Rocken Walters

None of us five have ever tried trekking but we ended up to finishe the 60KM route from Ghorapani to Pooh Hill within 4 days’ time. We enjoyed very much the trekking every day though sometimes we were too tired to feel our leggs. However you could feel caring all the way long from our trekking guide Niraj (a very handsome young boy) and the two porters whose names I cannot spell out correctly. I have been in a company with the culture of “seek excellence”. During this trip, my only complain is that our trekking guide is a “sweet lier” who always told us “five minutes more”. The team and their boss Mani, are all very experienced in arranging the overall schedule as well as the details such as preparing crampons and alpenstocks. The Great Adventure has given us an amazing adventure in Nepal and pleasant friendship with Mani and Niraj.

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