Everest Base Camp Trek in November

everest base camp trek in november

Everest Region is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. This region is renowned for having the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest. Also, it offers many popular trek routes that take you on an adventure in the Himalayas.

Everest Base camp Trek is one of the popular destinations of this region. Every year trekkers visit this region to explore its exotic routes. Other famous destinations are Three pass Trek, Everest Panorama trek, etc.

Are you planning Everest Base Camp Trek In November? Are you wondering whether Everest Base Camp Trek in November is doable or not? Then our article will give you brief details about what it’s like to go to Everest Base Camp Trek in November.

November is one of the peak months for Everest Base Camp Trek. This month falls under the season of Autumn.

During Autumn the routes are packed with trekkers from all around the world. The Autumn season begins in September and ends in November. These are one of the busiest months of the year.

The Autumn season is the best time to visit Everest Base Camp Trek. The weather and temperature are perfect for trekking. And the beauty of nature will mesmerize you all along the way.

The skies are clear giving you an unobstructed view of the great Himalayas. Such as Mount Nuptse, Mount Ama Dablam, Mount Lhotse, Mount Everest, and many more.

Also, the forest paths are filled with colorful flowers of Rhododendron and trees of pines, oaks, and many more. And the view of Landscapes looks astounding throughout the trek.

You will also enter the Sagarmatha national park. This park is home to many endangered animals. Some wildlife living in this park are Himalayan Monal, Red Panda, Langur monkeys, red-billed chough, etc.

Flights are also exciting as the skies are clear and there are low chances of bad weather. You don’t have to worry about flights getting canceled or delayed. The lush green valley looks striking as you look out your window.

Everest Base Camp Trek in November is a great choice as everything will be at its peak. Trekking in these paths and rejoicing in the beauty is an opportunity not to be missed.

If you are planning Everest Base Camp Trek in November then be well prepared for some exciting adventure. November is the last month of this season before winter begins. You will be creating awesome memories this month.

About Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Mount Everest lies in the Solukhumbu district of Nepal in Province no.1. Everest has two base camps on opposite sides of the mountain. South Base camp lies in Nepal while the North base camp lies in China.

South base camp is quite a popular trekking route of Nepal. Many trekkers trek till this base camp to view the mesmerizing Mount Everest. This base camp is situated at an altitude of 5364 m above sea level.

Everest Base Camp Trek is an alternative option for people that desire to view Mount Everest. Even Though many are not able to summit the majestic peak. They are able to reach the base of the world’s highest mountain through this trek.

On this trek, you will be passing through beautiful forests filled with unique species of vegetation. Viewing the striking scenes and mountain ranges which is another plus point.

The Everest region is home to a diverse community. Such as rai, Magar, etc. But the majority of people residing in this region belong to the Sherpa Community. You get to know more about their Tibetan influenced culture and tradition. Everest Base Camp trek gives you a great experience.

Everest Base Camp trek itinerary takes more than a week of your Schedule. You will be visiting some of the famous places of this region. Such as Namche Bazar, Tengboche, Lukla, and many more.

Kala Patthar is one of the main highlights of this trek. This is the highest point of Everest Base Camp trek. It lies at an altitude of 5545 m above sea level.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Reach the base of the world’s highest mountain
  • Explore the Everest region
  • Rich culture and tradition
  • The warm hospitality of Himalayan people
  • Visit ancient monastery
  • Reach Kala Patthar- the highest point

Temperature of Everest Base Camp Trek in November


While trekking in the high-mountains you can notice that the temperature differs as you climb up. The higher you climb the lower the temperature tends to drop. But the temperature remains average at lower altitudes.

November is the final month of Autumn before the beginning of the winter season. So it can be a bit chilly compared to other months of this season.

The day and night Temperature of the Everest Base camp trek in November are quite different. During the daytime, the temperature ranges from 2 to -8 degrees. Thus the walks are warm and comfortable during the day. You can wear light clothing that absorbs sweat for this time.

While the night and early morning are a bit cold but bearable. It usually ranges up to -10 degrees during this time. However, the temperature can drop to -13 degrees in high elevation. So, it is better to carry some warm clothes for nighttime.

The temperature is mild at an altitude of around 2000 m. But it is cold while trekking at altitude above 4000 m. And quite warm and sunny in the lower region.

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Weather During Everest Base Camp Trek in November

November is one of the best months to trek to Everest Base Camp. The weather condition is perfect, making your trek enjoyable. This month comes after the rainy season so you don’t have to worry about wet and muddy routes.

The sky is crystal clear and dry during this month. Due to low humidity, it encourages sharp views. And the unobstructed view of the mountain peak looks very beautiful from the trails.

The weather is also not very cold as you will be traveling before the winter season. So, you don’t have to carry heavy winter clothes. This is one of the favorable months of the year. It is neither hot nor cold but mild.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival to Kathmandu

Day 2: Sightseeing around Kathmandu Valley

Day 3: Fly from Kathmandu to Lukla (2869 m) then Trek to Phakding (2651 m)

Day 4: Trek from Phakding to Namche Bazaar (3430 m)

Day 5: Acclimatization Day

Day 6: Trek from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche (3870 m)

Day 7: Trek from Tengboche to Dingboche (4360 m)

Day 8: Acclimatization day

Day 9: Trek from Dingboche to Lobuche (4940 m)

Day 10: Trek from Lobuche to Gorak Shep (5170 m); Visit Everest Base Camp (5364 m) then back to Gorak Shep

Day 11: Trek from Gorak Shep to Kala Patthar (5545 m) then head to Pheriche (4288 m)

Day 12: Trek from Pheriche to Namche Bazaar (3430 m)

Day 13: Trek from Namche Bazaar to Lukla (2869 m)

Day 14: Flight back to Kathmandu

Day 15: Departure

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Reason to visit Everest Base Camp Trek in November

Everest base camp trek is one of the adventurous journeys in the Everest region. Other than trekking in its exotic paths, there are many reasons to visit EBC Trek in November. Some reasons are mentioned below:

Peak Season

We have already mentioned that this month falls under the peak season. So the routes are crowded with trekkers from all around the world. If you like interacting with people then this season gives you the chance.

Throughout the way, you will meet many companions that will accompany you in this trek. A perfect time to meet new people and make them friends. You won’t be trekking alone on these routes. In every nook and turn, you will meet trekkers like you.

Clear and Dry Weather

As mentioned above, the weather is at its best during November. The crystal clear sky gives out the best view of its surroundings. While walking in the paths, you get to see many beautiful landscapes and unique vegetation.

The humidity is low giving the sharp view of the magnificent mountains. Also, if you are lucky you might sight some wildlife living in these areas. Due to favorable weather conditions, you are able to take beautiful snaps of the vista.

Astounding view of Himalayan ranges

The Everest region is home for various mountain peaks. Due to clear weather, these peaks are visible without any obstruction. This month is popular as it gives the jaw-dropping view of Himalayan ranges.

Warm Hospitality and Rich Culture

Another reason is to experience the warm welcome and hospitality of the Sherpa people. The majority of the people living here follow Tibet influenced culture. These areas are filled with rich culture and tradition of the Himalayan people.

These people are very friendly and helpful. You can interact with them and learn more about this region. While staying for the night you can hear interesting stories about their life. The tales about the experiences and adventures are thrilling and motivating.

A great opportunity to experience this rich culture and warm hospitality.

Beautiful forest paths

As flowers have already bloomed the paths are covered with new species of flora. Walking in these paths, you get to smell the fragrance of the wildflower that is intoxicating. The hills look colorful with the beautiful shades of rhododendron.

Viewing beautiful landscapes and walking through lush green forests give overwhelming satisfaction. An awesome journey walking through the beautiful paths.

Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulties in November

Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulties in November

The weather and temperature may be favorable. But there are other obstructions that can be faced on this trek. Trekking in high elevation comes with various difficulties. But these difficulties can be overcome with proper preparation.

Some Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulties in November are given below:

Altitude Sickness

On this trek, you will be trekking at an altitude above 4000 m. Due to which there are high chances of suffering from altitude sickness. If you have gone trekking before then you must have heard about altitude sickness. This is nothing new when traveling to high elevation.

Altitude sickness is caused by a continuous exposure in low oxygen at high altitudes. As you climb up in the mountains, the air there is thin and low which causes altitude sickness.

Common symptoms include headache, dizziness, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, sleeping difficulty, and many more.

It is quite normal for trekkers to suffer from altitude sickness. But you should immediately inform your guide as it can be life-threatening if not treated at the right time.

So, it is best to not drink or smoke during your trek. And to walk slowly and keep your body hydrated.

Budget Management

If you are a budget traveler it might be a major difficulty while trekking in high altitude places. As there is no proper road transportation people rely on yaks and porters for trade. Due to which the price of goods is expensive compared to the lower regions.

Also, there are no ATM machines or banks so you will have to carry enough cash for this trek.

Lack of Privacy

November is one of the crowded months of the year. The routes are packed with trekkers throughout the region. If you are looking for privacy then this month might not be for you. As you will be accompanied by many fellow companions on your journey.

At every stop you can see and meet travelers. Also, it might be frustrating to wait for your turn to get a great capture of the views. As other trekkers might come in the frame.

Difficulty finding proper Accommodation

As the region is packed with trekkers finding proper accommodation can be quite difficult. You might not be able to get rooms in some destinations.

Finding a room of your choice is also not quite possible. As there might be only a limited number of rooms available. So, you might have to share rooms with other trekkers.

And the lodges only have public bathrooms in high altitude. So you might have to wait in a long queue for your turn. You might not get the best service that the lodges can provide due to busy timing.

Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek in November

everest-base-camp-cho la pass and gokyo lake trek Autumn

Stay Hydrated

Everest Base Camp Trek routes are quite challenging and harsh. You will be requiring a huge amount of stamina to complete this trek. Also, you will be walking about 5 to 6 hours a day which can be tiring. So staying hydrated is the major concern of trekkers. You should drink plenty of water during your trip.

Climbing in high altitude speeds dehydration in your body. So it is recommended to drink 3 to 4 ltr of water each day. Staying hydrated also helps prevent altitude sickness. You can drink juice as well if they are available.

Carry Water Bottle

While going on a trek always add a water bottle to your trek list. The mineral water bottle is quite expensive while trekking in high elevation. So you can refill them from lodges or water stations.

You can also refill warm water from the lodges. But you will have to pay an extra charge for them.

Water purification tablets

Carrying water purification tablets is a must while trekking in high regions. Purification tablets help kill microorganisms that are present in water. These tablets kill harmful bacteria that cause typhoid, Cholera, etc.

In some parts, you might not come across shops or lodges for a long time. Thus you can use this tablet while refilling from unknown sources.

Good Pair of Hiking Boots

A good pair of Hiking boots are very necessary during your trek. You will be using the same shoes for more than a week. So, check thoroughly whether they are comfortable to wear or not. You don’t want to get a blister on your foot on the first day of your trek.

So, always buy shoes that won’t hurt your feet when used more than a day or two.

Advance booking

As mentioned above, the lodges are packed with trekkers. So it is better to book in advance. During peak season there are low chances of rooms being available. Thus before starting your trek, you can pre-book rooms in the lodges.

Warm clothes

The weather and temperature are warm but as you climb higher it tends to get cold. So you can carry a few warm clothes for this month. The nights and early mornings in high regions are quite chilly. Thus warm clothes are handy during this time.

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Final Say

We the members of Great Adventure Treks hope our article about “Everest Base Camp Trek in November” was helpful for you. So, after reading our article we hope you got the information that you were looking for.

If you are planning your Everest Base Camp Trek in November. Then don’t worry much and go ahead and plan this trek. This is one of the best times to visit the Everest region. You won’t be disappointed with your decision. The beautiful scenarios will stay in your memories for a lifetime.

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