Muktinath Helicopter Tour

As a traveler’s paradise with majestic landscapes, sky-scraping mountains, deep valleys, and wildlife, Nepal is always fun exploring. It has so many exquisite places to visit that unfolds soul-stirring views, sweeping landscapes, deep valleys, and terrains.

But far from the lush foliage and pristine lakes, it’s Muktinath that has dazzled adventurers with its rustic charm and unique topography. Perched on Thorong La Pass’s foot at 12,468 ft. height, the temple is fascinating with ancient artifacts, old statues, and carved wooden architecture.

Muktinath is an absolute beauty with fabulous surroundings, lofty hills, and mountains. Many devotees, Hindus, and Buddhists from close or far visit the pilgrimage each year to offer their respect and prayers.

The holy temple blends the religious cult and nature and brings the most overwhelming sceneries to the visitors. However, to get the taste of it, you’ll have to trek from Jomsom to Muktinath, which takes almost a week. Its trail has you running over parched land and past the abandoned villages.

Therefore, many trekkers opt for Muktinath Helicopter Tour to cut short the time and escape the miles-long trail. The excursion gets a lot better when you don’t have to walk a single course and just gaze at the scenic view.

This explains why most people are keen on hiring a private chopper to arrive at the site, if not a commercial flight. There’s no better way to get the terrific view of Muktinath than to take a private aircraft.

The helicopter tour of Muktinath rises above the challenges, providing a safe and scenic trip of Muktinath. It offers an unforgettable experience to the visitor by providing an incredible view of snowy peaks, breathtaking backdrops, and monasteries.

Muktinath Helicopter Tour is a choice for those who don’t want to hike the trail up to the temple. But, since it ditches all the hectic walks and climbs through the arid lands and rock cliffs to reach the temple, a lot of people are now interested in having the ride.

What’s the beauty of the Muktinath Helicopter Tour?

The helicopter tour of Muktinath is arguably the finest and most beautiful that one can have during their visit to Nepal. It’s restful with no grueling treks and putting up with the harsh weather of Mustang.

The trip to Muktinath via private aircraft kicks off with an hour flight to the hillock. It has you flying over the small hamlets, walled cities, ancient royal palaces, and the Kali Gandaki River. Upon arriving at the sacred sites, you’ll get nearly two hours to explore the nearby villages, take a trip to the temple, and watch the magnificent views.

During this time, you can also peek at the astonishing Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Tukuche Park. Visitors can simply glance at the splendid Thorong La Pass and picturesque valleys from the ridge. Shortly after finishing the sightseeing, we’ll fly back to Kathmandu, which takes another hour or so to arrive at the town.

Highlights of Muktinath Helicopter Tour

  • Wild and scenic view of diverse landscapes, towering cliffs, and mountains
  • Explore the diverse culture and heritage of the Mustang district
  • A quick tour of Muktinath temple and engaging in prayers
  • Catching a glimpse of the scintillating mountains, including Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna
  • Taking a bath in the 108 water taps of the temple
  • Imposing Muktinath villages and deep valleys of Jomsom
  • We will pick you up from your hotel and you will be taken to the airport where a helicopter with experienced pilot will be ready for the take off. You will fly from Kathmandu to Muktinath.
  • Helicopter will stop at helipad near by Temple , you will visit Muktinath temple and enjoy with other beautiful scenery of desert view of Mustang district.
  • After spending some time at Muktinath, you will fly back to Kathmandu.
  • You will enjoy with Views of Holy Gandaki rivers, Jomsom, Kagbeni  & Beautiful views of Muktinath Village and Valley.
  • Views of Panoramic Towering snow-capped Mountains Like Annapurna, Tukuche Park, Dhaulagiri, Fishtail, Nilgiri and many more fabulous mountain views.
  • Holy bath under 108 chilled water spring and 2 holy Kunda at Muktinath Temple.
  • Worship Vishnu God.
  • Total tour will be about 3 hours.

Muktinath Helicopter Tour FAQs

1. Is travel insurance mandatory for Muktinath Helicopter Tour?

Travel insurance isn’t a must for trekkers visiting Muktinath via helicopter. However, we usually recommend our clients to purchase one and prevent the loss caused by unforeseen events. Travel insurance usually covers medical emergencies, flight cancelations, delays, and medical evacuation. It also helps travelers escape the potential risk that might leave them stranded on the trail.

2. How long does it take to reach Muktinath via helicopter?

The flight to Muktinath from Kathmandu takes just 1 hour, offering picturesque views. The entire trip lasts about 3 hours, during which you’ll explore the nearby villages along with a visit to the pilgrimage.

Visitors boarding the flight from Pokhara will be traveling less than 20 minutes to get to the temple. Throughout the whole journey, they’ll be feasting their eyes on the terrific view, striking mountains, and soaring hills, and rock cliffs.

3. How many passengers can travel in a flight at a time?

The private helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Muktinath can assist up to 5 passengers at a time. It doesn’t matter if the number of travelers on board is less than the maximum, but it shouldn’t exceed the limit. You can either wander in a group or family if not intrigued in taking a solo heli ride.

It will not just give you a company but also help reduce the cost of hiring a chopper.

However, if you decide to travel alone, then the entire amount must be paid by yourself. It’s worthwhile, though, as passengers have a whole aircraft for themself.

4. Are the pilots experienced?

The pilots flying the aircraft to Muktinath are professionals with experience of decades and more. They are well aware of handling situations in an unpredictable environment. Most of these pilots are used to flying aircraft in the Himalayas, and they know the conditions pretty well, preventing the threat. They will also take care of your safety, ensuring that you have no trouble on the flight.

5. Is there a medical emergency facility available in the helicopter?

Of course, medical facilities are available for travelers who have a severe health condition or are in desperate need of treatment. The flight will also accommodate trekkers suffering from altitude sickness and shortness of breath. They’ll be provided supplemental oxygen and other medical care until the flight arrives at the city.

6. Can children take the helicopter ride to Muktinath?

Children can definitely take a helicopter ride to Muktinath but under the close eye of parents or elders. They have to make sure that the kids are comfortable on the flight and don’t feel anxious or bothered while traveling. But, if they don’t feel well or have a tough time traveling, we’ll put off the trip right then and wait until they ease off.

7. Do I have to take health precautions during the trek?

Although Muktinath lies only at an elevation of 3,800 meters, acute mountain sickness possibilities remain high due to direct flight. Travelers may feel dizziness and headaches after arriving at the spot due to air pressure. Therefore, we suggest all our passengers take the necessary medical precautions before traveling to the temple.

8. What is the ground landing time?

The ground landing time during Muktinath Helicopter Tour is 2 hours. Meanwhile, at the time allowed, you can go on a little sightseeing of the temple and take an insight into the culture. While in Muktinath valley, you can explore the beautiful settlement, soaring hills, and gompas in the region. As long as it’s feasible, one can stop by the village and interact with locals.

9. What clothes should I bring on the tour?

The clothes required on a trip to Muktinath depend on when you’re traveling the region. As the weather in Muktinath is usually cold with frequent wind storms, trekkers must bring something warm to protect themself from cold. However, during summer, it’s blazing hot in Muktinath; therefore, you must bring light and comfortable outfits on the trip.

  • Pick up from hotel and drive to airport
  • Fly from Kathmandu to Muktinath  by thrilling helicopter
  • professional pilots
  • we will land near Muktinath temple.
  • Visit the temple and spend some time there.
  • sightseeing as per itinerary
  • passengers insurance from helicopter
  • Return back to Kathmandu from Muktinath
  • Drive back to hotel from the airport
  • Personal and Medical Insurance
  • Any food and drinks during trip
  • Personal expenses
  • Clients Insurance
  • Expenses of Medical evacuation

Best time for Muktinath Helicopter Tour

Pilgrimage Trip In Nepal Muktinath

As the most stunning landmark in Nepal, Muktinath is always worth visiting. But, it gets a lot better during autumn when the weather is clear with no traces of rainfalls and whirlwinds on the day. The light atmosphere with fresh wind makes the walk over the hills comfortable and plain sailing.

All its month stands hours of daylight with a plain view of snow peaks and shimmering glaciers, noticed from the far end. It’s neither hot nor cold in autumn, making the perfect time to peek at fall colors from the aircraft.

The temperature in Muktinath during the season ranges from 19 to 30 Degree Celsius. Hence you can get rid of your warm clothes and stay light and refreshing throughout the trip.

As autumn tends to overlap with winter by the end of November, it gets slightly cold at the ridge in the morning and evening.

Spring is another beautiful time to be at Muktinath, thanks to the warm weather and insanely cool sceneries. Flights are barely canceled during the month due to the lovely climate, so you can easily visit the temple.

The average temperature during spring in Muktinath is about 25 Degree Celsius, following which you can catch the aerial view of mesmerizing hills, gorges, and mud walls. In the wake of the spring season, flowers start to bloom while birds migrate to the forest, providing a visual display.

Travelers often overlook monsoon and Winter to visit Muktinath due to their bad weather. Extreme winds and downpours often cause flight cancellations, which puts the trip to Muktinath on hold. The misty weather obstructs the sight, following which travelers cannot catch a glimpse of snow-capped mountains.

Cost of Muktinath Helicopter Tour

The cost of the Muktinath Helicopter Tour depends typically on the standard service you demanded. The better the amenities, the costlier the tour. Unlike regular flights, charting private choppers costs higher, but it also avoids delays.

The average cost of the Muktinath Helicopter Tour ranges from US$1,350 to US$1,500 based on the service and travel time. During the prime trekking season, the cost to hire a heli can be a bit pricey than usual. Accommodations, including food and water, are quite expensive during the time.

A private helicopter can accommodate up to 5 persons at a time during a trip to Muktinath. The package allows the passengers to minimize their costs by splitting the amount in-between. But, it’s to be remembered that the number shouldn’t exceed the limit.

Those who prefer to ride solo for the heli tour of Muktinath will have to incur full costs. Although this will see a gradual rise in travelers’ expenses, the trip is worth it as they will be directed throughout the journey.

Things to be considered during Muktinath Helicopter Tour

Even though Muktinath is a moderate trek destination with available helicopter service, there are certain things visitors should mind while traveling the temple. Some of which are as follows.

1. Altitude sickness

It’s one of the significant challenges for trekkers taking a helicopter flight to Muktinath. Visitors having a direct flight to the temple keeps struggling to cope with the weather and lack of oxygen.

It happens due to immediate exposure to high altitude without letting the body adapt to the temperature. Acute mountain sickness leaves the visitor with shortness of breath, tiredness, and headache.

The best way to impede altitude sickness is to take enough rest before traveling to high elevations and eating light. You can also avoid it by taking medications or adapting to the temperature of the region.

2. Weather

Another difficulty for the Muktinath Helicopter Tour visitor is the unpredictable weather of Muktinath that often forces the helicopter to cancel the flight. The continuous high winds, lower air density, and storms prevent the flights and cause them to revoke.

Winter is normally the worst time to visit Muktinath as the climate and temperature are harsh during the season. Heavy snowfall and fogs don’t let the aircraft fly smoothly or have high visibility. Therefore, if possible, take the Muktinath helicopter tour during spring or autumn when the weather is nice and pleasant.

3. Backpack weight

Trekkers will have to be very careful about the backpack size while on a Muktinath Helicopter tour. With the flight accommodating only five travelers at a time, you’ll be able to carry between 80 to 90 kg weight on the chopper.

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Why take Muktinath Helicopter Tour?

Walking the trail to Muktinath is extremely tedious and challenging, with continuous ups and downs. Most of its tracks are filthy and gruesome, with rocks and boulders that have to be carefully traveled.

Besides, trekkers will have to put up with the unpredictable weather that often creates obstacles. It’s the reason why most travelers favor the Muktinath helicopter tour as it eliminates the difficulties and makes the trip more comfortable.

Muktinath Helicopter Tour comes as a lifesaver for those who’re in a rush. People who want to avoid the long trials of Muktinath also choose to rent a helicopter for the trip. The trip is the easiest and most convenient way to get to the destination without hustling. Here are a few reasons why one must take a Muktinath Helicopter Tour.

1. Exclusive sightseeing

Although Nepal has plenty of trek destinations worth visiting, it’s the Muktinath temple that most captures travelers’ attention. It’s a must-see attraction with colorful villages, primordial monasteries, royal palaces, and white-washed walls.

Those flying on a private charter from Kathmandu to Muktinath will get a real treat of the captivating views. Throughout the trip, they’ll get to witness the magnificent hilltops, charismatic towns, gushing rivers, and snow peaks.

After arriving at the crest, you’ll get to view the temple and gorgeous surroundings. The staggeringly beautiful Muktinath also provides a glimpse of quaint villages, vibrant valleys, lofty hills, and glaciers.

2. Quick access to the Destination

Taking a helicopter is the easiest and fastest way to reach Muktinath as it skips the endless courses. Flights take merely 1 hour from Kathmandu to arrive at the temple, which otherwise would have taken at least a week. It avoids all the long trails winding from Jomsom and takes an easy route to the pilgrimage.

The private flight for Muktinath is readily available anytime and every time, helping visitors to reach the pilgrimage on time. They can hire the chopper online or get someone to book the flight as convenient.

3. Maximum comfort and style

When it comes to visiting Muktinath, nothing is more relaxing and comfortable than taking a heli ride. The trip is way more tranquilizing than the regular flights with spacious cabins and comfy seats. They are swanky and come with excellent value for money.

Flying in a private heli means you’ll be in charge of your time and schedule. There’s no need for you to line up before taking the flight, making the Muktinath helicopter tour even more desirable.

4. Outstanding service guaranteed

Private helicopters feature excellent service and amenities for the customer to have a safe and comfortable ride. From food to drinks and other travel necessities are provided to the passengers on the flight.

The private charter staff are highly trained and customized to serve the passengers well throughout the trip. They cater to flight attendees along the journey and ensure that they have a delightful excursion. Topping off the amenities is the hygienic and fresh shack of aircraft.

5. No waste of time

The helicopter tour to Muktinath abstains from the endless trail, walking valleys, and gorge to arrive at the holy temple. It gets the traveler to the abode of Lord Vishnu in about a few minutes without stopping anywhere. You also won’t have to wait for your turn to catch the flight to get to the destination before time.

6. Privacy and security

A private helicopter tour offers inimitable privacy to the passengers traveling Muktinath. They ensure the safety of the travelers as well as their personal belongings and backpack. It also provides better protection to the properties of travelers without getting them lost or theft. With just a few people on the aircraft, you won’t be troubled or get annoyed by your fellow passengers, having a relaxing trip.

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