Classic Jiri to Everest Base Camp TrekRebina & Jonathon Cosh

Great Adventure Company was Fantastic!

To Fellow Trekkers,
the great adventure company was fantastic!
we traveled the Everest region with Babu & Giri and had a great time. The teahouses were beautiful and the views of the Himalayas were spectacular! The only way to see the mountains is to go trekking. Our guide was great and without him we would miss out on many of the sights and culture of Nepal.

Thank you to The Great Adventure! We had a wonderful time and saw the best of the Himalayas, Mt. Everest was spectacular!
Best Wishes for the future

 from Canberra, Australia!

Annapurna Jomsom TrekGen Heweltt

Trek was to Jomsom and Muktinath with Rishi

I came back to Nepal for the second time for more trekking and to experience the great hospitality and friendship of the Nepalese people. They are the some of the warmest and welcoming people I have ever met. My trek was to jomsom and muktinath with Rishi as my guide. The trek was well organized from the company and the guide was excellent and great. I would definitely recommend Rishi as a trekking guide for his sense of humor, experience and knowledge of the mountain and his occasional taste for apple brandy drinking brandy was all part of the trekking experience. While trekking we met many other trekkers, guides and porters all of which we chatted to and Rishi made everyone fell included and one of us his friends.

One big advantage trekking with Rishi was his good English. Many other trekkers we met who many not had perfect English themselves found it difficult communicate meaningfully with their guide whose English was limited with Rishi’s English I felt I learnt a lot more about the culture mountains and people than some of the other trekkers! I would recommend Rishi as a guide with no hesitation and the organization of the trek by everyone at Great

Adventure Trek & Expedition.
Gen Heweltt.

langtang valley trekking Permits and Entrance FeeHeather amos & Stefanie Boomsma

Langtang Valley with our Wonderful Guide

Netherlands May 21st 2008
Stefanie and heather are just back from as 8-day trek through the langtang valley with our wonderful guide Nabin chhetri. We just want to write to say how happy we were with the trek. The langtang valley is so beautiful; we loved the forest, the monkeys, the yaks and of curse the mountains(spectacular). Unfortunately we did not see a snow-leopard, red panda or yeti.

I guess we’ll have to come back. Also if you go eat dal bhat at the jungle view hotel in lama hotel, it was amazing lesp.

Your way down-you might fall or we might just be clumsy.

Seriously it was an amazing trek though the people were incredibly friendly. We loved everyone in the guesthouses/hotel.

We especially appreciated the great adventure treks & Expedition and our guide nabin.
We definitely recommend the langtang trek and the great adventure trekking company.

Heather amos & Stefanie Boomsma
Canada the Netherlands

Routes of Tamang Heritage trail LangtangLizette en Renshe, Holland

Tamang Heritage Trek

Holland 15th may 2007
we just came back from an amazing trek. We did the tamang heritage trek. The area just opened a few months ago, so there weren’t many guesthouses. Was great!!!

We saw how the people live and they are so friendly! We saw a wedding, which was amazing, just to see how everything is so different but so the same. At the end we were more interesting, so we left. You are still a special tourist if you go there.we only did home stays, which was wonderful. We definitely recommended this trip to anybody who is interested in culture!!! We hope to get back and see a lot more of this amazing country and do more trekking with this company!

Have fun!
Lizette en Renshe, Holland

Lisa McDowell & Chris Penna

Everest Base Camp Trek

7th May, 2007
Dear Potential Trekker,

We came to Kathmandu to do the Everest Base Camp Trek and we went to a few trekking companies before coming to The Great Adventure Trekking we felt so confident about going trekking with these guys so we booked the next day. we met our guide and porter that night and then we were on our way. we had a fantastic time on the trek and we are so glad we had a guide and the porter. we learnt so much more about our surrroundings and the culture than we would have an our own. we didnt have any hassles finding lodges and food because it was all arranged for us.

This was our first big trek and we will definately come back to Nepal and trek with these guys again!! the whole trek was amazing(although hard work!!). The scenery, the people, the guide and the porter made our trip one we will never forget!

Thanks to everyone at Great Adventure
Lisa McDowell & Chris Penna

Special Thanks to Ramesh(Guide) & Bikram(Porter) FANTASTIC GUYS!

Dave M. Collins Detroit, Michigan

Annapurna Trail and did one of the best Trekking

2nd May, 2007

If you are reading this then you are one lucky human ! Prakash and the boys at The Great Adventure Treks & Exp. really know their stuff.

Me and my buddy Kyle were lucky enough to stumble upon this opportunity early in our first Nepal trip. We went out on the Annapurna trail and did one of the best trekking i’ve ever done in my life. I have been trekking all over the U.S. for years but none of it compores to the stuff we did here. The viens, heights, people, and ambiance are really unlike any other place on earth. Also, when you have an awesome guide, like we did with Rajendra, you’ll truely be able to take in everything the Nepali way. I feel very fortunate to have treked with Great Adventure and if I come back, I should say When i come back I’ll definately be contacting them again. I suggest you book with them, you wont be displeased I wish you the best of luck on your treck and urge you to place your trust in Prakash and Rajendra, they’re stand up dudes.

Dave M. Collins
Detroit, Michigan

Short Trek to Everest RegionJacqui & Andrew Cosh

Everest Region with Babu and Giri and had Great time

Canbera, Australia To fellow trekkers,
The Great Adventure Trek & Expedition Company was fantastic! We travelled the Everest region with Babu and Giri and had great time. The tea houses were beautiful and the views of the Himalayas were spectacular! The only way to see the mountains is to go trekking. Our guide was great and without him we would miss out on many of the sights and culture of Nepal.

Thank you to the Great Adventure Trek! We had a wonderful time and saw the  best of the Himalayas, Mt. Everest was spectacular.

Best wishes for the future
Jacqui & Andrew Cosh
Canbera, Australia!

Three Passes of EverestDan & Laura

Amazing Experience mostly because of you top Quality Guides

England 05/03/008
We booked 14 days trekking all the way to Everest base camp. No training and no experience. It was our first time trekking ever. Fortunately we had Ang Dawa Sherpa as our guide; he was seriously hard core he looked after us all the way. He climbed Everest many times and knows all the best places to get chang (typical mountain wine) right up along the way. It was an amazing experience mostly because of you top quality guides with the top quality company The Great Adventure Trek & Expedition. Thanking you all.

Dan & Laura

The traffic of Climbers During The Peak Season in Island PeakDimhan Rossel & Q. Wilson

Everest Base Camp, Kalapathar and finally to Island Peak

Germany 10 march 2008
Dear new trekkers…!!
We undertook a trekking / climbing tour to Solukhumbu Valley and went to Everest Base Camp, Kalapathar and finally to IslandPeakOur guide was Mr. Ang Dendi Sherpa. We also had a very good strong  porter. The tour began on Monday 25th February ands ended on Sunday 9th of  march.

Our guide was very experienced, well trained and friendly. We can indeed recommend this company and Ang Dendi Sherpa to others who want to undertake similar trekking or climbing tours.

Best wishes
Dimhan Rossel & Q. Wilson