Humla & Mt.Kailash

24 Days

Humla and Mount Kailash trek is a 24 days hike expedition to the fascinating journey to the wonderful far North West of Nepal. The 24 days trek is a subtle moderate hike through the magnificent villages and natural landscapes of the Humla region. You will overlook the splendid views of Mt. Api 7132m & Saipal 7031m throughout the trek to the destination at Hilsa.

The adventurous journey begins with a scenic flight from Kathmandu valley to Nepalgunj at altitude. After your arrival at Nepalgunj, you will stay for the night in the Hotel and board a flight to the Northern mid hills at Simikot a day after. You will enjoy the scenic flights above lowlands and snow-capped peaks during your Humla and Mt. Kailash 6638m trek.

The Humla and Mt.Kailash trek is an authentic trek through the lifestyle of the local inhabitants at the region. So, you will get an opportunity to experience Tibetan culture. You will also pass many beautiful villages in places like Darche, Simikot, and Hilsa. For most of the part of the trek, you will follow the Limi Khola and Karna Khola to the travel destination each day.

Humla and Mt Kailash trek by Great Adventure Treks is a scenic trip to the tranquil enchanting region of the beautiful Humla valley. Amidst the ever-changing landscapes and terrains, you will enjoy the wonderful trek routes on the foothills of the gigantic mountains. Humla and Mt.Kailash 24 days trek offer you an opportunity to experience the remote and wild journey in Humal as it ends at Simikot.

Humla & Mt.Kailash Trekking Highlights

  • Indulge yourself to the cultural and traditional diversity of Mt Kailash 6638m and Humla region.
  • Get an opportunity to hike the “Kora” circuit of the Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.
  • Experience the peaceful practices like meditation at sacred sites.
  • Opportunity to meet the Buddhist Masters and Yogis along the trail.
  • A magnificent hike in the beautiful valleys, villages, and forest of Humla overlooking splendid biodiversity.
  • An amazing walk through the desolate and quiet landscapes of the Humla region.
  • You will have once in a lifetime opportunity to witness snow leopard, blue sheep, jackals, hyenas and musk deer along the trail.

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu 1,300m. via respective airlines.

Day 02: A day in Kathmandu with half day tour.

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj & transfer to Hotel.

Day 04: Fly from Nepalgunj to Simikot 2,910m. & trek to Dharpuri 2,600m.

Day 05: Trek to Sally khola 2,690m. 5 hrs walk.

Day 06: Trek to Muchu 2,920m. 5 hrs.

Day 07: Trek to Torea 3,380m. 3-4 hrs.

Day 08: Trek to Sip-Sip 3,800m. via Muchu 4 – 5 hours.

Day 09: Trek to Hilsa 3,720m. via Nara Lagna 6 hours.

Day 10: Border Crossing: A short walk and 2 hours drive to Taklakot 3,770m.

Day 11: Drive to Lake Manasarover 4,510m. 3 hours drive.

Day 12: Acclimatization Rest Day at Manasarover.

Day 13: Drive to Darchen 4,600m. and begin 2 – 3 hrs Kora at 4,890m.

Day 14: Trek & Camp at Jarok Donkhang (before Dromo-la past Dirapuk Gompa) 5,210m. 5 hrs.

Day 15: Trek to Zutul-Puk. 4,790m. approx 6 hour walk.

Day 16: Trek to Darchen and drive to Chui Gompa. Approx: 3 – 4 hr.walk. and 2 hrs drive.

Day 17: Drive to Hilsa via Taklakot and camp at Hilsa 4 – 5 hrs drive.

Day 18: Trek back to East Yari. 5 – 6 hrs.

Day 19: Trek back to Yalbang 6 hrs.

Day 20: Retrace the journey to Dharpuri 6 hrs.

Day 21: Trek to Simikot for the last / final camp 2 – 3 hrs.

Day 22: Fly Simikot – Nepalgunj – Kathmandu.

Day 23: Free day in Kathmandu.

Day 24: Transfer to Airport for International flight.

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu 1,400m via respective airlines

Upon your arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu 1400m, a representative from the travel agency will be waiting for you prior to the arrival time. Our representative will greet and receive you from the airport and escort you to the respective Hotel.

A bell boy will welcome you at the entrance of the Hotel. He will assist you with the luggage to the lobby. Shortly after, the bellboy will escort to your room and you will freshen up after the long travel. The trek leader will inform you about the briefing program later in the evening. So, you will meet the rest of the trekking crew for dinner at a restaurant. The guide will then inform you about all the information about the Humla and Mt.Kailash 24 days trek.

Day 02: In Kathmandu with a half day tour

The next day, the guide will inform you about the departure time about the half day tour in the Kathmandu city. So, you will enjoy breakfast early in the morning and leave for the city excursion shortly after.

A private vehicle will be waiting for you outside the Hotel to escort you to the destination. The guide will lead you through the beautiful temples and ancient artifacts on the course of your city excursion. You will get the chance to experience the tradition and culture of Kathmandu as you visit world heritage sites like Pashupatinath, Swambunah and Boudhanath.

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu 1400m to Nepalgunj 150m & transfer to Hotel

The next day, you will board a domestic flight to the low land of Nepal at Nepalgunj. The flight is a scenic experience above the Kathmandu city. It flies across magnificent rivers and hills. You will enjoy the comfortable 1-hour long flight to Nepalgunj 150m with the beautiful diverse scenario of Nepal.

Finally, you will arrive at Nepalgunj during the late afternoon so you will have plenty of time to look around and stroll the streets of the town. Nepalgunj lies on the Southern Nepal and India border. Therefore, weather conditions are quite tropical and hot. You will stay for the night at a Hotel in Nepalgunj.

Day 04: Fly to Simikot 2,950m and trek to Dharapori 2,300m (3 – 4 hrs)

An early 45 minutes long flights await you in the morning to the beautiful Simikot 2950m. So, you will have breakfast early and pack your luggage for the trip ahead. A private vehicle will transfer you to the airport prior to your departure time.

The scenic flight begins as you will overlook the beautiful views of Mt. Api (7132m) and Mt. Saipal (7031m) to your Simikot. Your destination for today is Simikot, it is a beautiful town with wonderful views of the deep valley surrounding it. After your arrival at Simikot, you will commence a 3 hours short hike to a farm village at Dharapori 2300m. You will spend the night at a teahouse in Dharapori.

Day 05: Trek to Sally Khola 2,690m approx (5 hrs walk)

Your trek from Dharapori begins as you walk across gradual steep terrain to Sally Khola. The trail ahead follows a traverse across a slope to a roaring stream. You will overlook the beautiful scenery of the beautiful landscapes as you cross the bridge over Humla Karnali. Eventually, you will arrive at Khangalagoan, it is the last Thakuri village in the valley.

Today, the hike is a solid 5 hours of walk to the north through winding trails and awkward terrains. You will come across many waterfalls and little streams to the destination for today at Sally Khola 2690m. After your arrival, You will camp for the night near the village of Sally Khola.

Day 06: Trek to Muchu 2,920m (5 hrs)

You will start your trek expedition towards steeper uphill terrains. The beautiful trail passes through village settlements at Yangar. You will also travel through a tunnel beneath the houses. Furthermore, you will climb behind a rock spur before the trail winds its way close to the river.

The hiking track ahead is made out of rocks and wood. It leads to a suspension bridge over Humla Karnali river. Shortly after, you will cross the south bank of the river and ascend to a stream. You will finally arrive at the entrance of the Muchu village. You pass dense vegetation of apricot orchards along the way. After the 5 hours trek from Sally Khola, you will camp for the night near a ridge at the village of Muchu 2950m.

Day 07: Trek to Torea 3,380m (3 – 4 hrs)

Today, it is an easy 3-4 hours walk from the village of Muchu to Torea. Your trek begins as you continue to walk a steep climb away from the river. Eventually, the Humla Karnali river fades away. The trail ahead passes through a steep-sided gorge and winding routes to the valley of Bumchiya Khola. So, you need to be cautious while hiking on such tricky terrains. It is a long climb from the Bumchiya Khola to the village of Torea 3380m. You will camp for the night at Torea.

Day 08: Trek to Sip – Sip. 3,800m (4 – 5 hours)

Today, you will hike for 4-5 hours to the village settlement of Sip- Sip. The trail ahead ascends to a stream and a small cairn at 3,500m. You will overlook the astounding views of the extensive rice fields of Yari from a ridge. The trail ahead passes through huge irrigation canals into the beautiful valley of Jhyakthang chu. From Jhyakthang chu, you will commence a steep climb to towards a wide valley above the village. Further on the trek, you will come across pilgrims, goat and sheep herders on the path to Sip-Sip. You will camp for the night on a meadow near steam at Sip-Sip 3800m.

Day 09: Trek to Hilsa 3,720m via Nara Lagna 5000m approx 6 hours.

After the early morning breakfast, you will head towards the frontier at Hilsa. You will cross to the Tibetan side of the trail. You will gradually climb form Sip-Sip along the side of the ridge to a huge rock, Nara Lagna at 5000m / 15,030ft. From Nara Lagna, you can overlook the beautiful Tibetan plateau and Humla Karnali. The trail leads downwards along a dusty path towards the Humla Karnali for an overnight camp at Hilsa. After the 6 hours of a hike across valley and ridges, you will finally arrive at Hilsa 3720m. You will camp for the night at Hilsa near stone houses and barley fields.

Day 10: Border Crossing: A short walk and 2 hours drive to Taklakot 3,770m.

Early in the morning at Hilsa, you will make a short climb to a Tibetan salt trading post. From here on, a guide and a driver will receive you and drive you through Khojarnath. Khojarnath is the lowest village in the Ngari Province of Tibet. The 2 hours drive through rocky terrains and unsettling roads will you to the busy bazaar of Taklakot or Purang 3770m.

Taklakot is a major trading center for Tibetans and Nepalese as the market place is buzzing with traders and travelers. You will plenty of time to stroll around the markets and vendors around Taklakot. After your short excursion around the market, you will stay for the night in a basic guest house at Taklakot.

Day 11: Drive to Lake Manasarovar 4,510m (3 hours drive)

You will leave Taklakot early in the morning. You will take an impressive 3-hour drive through the beautiful valley of the Karnali river. The scenic jeep drive climbs out of Taklakot, and the path ahead gains gradual altitude and levels eventually after the crossing below Mt.Gurla Mandhata 7,728m. You will overlook the astonishing views of the Thalladong pass 5,050m, Mt.Kailash 6638m and Rakas Lake in a far distance. The scenic drive passes through Gurla pass before arriving at Lake Manasarovar 4510m for the overnight camp.

Day 12: Acclimatization and Rest Day at Manasarover.

Today you will rest at Manasarover for acclimatization as you will indulge yourself in short 2 hours hike to the nearby monasteries. Manasarovar is a sacred lake lying between West Tibet, Mt. Kailash 6,638m and Gurla Mandhata Range 7,728m m.

It is a common belief of the locals that the Manasarovar lies beneath the shadow of holy Kailash as the lake is formed in the mind of God. Mansarovar is known throughout the world as the holiest lake in Asia. Late autumn and early spring is the best time to visit the splendid Manasarovar lake.

Day 13: Drive to Darchen 4,600m start 2 – 3 hrs Kora at 4,890m.

Today, you will start your journey to Darchen 4600m by a 2 hours jeep ride from Mansarovar. Darchen is a quiet, small village settlement with very few tea houses for the services of travelers and pilgrimages. It is the starting and the ending point of “Kora” the Holy walk around. You will continue to drive along the trail across the Barkha plain to Shershong 4700m. The drive lead towards Shersong towards for about an hour an arrives at a bridge leading to Chhuku Gompa high on the hill above. Upon your arrival at Darchen 4600m, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of the west face of Mt. Kailash 6638m.

Day 14: Trek & Camp at Jarok Donkhang 5230m (5 hrs)

Today is the second day of the pilgrimage as you begin a gradual uphill climb for about 2-3 hrs bringing to Diraphu Gompa. Digraphs Gompa is an excellent gompa with an exquisite excellent view of the North Face of Kailash 6638m. You will come across a few shops and lodges on your way to the monastery.

A short break will take place at the tea houses for some time and head on towards the kora route. The trail makes it way up onto a moraine as it eventually meets trail from the east bank. You will make your way through a steep climb to a meadow for the overnight camp at Jarok Donkhang 5210m. Your 5-hour hike ends as you sleep for the night at the highest camp on this trip.

Day 15: Trek to Zutul-Puk Gompa4,790m (6-hour walk)

Today, the trek continues for about 30 minutes through a steep climb overlooking the magnificent views of North East Face of Mt.Kailash 6638m. The trek continues further passing thousands of small rock cairns and a boulder field towards the high pass of Dromo- la at 5,630m /18,525ft. The big boulder resembles the Goddess Dolma. It is full of prayer flags. From here on, the trail starts to descend to plain landscapes below as the 6 hours walk brings us to the overnight camp at Zutul-Puk Gompa 4790m.

Day 16: Trek to Darchen 4600m, drive to Lake Manasarovar ( 3 – 4 hr hike with 2 hrs drive)

Today is the last day of hour holy ‘kora’ trekking expedition. The trail ahead leads to an easy hike for 3 to 4 hours on winding trail and narrow valley. Shortly after, the route turns west towards the destination for today at Darchen. You will come across mani walls decorated with carved yak skulls on your way to Darchen 4600m. The satisfying hike comes to an end after your arrival at the windswept little township of Darchen. After your arrival at Darchene, you will commence 2 hours drive back to Lake Manasarovar 4510m for an overnight camp stay near the lake.

Day 17: Drive to Hilsa 3720m via Taklakot 3770m and camp at (Hilsa 4 – 5 hrs drive)

Today is your last day at Tibet as you make an early start for Hilsa 3720m with a stop at Taklakot 3770m. After your departure from Hilsa, you will have to go through some formalities at Taklakot before driving back to Nepal. You will also enjoy lunch at Taklalot after completing the border formalities and continue your jeep ride to Sher. The journey ends after the 4-5 hours of jeep ride at Hilsa. You will have a meal and camp for the night at Hilsa.

Day 18: Trek to East Yari (5 – 6 hrs hike)

Early in the morning, you will have breakfast in the campsite at Hilsa. Further on the trek today, you will retrace the journey bike to eastern yari as you pass by the Karnali gorge. Eventually, the path ahead climbs gradually up the mountains to the village of Yari. Yari is the last village on the route towards Nara La. The 5-6 hours hike ends after your arrival at the campsite of Yari. You will camp for the night by the streamside near the tea houses at Yari.

Day 19: Trek to Yalbang 2980m (6 hrs hike)

Today, you will hike for 6 hours on the scenic trail to Yalbang 2980m. The trail is a steep ascent for 2 hours during the start of the trek. Shortly after, you will cross the suspension bridge over the Sali River. The village of Yalbang is one of the highlights of the trek as it offers heritage sites to the travelers passing by. Namkha Khyung Dzong Monastery is one of the major attraction at the Yalbang village. You will stay for the night in camp near the Yalbang village.

Day 20: Retrace the Journey to Dharapori 2300m (6 hrs hike)

Today is an interesting journey as you retrace the journey back to the village of Dharapori 2300m. You will hike for 6 hours on the same trail back to Dharapori. So, you will recall all the amazing memory of the early Humla and Mt. Kailash trek. Hence, it will be an amazing experience to hike along the magnificent trails from Yalbang to Dharapori.

Day 21: Trek to Simikot for the last/final camp (2 – 3 hrs hike)

It is a short 3 hours walk from Dharapori 2300m to Simikot 2950m so you will plenty of time to stroll around the town and bazaar at the town of Simikot. Simikot is the major town of the Humla region. The trail to the Simikot is mostly through pine and birch forest. Further on the trek, you will also cross many small streams walk past small village settlements on the trail. Finally, you will cross a suspension bridge over Humla Karnali River towards the Dharapori village for the overnight stay. You will camp for the night at Dharapori.

Day 22: Flight Simikot 2950m – Nepalgunj 150m – Kathmandu 1400m

You will overlook some beautiful early morning views from the village at Simikot. The breakfast is truly splendid with the magnificent sunrise over the majestic mountains. Shortly after, you will board a scenic 45 mins early morning flight to Nepalgunj. You will overlook some of the most striking views of snow-capped peaks on your flight back to Nepalgunj. Upon your arrival at the Nepalgunj airport, you will board a connecting hour-long flight to the Kathmandu valley. A private vehicle will escort you to the respective Hotel after your arrival at the Airport

Day 23: At leisure in Kathmandu 1400m

Early in the morning, you will have a pleasant breakfast in the Hotel. You will enjoy a splendid afternoon in the Kathmandu valley strolling the local streets at Thamel and Basantapur. You will have plenty of time to buy souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family back home. The day ends with an exquisite Nepali meal at a traditional Nepali restaurant with your trekking crew

Day 24: Transfer to Airport for the International departure.

Today is your last day here in Kathmandu city and the end of your great Humla and Mount Kailash trek 24 days trek. After you pay the bills at the Hotel, you will check out from the Hotel. You will then leave for the Airport as per your international flight time. The representative from GAT will escort you with complimentary transport to the airport for your final departure.

  • Airport/Hotel/Airport pick up and drop by private car/van/bus.
  • Accommodation in 3-star hotel in Kathmandu
  • National Park permits,
  • Trekking Map
  • Full Board Plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation, tea or coffee) during trek
  • An experienced licensed holder Guide
  • Porters (1 porter for 2 guests)
  • Food, drinks, salary, insurance, equipment, transportation, accommodation, and local tax for guide and porters,
  • Transportation by bus, car or by flight,
  • Medical kit box
  • TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management Systems)
  • Trekking Equipment
  • All local and government tax
  • All guided sightseeing tour in Kathmandu.
  • All necessary transportation while sightseeing.
  • Restricted Area Permit
  • Emergency Rescue Help (covered by your travel insurance)
  • Farewell dinner with a cultural show.
  • All meals in Kathmandu except farewell dinner and breakfast.
  • Hard and soft drinks.
  • Personal Travel insurance.
  • Rescue operation.
  • International airfare and tax.
  • Nepal tourist visa fee.
  • Tips for guide and porter. (They highly expect but not compulsory).

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Humla & Mt.Kailash

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