Trips grading information:

All our trips from leisure-moderate-adventurous to challenging and demanding which is graded in all our tour, rafting. Mountain biking and trekking programs for your kind information we have set the grading details as below:

On Sightseeing Tours-Scenic Rafting or simple hike we have graded as Leisure:
This are for any physically fit of all ages  with sound health, these trips involves short walking days of few hours and more sightseeing tour with scenic drives at places of interest. The whole trip are from one day to a week specially on level ground with few small ups and downs the d of ay trips like sightseeing tours, hikes, rafting or biking without too much effort on this programs that you choose from our varied holiday lists.

Moderate Graded Trips:  On hikes, rafting, biking and trekking:
For any physically fit of all ages that have done normal walk and with sound health, these trips involves few ups and down’s and the length of the journey like, biking, rafting and trekking from 4-5 hours on winding, gradual to few ups and downs every day with plenty of break in between. The whole trip are from 2-3 days to a week or more as per the program chosen from our holiday list.

Adventurous Graded Trips: On Trekking-Rafting and Biking.
For physically fit person of all ages with sound health who have done moderate to vigorous walk or activity before or at present.
These kind of treks involves long ups and down’s and the length of treks will be from 6-7 hours of walk every day with break in between. The whole trip goes from 10 to 20 days in the high altitude. On Rafting it involves scenic to white water float with rapids with different grading system from 1-10 days of Rafting in some of the wild glacial rivers of Nepal. On Biking like trekking with long hours of up hills and downhill with long hours.

Challenging & Demanding Graded Trips:
This is totally for true adventure type of people these trekking involves high passes with some climbing on rough trails some time in snow conditions and long hours before reaching the campsites, as for biking includes the same with lots of ups and downs includes some passes as per the trip chosen.