Clnistine Guido

8 April 2008
I am from Seattle, USA – Holla ! Down with the 20- – wut wut!
I met the effusively charming guide Jarpan Pariyar. while up in gorak shep, at the foot of Mt. Everest / Chomolungma. We met in a lodge there that had a disgustingly full to i let but meeting Jarpan was not at all shifty we had good funny talks about our traumatic travels in India but then we went our separate ways he was leading a group of 4 French cydistes and I was trying not to get scanned by my dishonest but nice Sherpa porter / guide passing. We met once again in fortuitous accident in thamel and have become good friends in a short time. He is funny, honest (how many people can you say that of really?) deeply spiritual and you would be lucky to back home as a guide, luckier still to call him a friend.

Clnistine Guido
Sealttle, USA

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