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Tsum Valley trek & Climb of Virgin Peaks - 15 Days

Tsum Valley trek & Climb of Virgin Peaks
Tsum Valley trek & Climb of Virgin Peaks

Tsum Valley trek & Climb of Virgin Peaks

Tsum Valley trek & Climb of Virgin Peaks: The Great Adventure Treks & Expeditions offers an adventurous and wonderful  trekking leading towards the most remote corners of Mid West Himalaya to Tsum Valley, where people and religion with age old culture dates back thousand of years with its Tibetan style of living, certainly makes you feel that you have entered a different world back in medieval period, this journey is an explorations very few westerners have visited this isolated region, so this trip to an unknown virgin region of far flung areas of Nepal Himalaya close to the border of Tibet, Tsum Valley journey begins and through the famed ancient Gorkha district in the mid-west of Nepal. The trek follows upstream of the Buri-Gandaki river for few days walking from the sub-tropical forest to the dry Tibetan zone, offering outstanding views of Mt.Manaslu, Ganesh Himal and other high peaks along with the panorama of the surrounding magnificent peaks that straddle the border with Tibet.

This magnificent hidden valley of Tsum located in between the massif peaks of Bauddha-Himal Chuli and Ganesh Himal in the close vicinity of world’s eight highest peaks Mt. Manaslu. It is truly out of this world area and it is also known as “The Valley of Himalayan Pilgrimage”, Tsum Valley is situated in northern Gorkha district of Nepal.

The word “Tsum” derives from the Tibetan language “Tsombo” which means vibrant and stunning, the path leads up towards valley of the River Budi Gandaki and passes through the wild and unexplored country inhabited mainly by the people of the Gurung ethnic groups. On the walk a good cup of the local cultivated natural coffee and Tatopani hot springs will truly relax you on this exhaustive trial. The upper Tsum valley which is a part of the central Inner Himalaya opens up from a place called Chhokangparo, where the hospitable locals of Tibetan group “Tsombo” welcomes you with traditional Tibetan buttered, salted tea and local foods. The Valley of Tsum is exceptionally rich in cultural assets. The valley is dotted with gompas (Buddhist monasteries), chortens and Mani walls. The longest Mani walls which are over 250m at Dzong and Phurpe. After the thrill and memorable stay in Tsum Valley return to Kathmandu via the same route to give you more of this great adventure with The Great Adventure Treks & Expeditions.

Trip Highlights: “A remarkable journey, in between Ganesh Himal and Manaslu mountain serene forest, on the off-beaten trail, ancient traditional villages and Tibetan Buddhist culture, warm friendly hospitality of the local natives  with exceptionally views of the great surrounding landscapes and high mountain range.”

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel.

Day 02: Half day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu.

Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Arughat 535m. 6 - 7 hrs/

Day 04: Drive to Soti-Khola and trek to Machha - Khola 930m. 4 - 5 hrs.

Day 05: Trek to Jagat 1,350m. 5 - 6 Hrs

Day 06: Trek to Lokpa 2,240 m. 5 - 6 hrs.

Day 07: Trek to Chumling 2,363m. 5 - 6 hrs.

Day 08: Trek to Chokhangparo 3,010m. 5 - 6 Hrs

Day 09: Trek to Nile 3,361m. 4 - 5 hrs.

Day 10: Trek to Dumje 2,440m. 5 - 6 hrs.

Day 11: Trek to Eklebhati

Day 12: Trek to Tatopani.

Day 13: Trek to Lapu Besi.

Day 14: Trek to Soti-Khola & drive to Arughat and continue to Kathmandu.

Day 15: Transfer to Airport for the International departure.

If you want to extend your trip, please feel free to choose from our DAY TOURS, NEPAL TOURS or Jungle Safaris. here are some trip extensions that might interest you.

Extended Trips

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel. 

On arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport meet our staff with GA complimentary transport transfer to relevant Hotels, our guide will give you a briefing of the Hotel, Kathmandu, Trekking, and related information that you might require while in Nepal with The Great Adventure Treks & Expeditions.

Day 02: Half day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu

Early morning, after breakfast, you will be taken for a cultural tour of Kathmandu city. Some of the main highlights will be Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Kathmandu Durbar Square,  Patan Durbar.

Day 03: Drive to Arughat 750m. 6 hours 6 - 7 hours drive.

Morning drive to Gorkha on the Kathmandu - Pokhara Highway, an interesting drive through the foothills and mid-Himalaya, an interesting drive passes many rural villages and town, with a view of peaks of Langtang, Ganesh Himal, and as far as Annapurna. Route diverts from Pokhara highway from the village of Abu Kahireni, from here the road climbs all the way to our destination via Gorkha. The Drive leads to numerous farm villages and paddy fields with an occasional view of the snowy peaks of Manaslu and Himalchuli. After 6-7 hours of good driving journey reaches the warmer sub-tropical area, coming to Arughat village, near the River Burhi-Gandaki linked by a   suspension bridge, this is the largest settlement in the valley and it is also a junction to various important places. The path from here across the River leads to Dhading & Trisuli Bazaar, the other west trail leads towards Pokhara, a route from here leads north, overnight camp near the village.

Day 04:  Drive to Soti - Khola 860m. and trek to Machha - Khola 890m. 4 - 5 hours.

From here follow the Buri-Gandaki River upstream, the trail after Arughat are narrow through rural farm villages and terraced fields with several streams to cross, path follows the right bank of Burhi Gandaki, passing through cultivated land, with scattered farmhouses and hamlets reaching the village of Mordar, Simre and then to Arket. After climbing briefly to Kyoropani, then descending once again to the river at the confluence with the tributary Soti Khola.

From Soti-khola, the path from here at times cuts into the steep valley, which is densely forested, passing through a number of small villages tucked into the hillside, till it reach a widening of the valley, opposite the point where a large tributary stream enters the Burhi Gandaki river. From here path descends to the wide, sandy riverbed which follows a trail meandering below the steep, craggy valley side, at length leading to a climb up once again on a trail to Machha Khola for the overnight stop outside the village, which has a number of teashops.

Day 05: Trek to Jagat 1,350m. 6 - 7 hours walk.

The trail from here leads to more interesting farm villages and fields as the vegetation changes slowly, beginning our morning walk crossing the stream that gives its name Machha Khola (Fish stream) and heading upstream to the tiny village of Kholabensi and the hot springs at Tatopani. From here the valley sides becomes steeper, until the path becomes impassable the route then switches to the left bank of the river by way of suspension bridge, after a short section of forest path coming to some teahouses at Doban. Above Dobhan the Burigandaki River flows down in an impressive torrent rapids. Beyond this steep section, the river becomes calmer, meandering across a broad gravel bed. On reaching Lauri we cross the River on a suspension bridge from here leading to a climb on a high path, then descending into open valley at place known as Yara Khola. Here, there many good camping spots depending upon the hours of walk and the condition of the trail. Journey continues on (if not camping here) for another hour to the village of Jagat. Jagat is quite a big village after Arughat; the people around here are of mixed race Magar, Chettris, Brahman, Bhotias (Tibetan looking tribes) and some few Newars merchant and shopkeepers, the only last big village where most of the merchandize is available from soaps, candy to flashlights batteries etc. Camp is made near village of Jagat after a good walk of 6-7 hours.

Day 06: Trek to Lokpa 2,240m. 6 - 7 hours.

The trail from Jagat descends to a long series of stone steps to the river, from here the path climbs a terraced hillside to Saguleri, overlooking distance view of Sringi Himal 7,187m from this spot, the walk follows ups and down trail as we reach the bridge over Buri-Gandaki, after crossing the bridge from Ghata-Khola, the path winds up towards Philim village. From here the trails climbs slowly along the hillside passing through small settlements of Aga, Lokwa. After Lokwa it's a downhill to a small place Nyak or at Eklaibhati near Shiar Khola with great views looking over the valley towards Pangsing.
From here another hour or more reaches to Lokpa village, the trail diverts from Eklaibhhati as the north-west trail leads to Manaslu region, whereas the journey to Tsum Valley leads northeast from the bridge that splits the trail our route heading east on the quiet less frequented path to Lokpa, Lokpa a small and the first and the last village entrance and exit of the Tsum Valley region.

Day 07: Trek to Chumling 2,386m. 5 - 6 hrs.

The trekking enters a new area with a touch of Tibetan influence splitting from the main route, the trail becomes rougher, the villages are cleaner, the houses and culture are more Tibetan, and people are still honest and genuine. Young girls are shy to have their photo taken but then become fascinated with seeing them displayed on the screen. Old women have yet to understand that you can’t take the picture from the camera immediately and give it to them. Men wear fur-lined hats brought over from Tibet and ride horses that jingle with strings of bells. Yak caravans loaded with rice, salt, and tea command the trail as they pass. People greet you with easy warm smiles after a great interesting walk reaching at Chumling after crossing a small bridge overnight camp near the village of Chumling.

Day 08: Trek to Chhokhang - Paro 3,010m. 5 - 6 Hrs

The walk to Chhokang Paro leads to a short descent towards Tanju and Kowo 2,630m a small scattered settlements then reaching near Dumje where the route to Ganesh Himal area separates, while our walk leads further north, the other path leading further east, the trekking finally reaches our overnight camp at Chhokhang-Paro as the elevation gains slowly on this spectacular valley overlooking Kipu and Churke Himal range and Ganesh Himal I 7,422 m known as Yangra in Tibetan and native of Tsum valley. Chhokhang-Paro a large and major village of this region which houses a small hydropower from the nearby streams

Day 09: Trek to Nile 3,361m. 4 - 5 hrs.

After a wonderful time at Chhokhang-Paro journey leads further north towards the last village the Upper Tsum Valley, where there are two trails to reach Nile, our adventure leads to Rachen Gompa at 3,240 m after 2-3 hrs of good walk on the other side of the streams Rachen Gompa, walking for half an hour across from Chhule to reach Nile on the western, sun-side of the ShiarKhola.
Rachen Gompa, a nunnery. The nunnery is situated in the shiar Khola Valley in the foothills of the mountains bordering Nepal and Tibet. Rachen Gompa is one of the largest nunneries in Tsum Valley. The nunnery houses one thousand clay, molded statues of Avalokiteshwara, a brightly colored, craved throne and pillar and a large prayer wheel. The interior of this Gompa is richly painted with murals about Buddhism and its history. On route Nile visit Piren Phu Cave. This cave is also known as the Pigeon Cave and is one of the most sacred caves in Tsum valley. It is located at the foot of a rugged cliff near the village of Burji. The famous Tibetan saint, Milarepa, was believed to have meditated here. There are two separate Gompas attached to the rocky cave. Important Buddhist paper scripts, richly painted Buddhist murals, artistic scripts carved on stones, long prayer flags makes the cave one of the most important and beautiful socio-cultural assets in the valley. Nile houses a small hydropower run by fast running stream nearby.

Day 10: Trek to Dumje 2,440m. 5 - 6 hrs.

After a memorable time in the absolute wilderness and on this ancient culture and traditions, leaving Nile precede the journey towards Dumje, a small village with about eight hours of good scenic walks.

Day 11: Trek to Eklebhatti 1,600m. 6 - 7 hrs.

From Dumje, trek towards Lokpa and cross Ripchet. On the way to where the Manaslu trekking joins on route view one of wonderful cascading waterfalls in the lower Tsum Valley, Samba Tinding Chhupyang.

Day 12: Trek to Tatopani 990m.  5 - 6 hrs.

The journey continues on the same trail back to Arughat reaching one of the largest Gurung tribe villages at Philim with fields of corn and millet.From Philim, continue trek to Tatopani, at Tatopani, there is a hot spring where one can relieve tired muscles by soaking in this hot and warm sulphur steamed water near the overnight campsite.

Day 13: Trek to Lapubeshi 880m. 5 - 6 hrs.

From Tatopani, walking towards the warm sub tropical area, passing through terraced fields, waterfalls then reaching to the Gurung village named Lapubeshi.

Day 14: Trek and drive back to Kathmandu via Arughat Bazar.

Today trek to the last leg of this wonderful mesmerizing journey to Arughat Bazar, reaching Machhakhola board on the vehicle for the few hours drive back to Arughat and continue this adventurous Himalayan journey with the sound of the raging river, from here the scenic driving journey follows the winding trail descending through the patch of rainforest, farm terraces and villages, journey continues on. The drive offers a spectacular view of the waterfall on the other side of the cliff wall, and the trail winds on the gradual path with few short up and downs till Gorkha town has reached the drive on the main road from here for another 5 hrs drive back to Kathmandu.

Day 15: Transfer to Airport for international departure.

Today as per your international flight time, Great Adventure Trek & Expeditions staff will take you to the airport for your final departure from this panoramic Himalayan country, Nepal.

  • Free pick up and drop by car/van/ from/to international airport
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu in a 3-star hotel.
  • Half day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu.
  • All meals during the trekking (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).
  • Lodge/ local tea house accommodation during the trekking.
  • One highly educated, experienced, first aid trained, fluent English speaking, friendly and government authorized trekking
  • guide and required porters (one porter for two clients).
  • Guide/ Porter's food, accommodation, salary, insurance, transportation and equipment.
  • Manaslu conservation area project ( MCAP)
  • Trekking information management system(TIMS) card.
  • Restricted special permit for Manaslu upper part($75/90) and Tsum Valley ($10 per week per person)
  • Trekking equipments as sleeping bag, down jacket etc.
  • First aid medical box.
  • Restricted Area Permit {Special Permit for Manaslu Area ( MCAP) }
  • Farewell dinner with Nepali Culture Show.

  • All meals in Kathmandu except farewell dinner and breakfast.
  • Hard and soft table drinks such as coke, Fanta, mineral water, beer.
  • Personal Travel insurance.
  • Rescue operation.
  • International airfare and tax (approximately $ 24).
  • Nepal tourist visa fee ( $ 25 for 15 days and $ 45 for 30 days multiple entry visas).
  • Tips for guide and porter.

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