Kind regs

28th November 2007

From the moment i bumped into D.B. at the airport I felt these guys were a safe bet. I had no previous experience of trekking or Nepal. But Prakash listened to my plans and put together a great trip. The price was very reasonable, and he managed to get me a guide, Dawa Sherpa, who was happy to carry my pack. He was a great guy to walk with for 22 + days, nothing was ever a problem, he always give me bet price for lodging, food, beer + cigarette and other essentials. Whenever I wanted to rest, we rested, when I wanted to push onto the near village, sometimes in the dark, we would. He didn’t complain once. Ever ewhen I suggested we climb Island Peak (6189m.) with no climbing experience, he made it happen, using his own experience and Savoy and contacts,. We got a permit and equipment from chulung , and a second guide, with excellent experience- and up we went . It was the perfect end to a superb trip, huge amount of fun, great exercise, great value. You should use this company, great adventures, they will listen to you and you can trust them on price, knowledge, experience, and general ease + pleasantness to deal with.

Have fur, all the best and let these guys with after your.

Kind regs,
Daroufterwlt (Shendy)
Hong Kong

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