Lhasa To Kathmandu

16 Days

The one adventure sport that every adventure seeker must try is mountain biking. The rugged terrains of the trans-Himalayan region offer an excellent opportunity for enthusiastic riders to challenge themselves in the territory. Your tour with The Great Adventure Treks starts in Kathmandu where you will sightsee the World Heritage Sites for a day. After that, we make our way to Lhasa where we acclimatize before we start our mountain bike journey.

What are the items on your bucket list? Well, if the classic mountain bike tour of Lhasa to Kathmandu is not on your list, you are probably missing out a lot. Firstly, we cycle around Lhasa to acclimatize ourselves and visit different sites of cultural and religious significance. We will provide vehicle assistance in case of a long journey.

We will ride more than 1000 km in the Tibetan Plateau on rough roads and mountain passes. There are six distinct passes along the journey as we pass through the old world charm of Tibetan cities like Shigatse, Gyantse. You will also encounter nomadic settlement of the Drogpas in the region.

The tour brings you closer to spirituality and religion. You will have an in-depth understanding of how faith has impacted and shaped people lives. We will stay in camps and hotels over 16 days. Our guides and drivers will assist you at all times. The bikes are on top condition, and you will experience a smooth ride throughout the tour.

So are you up for a challenge? Check out the detail itineraries designed by The Great Adventure Treks.

Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu meet and transfer to respective Hotels.

Day 02: Free day in Kathmandu a guided tour on request.

Day 03: Fly to Gongar Airport with 2 hours drive to Lhasa.

Day 04: Tour on bike in and around Lhasa.

Day 05: Tour & preparation for the long ride.

Day 06: Bike towards as coming from the Airport on a good tarmac road then turn off from the bridge towards near Khamba-la 4794 m. and camp. Approx 6 – 7 hours ride.

Day 07: Bike over the Khambala pass and descent towards Yamdrok Tso(lake) and camp at Pede Dzong farther from the lake. Approx: 6 – 7 hours.

Day 08: Bike to Simi-la 4,200m after Karo – la 5045m.6 hrs.

Day 09: Bike to Gyantse town  Approx 4 – 5 hours, rest of the afternoon free for the tour of the Monasteries and historical places. Gyantse Hotel.

Day 10: Bike to Shigatse the 2nd biggest city in Tibet. Approx 6 hours.

Day 11: Rest day for local tour of the Trasilampo Monastery and market place.

Day 12: Bike to near or about Larze approx 6 – 7 hours O/N Camp.

Day 13: Bike over the highest pass of this trip at Gyamtso-la 5220m and descent towards Shegar O/N Camp. Approx 6 hours.

Day 14: Bike past Old Tingri towards Lalung – la 5124m and camp.6 – 7 hours.

Day 15: Bike over the pass and camp after Nylam town on the green vegetation.

Day 16: Bike towards the border of Zangmu & Kodari for 3 – 4 hours and drive back to Kathmandu.

We organize mountain biking expedition throughout, Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan with vehicle support on long tours.)
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Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu

As and when you arrive we will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to your respective hotel by the representative of The Great Adventure Treks.

Day 2: Free day at Kathmandu, Sightsee on request

If you wish to sightsee the mystical Kathmandu valley, we will organize a tour of the city with our in house tour guides. You can explore the cultural melting pot that is the city of Kathmandu. The various Durbar Squares listed on the World Heritage Sites give you a sense of history and culture. You could also loosen up and prepare for the trip ahead.

Day 3: Fly to Gonggar airport, drive to Lhasa

On day three you will take a 2-hour flight to Gonggar airport from Kathmandu. You will then proceed to Lhasa, which is another 2-hour drive away. Lhasa is known as the rooftop of the world. You can see the beautiful scenery of the Himalayan range as you arrive in Lhasa.

Day 4: Tour on a bike in and around Lhasa

Touring in short trips is extremely necessary to acclimatize. This step should not be skipped. Early in the day, you will visit the famous Potala Palace. It used to be the residence of the Dalai Lama and the political center of Tibet, also known as the Pearl of the rooftop of the world.

After lunch, we will resume our sightseeing by visiting the sacred Jokhang temple and the famous Barkor Kora.

Day 5: Tour and preparation for the bike ride

We continue our trip to two of the famous monasteries in Lhasa. The First is Drepung Monastery (b.1416). It used to be the administrative hub before Potala palace.

The disciples of the Tsongkhapa built the Sera Monastery (b.1419). The great monk debates are held every afternoon. We stay at Lhasa for the second night.

Day 6: Bike towards the Khamba La Pass, (6-7 hrs) 85 km

The first ride of the journey is towards the iconic Khamba La Pass(3700m). The ride is short and comfortable as you will be moving along the beautiful Tsangpo river, which then leads to the plateau. The road is in excellent, and it will be quite a smooth ride. You will camp at the foot of the Kamba La Pass and spend the night tents.

Day 7: Bike to the Khamba La Pass and descent towards Yamdrok Tso lake, camp at Pede Dzong

A tough uphill climb will take you to a summit (4749m). The road is made of that and has several switchbacks. We then start our descent towards the serene holy lake Yamdrok tso.(4490m). The turquoise green lake is breathtakingly beautiful. We set up our camps on the premises of the lake and stay overnight. The journey is about 55 km and takes us about 6-7 hours.

Day 8: Bike to Simi La (4200m) after passing through Karo La (5045m)

We will ride along the beautiful friendship highway to reach the second pass in our trip the Karola pass. The road that starts well turns into a gravel road. We then descent our way towards the Simi la pass (4200m). We ride 5 to 6 hours on a 75 hour journey. We will camp here and stay overnight.

Day 9: Ride to Gyantse town (3980m) from Simi La

You will ride along mountain glaciers and lakes along the way. You will stay in a hotel for a change. You can tour the Gyantse Dzong fort or the Palcho monastery. The Gyantse Dzong dates back to the 14th century, and the Kumbum is a large gold-domed stupa with extensive collection Buddhists arts. It is a significant place for Shakya school of Buddhism. You can see the exquisite view of the Himalayan range from the balcony of your hotel. We will cover 60 km in approximately 6 hours.

Day 10: Ride from Gyantse to Shigatse

The road we travel on is flat and tarred, but the distance we cover on day ten is extended. We arrive at Shigatse through these roads overlooking the scenery. Shigatse is one of the most popular cities in Tibet. We cover about 94 km in this 6-hour journey. You will relax and rest at the hotel where you stay overnight.

Day 11: Rest day, Tour of the Tashilhunpo Monastery

On day 11 we take a rest from cycling and spend our time to visit the Tashilhunpo Monastery. The Tashilhunpo Monastery is the successive seat of Penchan Lamas.it also has the giant statue of Jampa (god of the future) in the world.

Day 12: Bike ride to Lhatse

We bid farewell to Shigatse and go through two small passes that lead us to Tso-la (4520m). We pass the hot springs and camp in the outskirts of Lhatse. We ride for about 6-7 hours on this day.

Day 13: Bike ride from Lhatse to Shegar passing the Gyatso-la pass (5220m)

On day 13, you will ride over the majestic Gyatso -la overlooking the stunning Himalayan mountains. You will see the highest peak in the world, Mt Everest if the weather is clear. You will ride in over six hours.

After passing through the several villages of you will reach the town of Pelbar, more commonly known as Shegar. Shegar is a touristy town and a pit stop for climbers heading for Everest. After a tough ride through the canyon, you will stop to take rest and stay overnight on a camp.

Day 14: Ride pass the old Tingri town to Lalung la pass(5124m)

A rough trail with a canyon passing leads us to the old Tingri town(4340m). We then take on the gradual incline of the La ling pass. After a rough 40- 50 km ride, we reach the top of the la lung pass from where we can observe the gorgeous sunset on the backdrop of the Himalayas. It will take us about 6-7 hrs approximately to reach there. We stay at a tent camping overnight.

Day 15: Bike over the Lalung pass and camp on the green pastures of the Nylam town

Nylam town is a small town on the Nepal-Tibet border. Nylam was once called “Kuti” or the gate of hell because the old trail was so treacherous. We camp on the green pastures of the Nylam town and stay overnight.

Day 16: Bike towards the Zhangmu-Kodari Border, drive back to Kathmandu

We bike towards the Tibet-Nepal border of Zhangmu Kodari which takes about 3-4 hrs on the last day. We then drive back to Kathmandu as the tour ends.

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Lhasa To Kathmandu

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