to enter Bhutan?

To enter Bhutan, you’ll need a visa. However, people from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives do not need a visa to enter this country. The cost of a Bhutan visa is 40 USD only.

Can I Travel to Bhutan from Nepal?

A resounding yes. In fact, you can apply for a Bhutan Tourist visa from Nepal. Also, it is a simple process that requires a copy of the passport to get a visa. Moreover, the cost of the visa is the same even if you are applying from Nepal, USD 40.

Is Bhutan safe to travel to?

The country is one of the safest countries in the world to travel to. So yes the country is safe for traveling. Yet, you never know what can happen. Traveling with a licensed local guide is the best way to ensure safety.

Can I travel solo in Bhutan?

Yes, you can do solo travel in Bhutan but you have to pay a supplement charge of USD 40 per day for solo traveling.

What kind of food will I get to eat on Bhutan Trip?

You can expect organic and spicy food all around Bhutan. The hotels and lodges serve local, western, Indian cuisine to the customers. Besides, don’t mind the hot and spicy taste in the foods of Bhutan, they like such food so much.

What sort of accommodation is found in Bhutan?

There are accommodations ranging from a homestay to grand 5-star hotels in Bhutan. The basic Bhutan 5 Day Trip Cost will get you a 3-star hotel or so for your accommodation.

Can I smoke in Bhutan?

Yes, but not in the public areas. Tobacco-related production is entirely banned and so is consumption. However, a tourist can carry at most 200 cigarettes to Bhutan. In fact, a tourist has to make sure that he/she is smoking in the right and safe place. Or else, you have to face some troubles.

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