Kathmandu Back Trails off The City Limit A Day Ride

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Kathmandu Back Trails off The City Limit A Day Ride


Kathmandu Back Trails off The City Limit A Day Ride. A pleasant scenic rides on the back alley of the old city and head towards the village of Khokna and Bungmati and to explore the villages from the 14th century.

The temple of Macchindranath (god of yielding good harvest) situated in the main square of Bungmati, worshiped by both Hindus and Buddhist, our journey from here continues on a jeep track to the village of Champi with few ups and downs hill to reach the Chapagaon.

Chapagaon A Rural Village

Chapagaon, a rural village situated on the southern tip of the Kathmandu Valley, at present, it’s growing slowly into modernisation, Chapagaon is famed for its temple of Vajravarahi, one of the many out of 9th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of a Boar.

The temple is surrounded by an old forest, protected by the local belief that to cut even a single tree would anger the deity until now the villagers still worship the wrathful Vishnu by offering a weekly blood sacrifice of chicken, goat, and buffaloes.

Drive Back To A Busy Colorful Street Of Kathmandu

After a pleasant de-tour of the villages and its temple we then pack our two-wheel friend in the van for the two-hour drive back to a busy colorful street of Kathmandu.

A day tour: Kathmandu – Bungmati – Chapagaon – Kathmandu

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Kathmandu Back Trails off The City Limit A Day Ride

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