Humla and Limi Valley trek

20 Days

Humla and Limi valley trek is an exciting adventure to the remote mountains of Nepal and Tibet. You will experience the exotic trail as it takes you through the remote village and ancient monasteries. The Humla and Limi trek offers a sublime exploration of the tranquil region and its enchanting forest and landscapes.

Humla and Limi valley trek is a hidden gem within the majestic Himalayas of Humla. Humla 2945m is a remote district of Nepal as it lies to the quiet northern part of Nepal. Despite its remote nature, Humla is diverse in culture as it is inhabited by Bhotias, and Khasas (Hindus). You will get an opportunity to experience the indigenous culture of the Tibetan at villages like Balijee and Gombyak on your Humla and Lim trek.

The fascinating journey in the Humla and Limi begins from a scenic 50-minute mountain flight above the high High Himalayas to the Nepalgunj 150m. Soon after your arrival at Nepalgunj, you will board a short 30 mins flight to the Northern mid hills at Simikot 2950m in Humla district.

The fantastic journey begins through the magnificent countryside and peaceful villages. You will enjoy a fabulous scenario of the splendid snow-capped peaks like Mt.Api 7132m & Saipahl 7031m throughout the trail to the southern border of Tibet 4,500m at Hilsa. Upon your arrival at Hilsa 3640m, you will enjoy the serene view of Mt.Kailash 6638m.

Humla and Limi Valley Trek Highlights

  • A truly sublime Trek for through the spectacular and majestic Limi Valley.
  • Enjoy the healing hot spring at Chugzur.
  • Experience the thrill crossing the breathtaking Nyalu La pass at 4,940m.
  • Get an opportunity to wander around the spectacular ancient Buddhist monasteries.


Day 01: Reach Kathmandu 1,300m. via respective airlines.

Day 02: In Kathmandu with half day tour.

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj & transfer to Hotel.

Day 04: Fly to Simikot 2,950m. and trek to Dharapori 2,300.m 3 – 4 hrs.

Day 05: Trek to Kermi  2,670.m 3 – 4 hrs.

Day 06: Trek to Yalbang 3,020m. 5 hrs.

Day 07: Trek to Muchu 3,120m. 4 hrs or Tumkot 3,380m. 5 hrs

Day 08: Trek to Yari 3,700m. or Thado Dunga 3,750m. 5 hrs.

Day 09: Trek to Hilsa 3,720m. via Nara La 4,620m. 6 hrs

Day 10: Trek to Manepeme 3,990m. 5 hrs

Day 11: Trek to Til 4,000m. 6 hrs

Day 12: Trek to Halji 3,660m. 3 hrs

Day 13: Trek to Jang 3,930m. 4 hrs.

Day 14: Trek to Talung 4,370m. 8 hrs.

Day 15: Trek to Shinjungma 3,620m. via Nyalu La 4,940m. 8 hrs.

Day 16: Trek to Kermi 2,670m. 7 hrs.

Day 17: Trek to Simikot 2,950m. 6 hrs.

Day 18: Flight Simikot – Nepalgunj – Kathmandu.

Day 19: At leisure in Kathmandu.

Day 20: Transfer to Airport for the International departure.

Day 01: Reach Kathmandu 1,300m via respective airlines

Your flight to Nepal is a magnificent journey as you enjoy the beautiful view of the Himalayas, terraced farm fields on your arrival at Kathmandu 1400m. A representative from the travel agency will be waiting for you at the airport. He/She will be happy to assist you through the culture of Kathmandu’s streets and traffic to your Hotel. The representative will guide and brief you about the Hotel facilities and related information about the Trekking, Camping activity.

Day 02: In Kathmandu with a half day tour

Your day begins with a hearty breakfast at the Hotel. The guide will inform you about the city excursion on the following day around Kathmandu valley. You will enjoy the early morning bus ride as the busy Kathmandu city is quiet during the early hours. So, the pleasant walk through the peaceful streets on local courtyards of durbar squares is a sublime experience.

You will enjoy great sights around the Kathmandu valley at World Heritage sites like Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath and Boudhanath in the afternoon. Later in the evening, you will head out for dinner at the city’s great eateries to enjoy a special Nepali meal.

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj & transfer to Hotel

On the third day, you will board a spectacular 50 min afternoon to Mahendra Airport in Nepalgunj 150m. The journey over the hills and valley is a splendid experience as you arrive in the largest city in the steamy Terai. Nepalgunj lies in the border region of western Nepal and India. Upon your arrival at the airport, a vehicle will be waiting for you to escort you through old villages and countryside to the Hotel. Since the temperature 28 degrees at night, you will sleep in the comforts of air conditions at your Hotel room.

Day 04: Fly to Simikot 2,950m. and trek to Dharapori 2,300m 3 – 4 hrs

Your day begins with a warm breakfast at your Hotel in Nepalgunj. After breakfast, a private vehicle will be waiting outside the Hotel to escort you to the airport. You will board a morning 30 min flight to Simikot 2950m (the administrative hub of Humla). The flight is a spectacular trip as you cruise above the peaks with great views of Mountains Mt.Api 7132m and Mt.Saipahl 7031m.

After you arrive at Simikot, you will meet with the rest of the trekking crew. Simikot is a beautiful village on a ridge above the Humla Karnali River with wonderful views of the deep valley. Shortly after, you will commence a short 3 hours hike trek to Dharmapuri 2300.

Day 05: Trek to Kermi 2,670m 3 – 4 hrs

The expedition starts with a short walk on the trail along the Karnali River through narrow gorges and high rocky slopes. You will walk further on the trek across barley, buckwheat and rice fields towards Kermi village 2670m. Kermi is a small Buddhist village on the trail. You will experience interesting sights of Buddhist monasteries on your way to Kermi village like Laikyo Gompa.

You will hike 40 minutes further down the trail to another half a century-year-old Lhundrup Choling Gompa. After the pleasant 3-4 hike, you will finally arrive at Kermi. You will set up camp at a nice spot with a beautiful view over the mountains. You will spend the night at Camp.

Day 06: Trek to Yalbang 3,020m – 5 hrs

The trek begins early in the morning through flat terrains towards the barley and buckwheat fields. After 2 hours, you will arrive at a small pass as it ascends through steep uphill terrains. Shortly after, you will make a quick 20 minutes descend until you reach the big iron suspension bridge over the Sali River.

The trail follows through dense pine forest stretching across to Yalbang village. You finally arrive at Alabang village after 5 hours of a hike. Here, you can see beautiful landscapes and vegetation. Today, you will have plenty of time to explore the beautiful monastery like the Namkha Khyung Dzong Monastery around the Yalbang village 3020m.

Day 07: Trek to Tumkot 3,380m – 5 hrs

You will bid farewell to the Yalbang village and follow the path above the Karnali River. After 20 mins, you will arrive at the small village of Yangar. The path ahead follows the winding trails in a three-sided tunnel as the surrounding environment changes to rocky terrains.

The trail passes through big pine trees and small bushes towards the wooden suspension bridge over the Karnali River. Shortly after, the path climbs uphill along the upper side of a deep gorge. After 4 hours, you will finally arrive at the campsite in Tumkot 3380m. You will enjoy a decent meal and sleep for the night at camp.

Day 08: Trek to Yari 3,700m or Thado Dunga 3,750m – 5 hrs

Your trek today is a 5 hours hike of a steep climb towards Yari or Thado Dhunga. The hike begins with a steep climb shortly after you leave Tumkot. The trek passes along desolate and rocky terrains landscape but you will come across few juniper trees along the way.

You will walk over the dirt road for a short time to the small village of Pani Palwang. The tea houses in Pani Palawan can be a nice place to enjoy a lunch break. After lunch, you will trek for another 2 hours until your arrival to Yari 3700m or Thado Dunga 3750m. You will set camp at any of these places for the night.

Day 09: Trek to Hilsa 3,720m. via Nara La 4,620m – 6 hrs

Your day begins with a decent hike across the barren landscapes as the tree line starts to get thinner. From here on, the trail becomes steeper and heads towards the crossing of Nara La at 4,620 meters. You will hike through the uphill terrain for 2 hours to Nara La pass.

Upon your arrival at Nara La, you will experience the majestic ambiance of carved stone piles and strings of Tibetan prayer flags fluttering in the strong wind. Shortly after, you will make a long descent to Hilsa towards or you can take a steep shortcut. The trek ends after the thrilling 6 hours hike at Hilsa 3720m. You will have the option to set camp at a campsite or accommodate yourself in a tea house.

Day 10: Trek to Manepeme 3,990m – 5 hrs

You bid farewell to Hilsa and cross the bridge ahead towards a larger trail high on the slope. The trail follows the Karnali River to the far east till Manepeme. You will experience the pleasant hike along the peaceful emerald river Karnali. Eventually, the trail gradually follows uphill terrains through dramatic landscapes and steep rocks. Today, it is a short 4-5 hours hike to Manepeme 3990m as you enjoy the aesthetic of vivid colors along the way.

Day 11: Trek to Til 4,000m – 6 hrs

The trail begins to go uphill through rocky terrains for about 2 hours. You will follow the trail between a small path leading towards a steeper path as you pass through interesting meditation cave Ya Yip Phuk. From here on, you will hike the steep climb for about 30 mins and reach Lamka La pass at 4300 meters.

The trek gets easier as the walk is mostly an easy descent down to Til for about one and half hour. Til is an authentic Tibetan village surrounded by green natural vegetation like all villages in the Limi Valley. You finally arrive at Til 4000m after 6 hours of gradual ascend and descend through the changing landscapes of Limi valley.

Day 12: Trek to Halji 3,660m – 3 hrs

Today is an easy hike from Halji as you have plenty of time to wander around the villages and monasteries. You will walk on the flat surface following the Limi River upstream towards a gate chorten with big mani wall encrypted with holy mantras. It’s a short 3-hour hike to the village of Halji. Upon your arrival, you will come across Rinchenling Gompa a 14th Century Monastery. This monastery belongs to the Kagyugpa lineage. Rincheling Gompa is the main religious center of the Lim valley. You will stay for the night at a tea house in Halji 3660m.

Day 13: Trek to Jang 3,930m – 4 hrs

Today, your destination for the trek ahead is the village of Jang 3930m, Jang is the last valley in the Limi valley and a quiet majestic place to be. You will hike the trail for an easy 4 hours hike following the Limi Khola. The trek today is quite as you won’t come across any small village settlements along the way. So, you will enjoy the amazing experience of the tranquil natural diversity of the Limi valley at its finest. It is a special adrenaline to be at a such a quiet and secluded place of Nepal.

Day 14: Trek to Talung 4,370m – 8 hrs

You will leave the village of Jang after you enjoy breakfast early in the morning. The trek starts as you ascend through the steady climb uphill. The air gets thinner at a higher elevation so you will need to walk with periodic breaks. You will leave the Limi valley and hike for 8 hours to the village of Talung. You will stay for the night in Talung village 4370m at a tea house. The option for accommodation is to a minimum because the trail goes through remote landscapes and terrains. Therefore, you have to set camp at some destinations for the night.

Day 15: Trek to Shinjungma 3,620m via Nyalu La 4,940m – 8 hrs

On this day, you will cross the second pass of the trek, the path ahead is adventurous but yet tough and strenuous. However, the climb to the highest point of the trek at the Nyalu La 4,940m will offer you the spectacular views of Humla Bandley and landscapes stretching to Tibet.

You will hike through the steep path downwards to lake Selma 4630m overlooking the splendid views of Mount Kailash 6,638m and Mt.Saipahl 7031m. Further down the trek, you will follow the Sali river to the campsite for today at Shinjungma 3620m. Along the way, you have many more beautiful views of Mount Saipal. After the exhausting 8 hours of hike and gradual descend, you will rest for the night at the campsite.

Day 16: Trek to Kermi 2,670m – 7 hrs

Today, your trek leads you back to civilization to Kermi village. For the first time on your trek, you will descend down for 3000m through pine and birch forests. The hike is a relatively easy walk along the beautiful Salli Khola with rocks towering on both sides of the trail. Shortly, the trail meets the Karnali river. The 7 hours to Kermi village trek will certainly exhaust you. So you will relax your tired muscles in the hot springs in the Kermi village 2670m. You will enjoy dinner and spend the night at a tea house.

Day 17: Trek to Simikot 2,950m – 6 hrs

It’s 6 hours long hike to Simikot as the trail heads towards Darapuri 2,300m at the start of the trek. Eventually, you will continue a pleasant walk towards Majgaon 2,290m and commence an uphill climb for 2 hours waits above the Karnali River. Just after you cross a pass at over 3000 meters, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Nyinba valley 4050m. You will hike for 30 minutes further on the trail to reach Simikot and stop for the night.

Day 18: Flight Simikot 2950m- Nepalgunj 150m – Kathmandu 1400m.

You will overlook a beautiful morning sunrise from your tea house at Simikot. After having breakfast, you will board a morning flight to Nepalgunj flying over the Himalayas and snow-capped peaks. Upon your arrival at Nepalgunj airport, you will shortly board a connecting flight to the beautiful city Kathmandu. You will reminisce the memorable trip of your trek as you enjoy the scenic mountain flight to Kathmandu.

Day 19: At leisure in Kathmandu 1400m

Today, your journey comes to an end in the wonderful city of Kathmandu. After having breakfast at your hotel, you enjoy the rest of the day relaxing in the Hotel or strolling around the beautiful streets of the city. You will have plenty of time to do last minute shopping in Kathmandu. You can buy gifts and souvenirs for your friends and family back home. If you like to extend your stay in Nepal, you will also have the option to book your flight according to your preference.

Day 20: Transfer to Airport for the International departure.

You will leave the hotel one hour prior to your international flight time. During your check out from the Hotel, you will check the necessary documents like visa, passport, and citizenship. A private vehicle will be waiting for you outside the hotel to escort you safely with your belongings to the Tribhuvan international airport. The representative form the travel agency will bid you farewell and wish you a safe flight back home.

  • All accommodation in teahouses or in camping tents
  • Professional Guide
  • Cook for while camping
  • Required number of porters
  • Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Kathmandu flight
  • Nepalgunj-Simikot-Nepalgunj flight
  • Restricted area permit
  • Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner during the trek
  • 4 days hotel stay in Kathmandu with breakfast.
  • All meals in Kathmandu except farewell dinner and breakfast.
  • Hard and soft table drinks such as coke, fanta, mineral water, beer.
  • Personal Travel insurance.
  • Rescue operation.
  • International airfare and tax (approximately $ 24).
  • Nepal tourist visa fee ( $ 25 for 15 days and $ 40 for 30 days multiple entry visa).
  • Tips for guide and porter.

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Humla and Limi Valley trek

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