Manang Mustang Tour Package

Towering rock cliffs, hidden walled cities, ancient monasteries, royal palaces, chortens and what not. Basically, the Manang Mustang tour package is a whole bunch of adventure and exploration of stunning places. It’s as exciting as it gets with far-flung beauty spots and dramatic countryside views.

Exquisite mud houses, lush-green terrains, and deep valleys make the trip quite enthralling for travellers. The package will give visitors a tour of the most amazing places in Manang Mustang, including Tatopani and Ghami.

During their stop at Muktinath, travellers will visit the sacred temple and even participate in the rituals. They’ll also get to witness the sublimity of Dhaulagiri from the foot of Thorong La Pass. It even allows them to explore sky caves in Chhusang, Tsampa Gompa and ruins of ancient fortresses.

The beautiful terrains and diverse landscapes make Manang Mustang look astonishing. The town also comes with many incredible spots to visit, including the Buddhist kingdom, Gyakar village, and Kali Gandaki riverbed.

Highlights of Manang Mustang Tour Package

  • Postcard view of glistening mountains including Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Nilgiri
  • Visit Muktinath Temple and participate in the rituals
  • Glimpses of colourful high cliffs, skylines, and dramatic landscapes
  • A short trip of ancient royal palaces with charming mud-houses and caves
  • Incredible sights of beautiful valleys, wild and dry hills with peaceful walled cities
  • Stunning plateaus, primordial Tibetan monasteries, and sky caves

Manang Mustang Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Jeep drive from Kathmandu to Beni to Tatopani

Maximum Altitude: 3,210 meters

Drive Distance: 113.9 km

Drive Duration: 3-4 hrs

On the first day of the Manang Mustang tour package, we’ll take a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Beni via Prithvi Highway. The excursion will last for 10 to 12 hours, during which we’ll navigate a rugged path. On the way to Beni, you’ll get to watch a splendid view of rolling hills, sweeping rivers, and terrace farms.

We’ll also find a lot of villages and hotels in Beni to rest and have lunch before continuing a journey to Tatopani. Depending on the pace, it’ll take us 2-3 hours more to arrive at Tatopani where the trip ends for the day. Overnight at local tea house

Day 02: Jeep drives Tatopani to Muktinath and back to Kagbeni

Maximum Altitude: 3,800 meters

Drive Distance: 16 hrs

Drive Duration: 483.3 km

Early in the morning, we’ll head to Muktinath on our jeep. We’ll be exploring Marpha and Kagbeni on the way to the holy temple. After arriving at Muktinath, we’ll take a tour of the sacred Hindu temple and even offer prayers. During the stop, we’ll steal glimpses of Dhaulagiri and Tukuche.

From there, we’ll drive back to Kagbeni, which has a fabulous view. We can catch a sight of the amazing Kali Gandaki gorge, ancient Buddhist monasteries, and old villages with mud houses during the trip. We’ll stay in a tea house at Kagbeni for the night.

Day 03: Jeep drive from Kagbeni to Ghami

Maximum Altitude: 3,475 meters

Drive Distance: 26.5 km

Drive Duration: 2-3 hrs

We’ll spend another beautiful morning at Manang Mustang by driving to Ghami from Kagbeni. Soon after having breakfast, we’ll be on a journey to the beautiful village of Ghami through the bank of Kali Gandaki River and proceed up to an elevation of 11,400 ft via Nya La Pass. Upon arriving at Ghami, we’ll get to see the stunning mud houses, high cliffs, rock walls, and Chortens. Overnight at a teahouse.

Day 04: Jeep drive Ghami to Lo Manthang

Maximum Altitude: 3,840 meters

Drive Distance: 16.1 km

Drive Duration: 3-4 hrs

On the next day, we’ll ride to Lo Manthang, which is relatively more exciting than other tours. During the expedition, there are plenty of things to discover that includes the mesmerizing view of Nilgiri, Tilicho, and Annapurna peak. The drive from Ghami to Lo Manthang is simply relaxing as it merely lasts 3-4 hrs, covering a distance of 16.1 km.

At Lo Manthang, you get to witness remote settlements, hidden cities, and Tibetan stupas. Visitors come to notice the famous Kali Gandaki River while heading to the village, which is kind of exciting. Tonight they’ll stay in a teahouse at Ghami.

Day 05: Explore Lo Manthang, Overnight at the local teahouse

Unlike usual, we’ll spend most of our time at Lo Manthang this day. Therefore, after having breakfast, we’ll go on a little sightseeing of the walled city and the ancient villages. Starting with the tour of the town, we’ll then visit the famous Jampa Gompa and Thubhchen Gompa. Visitors can also check out Chodey Gompa in the southeast, which has stone statues and idols.

The royal palace of Lo Manthang is a popular destination among tourists as it takes them back to the medieval period. The towering cliffs, old chortens, and secret caves also show the travellers visiting Lo Manthang. Once the exploration is done, we’ll get to our tea house and call it off a day.

Day 06: Drive back to Chhusang, Overnight at local teahouse

Maximum Altitude: 2,980 meters

Drive Distance: 32.4 km

Drive Duration: 2-3 hrs

Chhusang village is our next spot for the Manang Mustang Tour Package. The trip is as exciting as it can be with picturesque sceneries of steep-sided valleys, gushing rivers, and steep cliffs. Thus, after breakfast, we’ll head to Chhusang through Korala Pass, which takes about 2-3 hours.

 The trip provides a breathtaking view of the Narshing river and Kali Gandaki on the way. We can witness towering hills and mountains alongside arid lands, which looks amazing. By noon, we’ll arrive at Chhusang, crossing several bridges, gigantic cliffs, and cave dwellings.

Chhusang is a beautiful village nestled in Upper Mustang between Chele and Tangbe. It lies at an elevation of 2,980 meters above sea level. The village is beatific with breathtaking landscapes and cave dwellings that stuns visitors. Overnight in a local teahouse.

Day 07: Drive back to Kalopani

Maximum Altitude: 2,530 meters

Drive Distance: 36.6 km

Drive Duration: 10-11 hrs

After a full rest at Chhusang, we’ll drive to Kalopani via Marpha at the crack of dawn to finish the trip on time. We’ll leave the village right after having breakfast and then sail the rugged trail, which fortunately offers an impressive view.

With the drive lasting almost 11 hours, the day is more wearing as compared to the previous. But thanks to the spectacular scenery en route that keeps the travellers occupied and won’t let them get bored.

On the way to Lete, we can see gorgeous mountain ranges, green terrains and small settlements. After arriving at the village, you can take a glance at the charming villages, glistening mountains, and rolling hills. We’ll stay in a tea house at Kalopani tonight.

Day 08: Drive back to Pokhara, Overnight at hotel

Maximum Altitude: 822 meters

Drive Distance: 121.5 km

Drive Duration: 4-5 hrs

Waking up in the morning refreshed, we’ll have a delicious breakfast along with the majestic view. Shortly afterwards, we’ll be driving to the marvellous city of Pokhara, which has the most fabulous vista. It takes merely 4 hours or just a little more to arrive at Pokhara from Kalopani, so you won’t be exhausted.

Upon reaching the city, you can take a tour of some famous places at Pokhara. Most of the visitors often take a walk on the lakeside or take a boat ride to Tal Barahi temple. There are a bunch of activities to do for those who like adventures, including ziplining, bungee jumping, and mountain biking.

Day 09: Drive back to Kathmandu

Maximum Altitude: 1,400 meters

Drive Distance: 200.8 km

Drive Duration: 5-6 hours

As the tour comes down to an end, we’ll take a drive to Kathmandu from Pokhara. After having the scrumptious breakfast, we’ll leave for the city. The expedition will take us 5-6 hours through Prithvi Highway, which offers a delightful vista. After entering the valley, we’ll transfer you to a hotel where you can get some rest.

  • Transfer to hotel from airport and back
  • Private jeep ride to and fro Manang Mustang
  • Three meals a day during the trip to the region
  • Farewell dinner in a restaurant in Kathmandu with a cultural show
  • International airfare from Kathmandu
  • Porter for the day tour
  • Personal expenses, including phone calls and equipment
  • Private dinner including drinks and snacks
  • Travel and medical insurance

Best time for Manang Mustang Tour

A trip to Manang Mustang is always unlike anything else. It’s fun-filled with visitors getting to discover stunning places like Kagbeni and Lo Manthang. These places radiate all year long but mostly puts out the best sight in autumn and spring.

Spring is a great time to visit Manang Mustang, following crisp weather and crystal-clear views. As the icy winter fades away, the climate becomes warm and provides a delightful ambience. Travellers get an extra hour of daylight to explore the region and relish splendid sceneries.

The refreshing breeze blowing from the mountain makes the trek to Manang Mustang relaxing and more effortless during spring. The average temperature is around 16 to 22 Degree Celsius in the daytime, while the nights are slightly cold with temperature dropping as low as -6 Degree Celsius.

Just like spring, it’s easy to enjoy views during fall provided a mild atmosphere, colorful tree leaves, and yellowish hills. Visitors can see the colors of autumn through mud-brick walls and gompas which look spectacular during the season.

The weather is lovely during autumn, with trails covered in vivid coloured leaves. With monsoon washing the dust particles in the air, views get clearer in the season. The arrival of autumn makes the valleys look fabulous and turns the forest sprightly.

Winters in Manang Mustang are frigid with heavy snowfall and icy wind. Villages are blanketed in snow which looks spine-chilling but puts up a great view. Daytime temperature is usually around 0 to 5 Degree Celsius while at night, it drops to -20 Degree Celsius and sometimes even -25 Degree Celsius.

 The weather is icy during winter so you must carry a lot of warm clothes when travelling the region. It would help a lot if you stay informed about the weather forecast; otherwise, the trip might get cancelled.

Monsoon in Manang Mustang usually starts from mid-June and reaches its peak in July and August with storms and wild rainfall. The trail becomes muddy in the season, given which it’s tough to ride the vehicle.

The average temperature in Manang Mustang during Monsoon is 13 to 20 Degree Celsius. Meanwhile, the nights are slightly cold, with the temperature falling up to 0 to -3 Degree Celsius. High winds and storms often impede travellers’ journey during the monsoon, which is why you must be careful while visiting the places in the season.

Cost of Manang Mustang Tour Package

The expenses for the Manang Mustang tour package depends on the length of your vacation in the region and the facilities used. The longer you stay in the region, the more it’ll cost you. As for a solo traveller, the Manang Mustang tour package can cost anywhere from US$250 to US$300.

The package includes the cost of amenities like lodging, fooding, and vehicle service. The package doesn’t cover expenses for any personal items, including your dinner and hotel service in Kathmandu. In case you want more luxurious services, the cost of the tour package will likely become higher.

Besides, if you choose to travel alone or don’t like sharing the jeep, then the cost will rise, no doubt about it. You may also see a rise in the amount of Manang Mustang Tour packages if you decide to extend your stay in the region. Since the cost doesn’t include personal expenditures, you must save an extra amount for souvenirs and drinks.

Food and Accommodation during Manang Mustang Tour

Accommodation during the Manang Mustang Tour is super varied, but all of them equally standard. Visitors have an array of options to choose from, including well-maintained hotels and lodges. However, in the remote area, you’ll mostly find tea houses, which are usually less expensive than the other accommodations.

The facilities available in these tea houses are basic, with just a comfortable bed, a pillow and a blanket. The rooms are neat and well put together so that you can get a good sleep. Apart from dwelling, foods available in the tea houses are delicious as well. They are made of seasonal items and other local products, which are healthy and nutritious.

Usually, visitors are offered authentic Nepali food such as pulses, vegetables and rice. Over the years, hotels and lodges have started providing other dishes like Tibetan noodle soup, steamed dumplings, and flatbread with curry.

Preparations for Manang Mustang Tour

Manang Mustang Tour Package is probably one of the most comfortable expeditions, as it barely involves any trekking. The entire trip to the town will be made by jeep, so the excursion doesn’t need any special preparation. However, you must have to carry basic items like clothing, personal toiletries, and medicines.

The weather in Manang Mustang varies in different seasons. Hence, depending on which time of the year you’re travelling the region, prepare the backpack accordingly. Ensure that you have your water bottle while on a Manang Mustang tour as travellers quickly get dehydrated while touring the region.

Other than that, you can try some cardio exercise to stay fit so whenever navigating the rough terrains. You might also like to carry some extra cash and prescribed medicines for emergencies.

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