Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

In April, the Manaslu Circuit offers trekking opportunities in a pleasant Himalayan atmosphere. April falls during the pre-monsoon season, offering crisp skies and stable weather conditions. It is the perfect time for trekking activities due to the hot and humid climate. By this time, the temperature starts to rise as winter is long gone. April is almost like summer but with no extreme heat, meaning you will not be dripping with sweat even during the long-haul treks but will still be able to enjoy pleasant temperatures. The delightful weather and moderate temperatures mark April as a lovely time to do the Himalayan trek of the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Days during this period tend to be longer, brighter, and warmer. The longer daylight period allows ample time for comfortable daytime trekking and thorough exploration of the Manaslu Circuit landscapes. With increased sunlight time, there is more chance to gaze upon the fantastic views of the majestic mountains sparkling under clear skies.

Although harsh weather is common in high-altitude regions, the Manaslu Circuit Trek in April avoids extreme conditions like heavy rain, thunderstorms, and thick snow. Such favored conditions allow you to observe the outstanding vista of unobstructed Himalayan peaks. So, explore the Manaslu Circuit to its fullest while trekking in the tranquil trails during the weather-favored conditions of April.

While March welcomes Spring, April is the best time to enjoy this season. April presents the full bloom of Spring. This peak Springtime features enchanting rhododendron forests, colorful wildflowers, and landscapes filled with the blossoms of vibrant shades. Mainly, the lower forest areas of the Manaslu regions are found heavily bloomed, offering marvelous intuition to the trekkers. The trekking trails are decorated with paints of different flowering colors against the stunning backdrop of white hues peaks.

April coincides with several festivals, and you can find a festive atmosphere around the local villages. It is an opportunity for you to partake in regional celebrations of the traditional festivals.

Manaslu Trek in April Highlights

12 days Manaslu circuit trek

  • April is a high springtime time with colorful rhododendrons and wildflower blossoms.
  • April offers stable weather with clear skies.
  • Relish sunrise and sunset vista over the horizon in a crystal clear sky.
  • You can enjoy the unclosed views of the giant Manaslu and neighboring peaks with upgraded vision.
  • Trekking trails are usually dry in April, with hardly any rainfall.
  • You can experience a comfortable trekking in delightful and milder April temperatures.
  • Traversing diverse mountainous terrains in pleasant climates.
  • April is a perfect time for Himalayan photography, which presents a scenic environment of enchanting landscapes with blooming flora and vivid visibility of stunning mountain peaks.
  • In April, you can experience a lively teahouse atmosphere with charming hospitality.
  • Trekking trails see an increased flow of trekkers during April. So, there is a chance to connect with fellow trekkers who come globally.
  • There is a high chance of spotting precious wild species of the Manaslu region, which become active after winter hibernation.
  • Take the opportunity to participate in local festivals.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Summary

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Manaslu is considered a hidden gem of the remote Himalayas, and its Circuit Trek offers an unbeatable trekking experience in the pristine wilderness. The captivating trekking trail follows raw and unspoiled Himalayan landscapes. It provides a threshold to explore the gloriousness of the region, like its rich history, art and architecture, religion, tradition, culture, customs, unspoiled terrains, etc. The trek of the Manaslu Circuit perfectly blends the natural wonders and cultural encounters of the region in a profound way.

The adventurous trekking trails of the Manaslu Circuit circumnavigate the Manaslu Mountain (8,163 meters/26,781 feet), which is the eighth-highest peak in the world. Manaslu Circuit Trek showcases varied and exceptional Himalayan landscapes like dense forests, enchanting waterfalls, natural streams, deep gorges, rugged cliffs, majestic peaks, etc., which keep you engaged throughout the journey. The trek involves passing through the Manaslu Conservation Area, a protected region with a diverse ecosystem. Important birds and animal species are found here, including snow leopards, red pandas, Himalayan monal, golden eagles, blood pheasants, etc.

Manaslu Circuit trek traverses diverse rural and cultural villages, soaking into the cultural significance of the Manaslu region. Staying in local teahouses of the traditional settlements allows you to feel genuine warmth and hospitality. You can gain enriched insights into the unique customs, culture, and lifestyle of the Himalayan people.

Although the Manaslu Circuit Trek is challenging, it is equally rewarding. You need to cover approximately 180 kilometers during the whole trekking journey. The duration to complete this trek is around 14-18 days. Soti Khola is the common starting point of the trek, concluding at Dharapani. Larkya La Pass, at an elevation of 5,160 meters/16,929 feet, is the highest point of the Manaslu Circuit trek. From key vantage points of the trek, like Manaslu Base Camp and Larkya La Pass, the panoramic 360-degree views of the stunning Himalayas will leave you in awe.

April Temperature in the Manaslu Circuit

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The moderate April temperatures are perfect for high-altitude trekking. In milder temperatures, you can enjoy a comfortable daytime trekking. Even if the temperatures drop at night, they are manageable with proper gear and clothing.

While the Manaslu trek starts at 710 meters, it meets its highest point at 5,160 meters altitude above sea level. This significant elevation gain involves various altitude shifts in between. For this reason, there’s a great temperature variation from the starting point of the trek to the rising elevation it reaches. The temperature drops continuously while gaining each altitude. So, the higher altitudes of the trek may face the challenges of cold and windy conditions.

At lowland villages (upto 1,500 meters), the Manaslu Circuit temperature can range from 10-20 degrees Celcius during daytime. And the temperature at night can drop around 0-10 degrees Celcius. Likewise, in moderate altitudes ( from 1,500 to 3,000 meters), temperatures are found to be around 5 to 15 degrees Celcius on days and hover around -5 to 5 degrees Celcius at night. Eventually, at high altitudes (above 3,000 meters), the daytime ranges from –5 to 10 degrees Celcius. Meanwhile, the night temperatures can be freezing cold, ranging from -10 to -5 degrees Celcius

While the lower elevations are warmer during the daytime, the higher elevations still experience cold temperatures. Although April is a delightful time for trekking, you need to be prepared for temperature fluctuations and potential cold conditions in high-altitude environments. Packing in layers to stay dry and cozy throughout the journey is a wise decision.

How is the Manaslu Circuit Weather in April?

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The weather in April is not a concerning factor as it mostly remains dry and stable. Generally, April is characterized as sunny days with clear blue skies. The late sunset contributes extended daylight hours for a thorough exploration of the Himalayan landscapes. Likewise, you can enjoy and conclude each day’s trek before the sunlight fades. Furthermore, the cloudless, crystal-clear sky offers a breathtaking view of rolling hills and mighty mountains.

The Manaslu Circuit trek in April is an exquisite experience due to favorable weather conditions. You can enjoy exploring the Manaslu region in fantastic weather. There is high visibility of the mountainous surroundings due to less obstruction of bad climatic conditions like fog, haze, wind, snow, and rain. You can smell the sweet fragrance of spring blooms while walking along the trekking trails. Trekking in an excellent atmosphere, the dry and clean trails further contribute to an easy and comfortable journey.

But the weather doesn’t always stay as anticipated. There’s a high chance of weather instability in high-altitude environments. Although the weather in alpine Himalayan regions frequently changes, there is still less chance of harsh climate encounters during this time. With no threats of heavy downpours, snowfall/snowstorms, or high winds, the Manaslu Circuit trek in April can be an enriching and satisfying journey.

Why is April Suitable for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

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Active Wildlife.

During April, you can see the active wildlife roaming in their habitat. Their activities increase at this time after a long winter hibernation. There is a high chance of spotting several endangered species along the forested areas of the Manaslu region and inside the Manaslu Conservation Area. The region is a habitat of invaluable species, including Himalayan tahr, Himalayan monal, snow leopards, red pandas, falcons, pikas, golden eagles, langurs, etc.

April is the ideal time for trekking along the Manaslu region, witnessing these vibrant animals and migrant birds all covering the Himalayan landscapes. Animals displaying beauty and behavior and bird species chirping along the trekking trail mesmerize the journey. Their unique adaptation and interaction with the environment captivate your curiosity. You will surely have a great time exploring the Manaslu region’s wildlife in April.

Enchanting Springtime.

The Manaslu circuit trek in April is a realistic dream. You can never get tired of trekking, as the journey will astonish you with gorgeous landscapes of lush forests with colorful wildflowers. You will find yourself walking beneath the canopy of Spring blossoms. The pleasing fragrance of symbolic rhododendrons and several other Himalayan flora enchant the trekking journey in April. You can enjoy a relaxing and exciting trek, marveling at the impressive view of Himalayan species, towering mountains, green hills, verdant alpine meadows, lovely terraced fields, etc.

Longer Days.

April days are generally longer than in March. The long, warm, and sunny days make the trek more joyful. The extended sunlight hours offer ample time to enjoy the trek. With thorough exploration, you can still reach the particular destination before dark. While passing through the important landmarks of the Manaslu region, you can delve into their significance without worrying about getting late. By this, you can relish a fulfilling trekking journey of the Manaslu Circuit in April.

Outstanding Views.

April trek of Manaslu Circuit is an amazing experience in the alluring Himalayan scenery. Pleasant weather in April offers a clear view of the mountainous surroundings. You can have a sharp view even of distant scenery.

Along the trek, you will be delighted by the vivid scenes of enchanting waterfalls and sweeping hills and forests. Likewise, the thorough observation of the other Manaslu landscapes, like serene lakes, rushing rivers, and mountain passes, fascinates the journey. More importantly, the extraordinary Himalayan vistas with enhanced visibility are possible from the key vantage points of the trek.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek in April Difficulties

Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty

Possibility of Crowds

April is a good time for the Himalayan adventure. It is, therefore, a busy month for trekking the Manaslu Circuit. At this time, the trails may easily get crowded as global trekkers flock to the region.

The continuous flow of trekkers can lead to heavy traffic along the trekking trails. Navigation is often challenging in congested trails. Likewise, the possible crowds may create inconvenience for trekkers preferring personal space.

April brings a vibrant festival atmosphere, which causes the local people in the region to be in a festive spirit. The flow of people in a festive vibe and trekkers in a favorable April time leads to the gathering of mass. Teahouse owners often get busy engaging in festivals or serving increased visitors. You may even have to share rooms with no sufficient space. On the positive side, trekking at this time offers a spirited environment.

Remote Location

The Manaslu region is remote and offers no luxury. Likewise, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a remote exploration with no modern comforts. The trek takes place in the isolated Himalayan region, with no technological development and contemporary services or amenities. There are no transportation facilities or infrastructural advancements. You can expect only basic health services, limited to the lowland trekking trails. Available medical centers are not adequately equipped with the required medicines. Other day-to-day facilities, including electricity, internet, communication, etc, are also scarce. Hence, it is essential to be prepared for the possible discomfort during the journey.

Evacuation can be difficult in emergency conditions because of the remote location and demanding topography. So, it is recommended to get insurance with evacuation coverage.

Basic Accomodation

Due to the remoteness and high-altitude location, accommodations along the teahouses do not include modern amenities and high-level services. There is low availability of accommodations at higher altitudes, and the services are basic with limited facilities. So, it is wise to be well-equipped with the required trek for your own convenience.

High Altitudes

The Manaslu Circuit Trek reaches an altitude above 5,000 meters. Starting the trek from Sotikhola at 710 meters/2,329 feet, you will gain the highest elevation while crossing the high Himalayan pass, Larkya La, at 5,160 meters/16,924 feet. The trek involves several stops in between, the details of which are provided below:

  • Macche Khola (900 meters /2,952 feet)
  • Jagat (1,410 meters/ 4,625 feet)
  • Deng (2,130 meters/6,989 feet)
  • Namrung (2,630 m /8,626 feet)
  • Samagaon (3,530 m/11,578 feet)
  • Samdo (3,860 m/12,661 feet)
  • Larkya Base Camp (4,450 m/14,596 feet)

Analyzing this parameter, on average, you will gain an altitude range of around 500 to 900 meters on daily treks. If you do not acclimatize properly, the reduced oxygen level while increasing in trek altitude can lead to the risk of altitude sickness.

Altitude Challenges

High altitude can lead to tough weather conditions. While ascending more in the elevations, you need to be cautious of varying temperatures and extreme climatic conditions. Moreover, the Manaslu Circuit Trek can expose you to the possibility of altitude sickness. The harsh high-altitude environment, like thin air and low oxygen levels, accelerates the risk of altitude sickness. If you feel any symptoms like headache, nausea, dizziness, breathing difficulty, etc, the best option is to descend back to lower altitudes and acclimatize well, then follow a slow altitude gain.

Tips for Manaslu Trek in April

  • April offers moderate temperatures, leading to delightful warm days. However, at higher altitudes, temperatures in the early morning and night can drop significantly, causing a colder environment. So, it is advisable to carry warm clothes to combat chilly weather.
  • Consider a layered approach in packing. This helps to accommodate the changing temperatures. Carry a mix of clothes for both warm and cold conditions.
  • As the trek involves high elevations, there is the risk of altitude sickness. So, maintain a slow pace of ascent, taking adequate acclimatization days.
  • Consider hiring guides and porters for an enriched trekking experience.
  • April weather offers high and upgraded visibility of the Himalayan surroundings. So, you can photograph the blooming landscapes and snow-covered mountains during your April trek to Manaslu Circuit.
  • April is a high time for Himalayan trekking. As the teahouses are likely to get crowded, it is better to check accommodation availability or book the room in advance.

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