Gen Heweltt

I came back to Nepal for the second time for more trekking and to experience the great hospitality and friendship of the Nepalese people. They are the some of the warmest and welcoming people I have ever met. My trek was to jomsom and muktinath with Rishi as my guide. The trek was well organized from the company and the guide was excellent and great. I would definitely recommend Rishi as a trekking guide for his sense of humor, experience and knowledge of the mountain and his occasional taste for apple brandy drinking brandy was all part of the trekking experience. While trekking we met many other trekkers, guides and porters all of which we chatted to and Rishi made everyone fell included and one of us his friends. One big advantage trekking with Rishi was his good English. Many other trekkers we met who many not had perfect English themselves found it difficult communicate meaningfully with their guide whose English was limited with Rishi’s English I felt I learnt a lot more about the culture mountains and people than some of the other trekkers! I would recommend Rishi as a guide with no hesitation and the organization of the trek by everyone at Great Adventure Trek & Expedition. Gen Heweltt.


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