7 Days Nepal Tour

7 Days Nepal Tour

Think of an adventure trip in Nepal and the first thing that comes to mind is mountains treks. The gleaming snow peaks of the Himalayas surely have more visitors to allure than any other wonder. But it doesn’t mean that the country has nothing more to it than the mountains and old trails.

No one can take away the fact that Nepal is a wondrous land full of life. There are visually delightful cities, world heritage sites and arcades to Nepal that visitors often miss. Many spectacular places in the towns are discovered on foot and still look marvellous.

Scopes for contemporary travelers are lots in Nepal. They can enjoy eating in the city’s posh restaurants, celebrate unique culture and travel places, never been before.

A prime destination for Nepal, Kathmandu City has the most fashionable sites to offer. Visitors can travel anywhere from religious shrines to art galleries and neoclassical gardens. Durbar squares in Patan holds a fine collection of art and sculpture from the Malla regime for travelers to watch.

Those who want to avoid crowds and city hustle can travel to nearby villages. Nagarkot is one of the finest destinations for short trips. It’s only 32 km away from Kathmandu and is an ideal spot to delve into the village lifestyle.

Many rooftop restaurants in Nagarkot offer pristine views of snow peaks like Langtang and Annapurna. Fortunately, people can also relish the beautiful sunsets and sunrise from Nagarkot.

Pokhara is another famous tourist spot in Nepal with so many adventures to do. In just minutes apart, a thrill seeker can glide in the sky and also enjoy boat riding in Phewa Lake. The city boasts some of Nepal’s finest tourist sites including Davis falls, Mahendra cave and Begnas Lake.

Highlights of 7 days Nepal Tour

  • Historical finery with old museums and palaces
  • Sightseeing Kathmandu City and local villages inhabited by Newari people
  • Embrace ancient monuments and artefacts preserved in durbar squares
  • Intriguing temples and monasteries that exhibits early architecture
  • Tranquil lakes and mountains to watch during Pokhara city tour
  • Sweeping views of snow-capped mountains like Annapuna massif and Machhapuchhre
  • Picturesque villages inhabited by locale of different ethnic groups
  • Explore national parks and wildlife reserves to watch endangered birds and animals

7 Days Nepal Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu

As scheduled, we’ll be receiving you at the airport on the first day of the Nepal tour. One of our representatives will arrive at the airport nearly half an hour before the flight lands. To make you feel homely, he will formally interact with you.

Afterward, you’ll be driven to your hotel in Thamel. The flight must have been exhausting so we’ll let you relax for some time. Later freshen up and have your lunch to regain the energy for a small city tour.

Strolling on the streets of Thamel is quite exhilarating with little shops and lighted houses. There are so many things to do here from dining at local foodhouse to watching music shows and cultural events. After the tour is over, we’ll immediately return to the hotel.

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Day 02: Kathmandu City Tour

After a reposeful night, I’m sure you must be excited for your first city tour of Kathmandu. The streets and hallways of the city are best explored on foot but we’ll avoid it today. Instead, we’ll take a drive to a few world heritage sites starting with Pashupatinath Temple.

Hindus religious pilgrimage Pashupatinath is a 5th century temple built in Pagoda style. The temple is often crowded with devotees from across the country. Next, we’ll drive to incredible Boudhanath Stupa to sightsee the prospering Buddhist enclave.

The stupa is a pure masterwork washed by off-white and yellow color and embellished with prayer flags. Visitors in the monastery can expect a continuous chant from Buddhist monks and prayer wheels all around.

After passing through the local shops filled with paintings and singing bowls, we’ll set off for Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Only 13 km away from the capital, Bhaktapur Durbar Square holds rich history and ancient culture.

It’s jam-packed with exquisite places including Nyatapola Temple, Lion’s Gate, and 55 window palace. Most tourist sites in Bhaktapur have old temples and palaces which look incredible. They are delicately carved and adorned with statues. With this, we’ll call it for a day and head back to the hotel where you can have your dinner.

Day 03: Flight to Pokhara, drive to Astam

On the third day of our 7 days Nepal Tour, we’ll leave for Pokhara. Have your breakfast at the hotel so we can take a flight to Pokhara from Tribhuvan International Airport. The flight will merely last 30 minutes and still be the most memorable one.

There’s an unspoiled view to watch from the flight featuring diverse landscapes, gushing waterfalls and terrains. Sitting quietly amidst the snow peaks and tranquil lakes, Pokhara has an incredible view to offer.

But we won’t stay here for very long and steer our way to Astam as soon as possible. It takes about two hours of trek to reach the village that sits atop the valley. The trail winding from Hemja is quiet and mostly covers a deciduous forest filled with acacia and Rhododendron.

On a clear day, Astam offers a pristine view of Annapurna massif along with Machhapuchhre and Dhaulagiri. Most villages in Astam are typical Nepalese style built with thatched roofs and high eaves.

Locals in Astam are genial and always welcoming to guests. They are communal and provide delicious home-cooked meals and a comfy bed to sleep at night.

Day 04: Drive from Astam to Pokhara

After spending a wonderful time at Astam, it’s time to leave the village and retrace our steps back to Pokhara. Walking the trails through the forest and small streams is exciting as we make the way to Hemja,

Starting from Hemja, we’ll take a short drive via a meandering highway which has a scenic view of offer. Throughout the drive, you can watch the enticing landscapes and forest sheathed with pine and elephant grass.

Since the drive didn’t even last an hour, we’re still left with the energy to travel to the city of Pokhara. Just minutes away from the hotel, we’ll spend the time wandering through the lakeside of Pokhara.

We’ll take a quick tour of Phewa Lake and even visit Tal Barahi, a famous temple of hindu goddess Durga. During the trip you’ll enjoy the boat ride on this magnificent freshwater lake.

Day 05: Flight to Chitwan

After a fruitful day at Pokhara, today we’ll fly to Chitwan, home to national parks and reserves. From the flight, it’ll take us only 10 minutes to reach Bharatpur. Hence, we’ll have a lot of spare time to explore Chitwan and nearby villages.

Chitwan’s commercial center, Bharatpur, rests on the southern bank of Narayani River.

It’s a cultural landmark with forts so we have ample places to visit here. Devghat and Bageshwari Temple remain the main attraction of Bharatpur.

But we’ll rather go walking through the local villages to explore the local culture and lifestyle. We’ll have our lunch at the hotel and then set off for sightseeing. Small shops are run by locals in villages to make a living out of it.

If only you like, you can buy a souvenir from one of these shops. Tharu community often exhibits their traditions and culture through shows which you can enjoy during the trip. For the night, we’ll return back to the hotel and prepare for the next day trip.

Day 06: Day out in Chitwan enjoying Jungle Safari

No alternative can be better than Chitwan National Park to end the 7 days Nepal Tour. And that’s what we plan to do today, take a half-day Jungle Safari trip. As our hotel is relatively close to Chitwan National Park, it’ll only take us 15 minutes of drive to reach here.

Spread in an area of 932 sq. km, Chitwan National Park takes quite a lot of time to explore than most people anticipate. Nonetheless, we’ll keep the outing short and take a quick tour of approximately 5 hours.

The jungle safari is ideally relaxing and the best way to catch a glimpse of Bengal Tiger. More rare animals can be found deep inside the park including spotted leopard and Gharial crocodile.

Visitors to Chitwan National Park also get to watch more than 650 species of birds and hordes of elephants. Many travellers also enjoy the idea of bathing elephants in Chitwan Sauraha.

After the jungle Safari, we’ll visit Bishazari Tal, a wetland in the buffer zone of Chitwan National Park. It’s habitat to wild animals like white rumped vulture and otter so more sightseeing. Following that, we’ll return to our hotel where you can freshen up and have your dinner. Sleep well since we’ve a flight to catch tomorrow.

Day 07: Flight to Kathmandu

It’s the last day of our 7 days Nepal Tour as we’re finally ready to bid goodbye to the beautiful Chitwan. We’ll start the day by having breakfast in our hotel at Chitwan and then drive to Bharatpur airport.

The flight will last for 15 minutes during which you’ll have spectacular landscapes to sight. Make sure to have a look at Chitwans’ vibrant valleys and tranquil lakes as they are impossible to ignore.

As soon as the flight takes down Tribhuvan International Airport, we’ll drop you to your hotel. From there it’s up to you whether you want to give a tour to the city or stay at the hotel and take rest.

Cost of 7 days Nepal Tour

Exploring the culture of Astam and insight into the buzzing nightlife in Chitwan will now cost trekkers only US$1000. The price is for a standard package and can vary depending on the service whether luxe or lavish.

Travellers can see a substantial hike in the price if they urge to have luxurious accommodation throughout the trip. The price for the tour will also rise if the trekkers extend the duration of their holiday.

With the 7 days Nepal Tour, you’ll explore the magnificent Pokhara city and the lakeside there. So, staying longer in the city means more cost for dwelling and food. Some of the costs covered by the tour package are as follows.

Cost Included

  • Pick up and drop from Tribhuvan International Airport
  • Internal flight to and fro Pokhara and Bharatpur
  • Accommodation service with three-time meal
  • Entry fee of religious and historical sites
  • Government tax and service fee charge
  • Transportation service within the country
  • Fee of professional tour guide

Cost Excluded

  • Fare of International flight
  • Personal expenses including telecommunication bills and dry cleaner’s service
  • Extra tips for guide and driver
  • Cost of food and hotels during stay in Kathmandu
  • Visa fee for Nepal

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1. When is the best time to visit Nepal?

The 7 days Nepal tour is much more than just a day or month trip. So, you can travel anytime around the year for the city tour. In spite of that, if you want to have a spectacular setting with great visibility then do come to Nepal in spring and autumn. The fall foliage and mild temperature of autumn makes the time great?

2. Do I need to buy permits during the 7 days Nepal Tour?

National Park permit is obligatory for the jungle safari day out in Chitwan. The permit will be validated for a particular day only and costs about US$20 per person. Apart from the national park, there is no need to buy any other permit fee.

3. Is it possible to travel solo in Nepal?

Considering how safe Nepal is, you can travel anywhere all alone. But I would still recommend having a guide on your side who can steer the way. If not have a detailed map and a GPS locator that can help you get through the streets of Nepal.

4. What are the essentials I need to have during the tour?

Since you’ll stay in the country for only 7 days, make the preparations accordingly. Don’t grab too many things and keep your backpack as light as possible. Double-check your passport and carry a few extra bucks in case of emergency. Also, make sure you have your travel insurance and flight tickets during the expedition.

5. Will I need a porter and guide during the trip?

The 7 days Nepal tour involves no hard-core trekking like that of mountain climbing. So, you probably won’t need a porter but in case you demand to have we’re ready to facilitate. On the far side having a local pro guide is definitely a huge relief. He is familiar with the place and can lead the way better than anyone.

6. Is travel insurance mandatory?

Unlike mountaineering, there’s no compulsory to have travel insurance for 7 days Nepal Tour. Still, being insured will recompense you from unfortunate incidents like robbery, medical emergencies, and accidents.

Do you have any question about trip to Nepal?

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