Hire Guide for Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga Trek leads you to the foothills of the third-highest mountain in the world, Mt. Kanchenjunga at an elevation of 8,586 meters (28,169 feet) is one of the most remarkable and iconic Himalayan expedition. If you are thinking about doing this adventure, hiring a guide for Kanchenjunga Trek is the most ideal way to do this trek that buffs up the safety and reliability factor. From handling your hotel/teahouse check-ins to assessing your abilities, keeping tabs on your physical condition, customizing your everyday palate, managing documents, and handling medical urgency, guides take care of your every need during this beautiful exploration.

Even if you are a seasoned and experienced trekker, doing what guides to, managing an entire expedition crew is certainly not an easy task. In the process, you might even get so occupied by managing every day’s adventure, that you might actually have not time to even relish the alluring charms of the Himalayan region. So, be it an expedition with friends and family or just a solo exploration in solitude, hiring a guide for Kanchenjunga Trek is the right and most secure way to do this Himalayan adventure.

Hire Guide for Kanchenjunga Trek

Hire Guide for Kanchenjunga Trek

A trekking guide is someone who takes care of every aspect of your trekking adventure from planning, organizing, and guiding the trek for the best value experience. Hiring a trekking guide enhances the safety factor making the experience more immersive and exhilirating. Especially for the Himalayan expedition, the trekking guides should be well-organized, and composed and excel at leading the trekking group, as he/she has to account for several factors of the group during this high altitude adventure. Certainly taking over all the responsibilities can be a burdening task, if you are inexperienced and might actually miss out on actually enjoying the experience of getting occupied by handling the logistics and taking care of the crew.

So, that’s where the guides take over, they will shoulder all of your burden, so you can actually get invested in the adventure for the best value experience. They will bridge the gap between you and every aspect of the uncharted region from local norms, culture, and traditions to the hidden gems and delicacies. Guides are also the first respondents for any kind of medical urgency during the expedition, assessing the situation they are the ones who coordinate with the helicopter rescue operations. Thus, overall, hiring a guide for Kanchenjunga Trek will be the best decision you will make to explore the true beauty of the region without the need to worry about anything.

Cost for hiring a guide for Kanchenjunga Trek: US$ 35-40$

Hire Porter for Kanchenjunga Trek

hire Kanchenjunga porter

Porter are generally the crew members of the expedition team, who will carry the luggage of the team. Depending on the nature of the expedition, the required number of porters is hired to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. You will require more porters for the tented accommodation where the team has to prepare food, whereas, for the teahouse trekking adventure there are a limited number of porters who just transport the baggage of the trekkers.

In the most general scenarios, there is a 2:1 ratio for the allotment of the porters for the trekkers, which means that 1 porter is assigned to carry the luggage of two porters during the trekking adventure. Hiring a porter for Kanchenjunga Trek also works in a similar dynamic, there is also a weight limit of 15 kg per trekker, so any additional luggage you bring besides the allotted weight limit, you have to carry that on your own. Porters are very crucial members of the trekking expedition as they shave off your luggage weight which can be early exerting when trekking for long hours in the rising altitude. Most of the porters operating on this trekking route are natives, so, they are also as much reliable as the guides and can show you around the highlights of your destination.

Cost for hiring a porter for Kanchenjunga Trek: US$ 25-30

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Why Hire Porter and Guide for KanchenjungaTrek?

Discover Unique Details and Stories About the Destination

Discover Unique Details and Stories About the Destination

When it comes to learning the mystery, myth, and history behind any particular highlight of your destination, nothing is more fruitful than being a local guide and porter along with you. Not only you will be able to see the story from their perspective but, you will also have the opportunity to learn more stories about the destination or any particular culture and tradition. You will also learn the boundaries and not offend anyone during your exploration by following the guidance of your local guide and porter, which might not have been that efficient with a travel guidebook.

Relish Immersive Local Culture and Food

Kanchenjunga Trek being one of the iconic Himalayan expeditions, takes you on a remote trail with diverse ethnic settlements and Buddhist culture-influenced culture and traditions. When you are exploring a totally different palate of delicacies from what you are used to, learning about it firsthand really saves the sour and embarrassing moments. Traveling with the local porter and guide for Kanchenjunga Trek will ensure that you will have the most wonderful local delicacies during your expedition and explore the hidden gems that are renowned amongst the locals.

As for the cultural and traditional exploration, if you travel with a local guide and porter, you will be able to truly immerse in learning in depth about the values passed down through generations. You will also be briefed about the boundaries and norms, so you don’t end up offending anyone during your Himalayan adventure.

Custom Tailored Itinerary

When it comes to designing the perfect itinerary for your adventure, no one can do it better than the guide and porters who have led numerous expedition teams to the destination. So, if you planning a solo, private group, or family trekking, no one can adjust it more ideally than an experienced guide who can adjust the recommended itinerary plans by assessing the physical capabilities and difficulty level for each individual. This especially works really well when you don’t want to book a pre-determined package and want to set out on the venture on your own terms, your guide will take care of every detail of your Himalayan expedition so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Even if you are booking the services of a trekking agency, the itinerary details are planned by the experienced guide and porters. In these kinds of pre-planned trekking packages, the guides and porters are arranged by the agency considering the number of trekkers in a group.

Safety Factors

You have to understand that this is a Himalayan expedition that takes place in the remote part of the country where even a simple blunder can be costly and at times even fatal. So hiring a porter and guide for the Kanchenjunga Trek is a safe bet that ensures your well being at the same time enhances the experience. Your guidebooks and pamphlets about the region may not have all the details that are essential while doing this trek, for example, let’s take not noticing the symptoms of altitude sickness or the precautionary methods while trekking on the steep ridges or just simply sliding to the mountain side when letting the mules and yaks pass.

But, when your local guide and porter are right beside you, nothing is more assuring than that, you are in safe hands who will consider your safety factors on every single step you take.

Help the Local Economy

Trekking in Nepal is a seasonal adventure, these Himalayan explorations are most prominent during the peak seasons like spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). So, if you hire a local porter and guide for the Kanchenjunga Trek, it will significantly aid the local economy and help the local families that depend on this profession. Not only that, but the hiring of the local guide and porter will also create employment opportunities and the boost in the economy of the region will also see more development which in fact comes back around as a more comfortable experience to all the trekkers in the region.

Medical Assitance

It might be lucky instances where you have medical personnel in your expedition group, in such a situation you will be lucky to have the first respondent who will take care of any unforeseen circumstance during the adventure. But, when you are managing your trek on your own, the chances of filling the medical personnel slot are pretty slim. So, if you hire a porter and guide for the Kanchenjunga Trek, they are well-trained as first-aid respondents and medical assistants.

As this spectacular Himalayan expedition takes place in a remote part of the country, the medical facilities along the trail are pretty much limited. So, you will need perfect synched coordination among the guide and medical support team who make the right decision for any kind of medical emergency.

Exempt From Logistic Handling

Doing the high-altitude trekking adventure in the Himalayas can be quite challenging, but handling all the logistics details of the entire expedition is most certainly one of the hardest factors of the trek. You have to constantly coordinate with the staff on different levels, prepare documents and even acquire permits and tickets, so doing all this on a general level can be quite hectic if you are not familiar with the system. Instead, if you hire a porter and guide for the Kanchenjunga Trek, they will take care of every entail of your adventure, so you can just enjoy the experience without the need to worry about anything.

How to Hire the Perfect Porter and Guide for Kanchenjunga Trek?

How to Hire the Perfect Porter and Guide for Kanchenjunga Trek

If you have decided to hire the porter and guide for Kanchenjunga Trek, you also need to understand how to hire the perfect guide and porter befitting the nature of your exploration. The general Kanchenjunga Trek lasts for about 18- 21 days, if you miss out on making the right decision during the hiring process, you will be spending quite a long period complaining about the experience with your porter and guide during the trek.

Only Hire Certified Guides and Porters

Before deciding on the porter and guide for Kanchenjunga Trek, you need to make sure that they are certified and have a license. Nepal Goevenerment provides registration and license numbers to authorized trekking agencies and guides, although you might find freelancing guides and porters for the expedition, make sure to go through the registered agency. This will ensure that you have a legit and qualified guide for the expedition and can enjoy the adventure without doubting the competency and knowledge of your guide. The same goes for the porters, it would be best to hire porters through a reputable travel agency instead of being roundabout about it and hiring the freelancer without enough credibility.

Hire Specialized Guides

Depending on the nature of your Himalayan exploration, it will be best if you hire the services of a specialized guide. From historical, cultural, language, and nature to adventure guides, you can hire guides with different specialized fields. It may seem slightly expensive considering the price for the non-specialized general guides, but the experience will be totally worth it. One of the best things about the specialized guide is that they are at the top of their game, you will have an informative and immersive adventure going in depth about the details if you are in particular doing an exploration of the specific highlight of the region.

Check the Reviews

Doing thorough research and checking the reviews of the past clients of an agency or trekking guide is certainly the best way to filter the right services for the expedition. It is quite easy to easily access the information of any particular agency or an individual easily in this digital era, so you can compare the reviews and check the perks to decide the ideal agency for your adventure. Furthermore, you can also check out the trekking groups and forums and takes notes from the recommendation of previous trekkers in the region.

How About the Price?

After checking out the reviews and recommendations, the next best step is to check out the price list for their services. You should especially make note of cheaper services when doing the price comparison, it’s natural to go for the cheaper price but first make sure to understand the market standard rate. The cheaper price rate in most instances either has hidden expenses or can be a scam, that is why you need to make sure that you are only extracting the data from the official site of the agencies.

Also, make sure to check out the seasonal discount and additional amenities, some agencies even offer free trekking gear and clothes if you book their service.

Spend Some Time With the Guide and Porter

You don’t have to necessarily spend days with a person to understand their nature and pick out some of their habits. It may not seem like a big deal initially, but ending up with a heavy smoker or a happy drunkard can be bothersome for a few trekkers. And spending almost three weeks time with someone who you don’t vibe really well with can be really tiresome. You can just do a quick meeting or briefing session with the porter and guide for Kanchenjunga Trek to learn more about them. Furthermore, you can also use this opportunity to check their communication skills, because believe it or not, their communication skill is the lifeblood of this iconic Himalayan adventure.

Can I Do Kanchenjunga Trek by Myself?

Can I Do Kanchenjunga Trek by Myself

Although the Himalayan expeditions in Nepal were possible even for the soo adventures in the past, as of 1st April 2023, the government has banned the solo trekkings in the country. Now, it is only possible for the Kanchenjunga Trek to hire the services of a registered agency or licensed guide, if you happen to be trekking without a guide, you can face a fine of upto Rs. 12,000 (US$ 90). It may seem like a strict regulation that limits the freedom of the wanderers, however, it is an absolutely necessary step to enhance the safety of the trekkers in the country.

Every year, thousands of trekkers flock to Nepal to experience adventures on the scenic natural landscapes of the country, and in recent years the number of missing trekkers and death tolls have increased significantly. Thus, the Government of Nepal made this decision that every trekking group and even solo trekkers should be accompanied by a registered guide during their expedition. The TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System Card) is also another mandatory policy that tracks the record of the trekking points of the trekkers, making the search and rescue mission more efficient.

About Great Adventure Treks

Great Adventure Trek, one of the industry-leading established agencies, offers fully immersive trekking experiences in the Kanchenjunga region. Excelling with over a decade of service, we also offer fully customizable trekking packages, If you want to do this iconic expedition in the Himalayas on your own, you can also hire licensed and experienced trekking guides and porter from our agency.

Based on the core module of customer satisfaction and forging long-lasting bonds, we aspire to provide the best value services in the market without compromising the services in any aspect. For any kind of further assistance or inquiry about our services, you contact us via our Contact Page. Our representatives are available 24/7 if you need any kind of assistance.

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