Monday August 27th, 2007 by Daniëlle

Our flight from India to Nepal was very exhausting, due to the enormous chaos we encountered at the airport of Varanasi. Believe me, we have not seen anything like this during our trip around the world! The check-in counter opened too late, which caused people pushing and shoving eachother, because there were too many people with too much luggage and therefore not enough space. After a lot of manual checks and other stuff the plane departed too late, which did not really surprise us. After a short flight the relaxing atmosphere and organisation at the airport of Kathmandu was quite a relief. The visa we were able to achieve easily for 24 euros.

Both Edvar and I were kind of exhausted, due to our trip in India. In Nepal we let us be taken to a hotel the “Pilgrim Guest House” by some guy we met at the airport. Since the hotel was nice and Bhupendra seemed like a trustworthy guy, we decided to book our complete trip in Nepal and our grouptrip towards Tibet (which you have to do through a travelagency anyway) with the same guy (Bhupendra Adhikari, The Great Adventure Treks & Expeditions). To be honest it is kind of nice to travel in an “organised” way for a while.

The Nepalese people are really friendly and they really know customer service and Nepal is a cheap travel destination. Until now we really enjoy travelling in Nepal and Nepal might end up as the second best country on our trip around the world (Canada is still number one). Nature is wonderfull and although there are some similarities compared to India, Nepal is a lot nicer and quieter………see more from Edvar Van Daalen & Danielle Horenberg’s website

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