Dave M. Collins Detroit, Michigan

2nd May, 2007

If you are reading this then you are one lucky human ! Prakash and the boys at The Great Adventure Treks & Exp. really know their stuff.

Me and my buddy Kyle were lucky enough to stumble upon this opportunity early in our first Nepal trip. We went out on the Annapurna trail and did one of the best trekking i’ve ever done in my life. I have been trekking all over the U.S. for years but none of it compores to the stuff we did here. The viens, heights, people, and ambiance are really unlike any other place on earth. Also, when you have an awesome guide, like we did with Rajendra, you’ll truely be able to take in everything the Nepali way. I feel very fortunate to have treked with Great Adventure and if I come back, I should say When i come back I’ll definately be contacting them again. I suggest you book with them, you wont be displeased I wish you the best of luck on your treck and urge you to place your trust in Prakash and Rajendra, they’re stand up dudes.

Dave M. Collins
Detroit, Michigan

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