Tibet is literally the nation which is located on the top of the world. Samye Monastry in Rongbuk is the first monastery of the country and is the world highest monastery on earth. Experience the amusing feeling when you ride through an important highway connecting Tibet and Nepal, Friendship Highway (G318) which plays an influential role in two country’s tourism industry. The tour covers stunning Lhasa, Tsetang which is the Tibet’s political-cultural and economical center, Shigatse popularly known as “cradle of Tibetan civilization“, the political, cultural and economical center of Shigatse, Mt. Everest which the highest peak in the world, Zhangmu which is a small border town. Excitingly this tour embraces cultural landscapes, religious monasteries, historic cities, and natural landscapes, such as snow-capped mountains, sanctified lakes, vast grassland and luxuriant forest.

The dazzling Himalayan views, the sanctified Mount Kailash, the towering plateaus and the astonishing citizens makes Tibet “Place of its own kind” and most admired tourist destinations in the world. Lhasa is a mysterious city to explore as many noteworthy religious and cultural sites, including the Potala Palace, which happens to be the inherited home of the Dalai Lama. This tour is precisely the best for the vacationer who seeks an adventurer in overland tour.

Adventure Sports in Nepal

Adventure Sports in Nepal – “The Fun Par Superb”
If you want an experience a vacation that you and your loved ones crave to enjoy to the fullest, preeminent idea would be to check on adventure deals to Nepal. You, your family and friends will incontestably enjoy a holiday here. The experience can alleviate you from the pressure brought by your daily mince. All you got to do is to grab your favorite adventure gears (Can be bought and hired) and head to Nepal.

Adventure sport travelling is a fast growing yet slightest understood form of International Tourism. On the contrary Nepal ensures an adventurer to have all that’s needed and dream of. With wide range of geographical features from high altitude mountains to lowland terrain, semi arid desert to misty and moisture environment. Nepal offers a wide range of adventures be it in air, on land, on water, etc.

The admissible role of Adventure Tourism in the economic development of remote areas and its positive effect on local community, economy, and the environment are being statured out gradually by many countries like Nepal. With its steady growth, adventure tourism in Nepal will play a significant role for national and local development in the leading edge areas.

Adventure Activities in Nepal
Trekking is still the most popular sport among visitors of Nepal. Charismatic Landscape and irresistible flora and fauna have always made Nepal as paramount trekking and hiking adventure destination. Hiking and Trekking in Nepal will definitely be a one life time experiences. Once you visited Nepal you feel like coming back over and over again main reasons being friendly treatment with utmost decent and respectful behavior, helpful nature and charming face of Nepalese people as a whole. Trekking in Nepal is one of the best options to explore extraordinary biodiversity, geography and panorama.

Jungle Safari in the Terai is ideal to see Nepal’s rare assortment of animals and birds. An endeavor into the abundant green forest on an Elephant’s back in the Terai region crossing rivers and swamps will give an added opportunity to discover Flora and Fauna of Nepal and meanwhile encounter rare animals and birds closely. It is suggested that you to be prepared for a royal treat because Royal Bengal tiger possibly will surprise you by his grandiose appearance.

Mountain Biking is another wonderful adventure sport and since Nepal is enriched with diverse terrain. It tenders environmental friendly way to discover the magnificent landscape and vibrant ethnicity and the remarkable heritage. Peddling through the unknown trails of the rarely visited pastoral villages, you will encounter many smiling faces waving hands as a happiness gesture that lives a simple life with peace and harmony practicing their identifiable culture and speaking some of their own parlance.

Bungee Jumping over the 160m high bridge of Bhote Koshi, one of the world’s wildest raging river that rushes down from the Himalayas is a massive package of Adventure Sports. The bungee jumping can possibly be done in other countries too but not in the natural location. Thus, bungee jumping in Nepal will grant a great opportunity to the visitors of Nepal to enjoy the great adventurous activities.

White Water Rafting: This sport offers a unique opportunity for an amazing wild water experience with the rapids of different levels making you’re crave for adventure even pleasurable. After a briefing about safe rafting in Nepal from you river guide, you will be all set for your rafting trip down the river grades of 3 & 4. You will enjoy one of the most thrilling white water river rafting in Trishuli River for 3 heavenly hours. The rafting trip will surely to give you the most inconceivable experience filled with paramount thrill and excitement.

Paragliding: The climate and geographical structure of Nepal have made it one of the best places for paragliding after Switzerland. Paragliding tour in Nepal takes you over some of the best scenery on earth such as beautiful lakes, spectacular peaks, stunning overhead view of the city, monasteries, temples, small lakes and jungles and flight across one hill after another. The main area for paragliding is the Pokhara valley in Nepal commanding the three of the world’s 8000m peaks with friendly and the condition for paragliding. This adventure sport has earned a good reputation among the whole world in the field of paragliding in very short span of time. The sport has been able to attract the minds of tourist by providing an opportunity to view the pristine nature from air. This also provides the once in a lifetime experience to the tourist. This definitely can be a wonderful experience for all the adventure seekers. Apart from Pokhara, Kathmandu and Dharan have also recently started the paragliding.

Mountain Flight: Mountain flight offers you to encounter with the highest mountains of the world closet aerial views. This mountain flight could be the best for those travelers who are restricted by the time for trekking. Mountain flight offers you a opportunity to take a close look of the mountains you probably must have dreamt of climbing. The mountain flight tenders you the panoramic view of the Himalayas within one hour, it’s a very sparkling clear journey across the world’s highest peaks Mt. Everest (8848m) and the other ranges of Himalayas like Gauri Shanker (7134m), Nuptse (7855m), Lhotse (8516m), Amadablam (6812m), Chamland (7319m), Makalu (8463m), Cho Oyu (8201m), etc to name amongst mountains you would be able to view from its top.

Mountain Expedition: Mountaineering in Nepal is one of the most attraction and courageous part of adventure rather than trekking. This beautiful Himalayan country is one of the best paradises that have met anyone who wants to conquer high mountains on their own foot. This small nation is the land of world’s top highest peaks including Mt. Everest which is majestically crowned to the north.

Bird Watching: Nepal most definitely is a paradise for the bird watchers, with several National Parks and conservation areas it enables a large territory for the bird watchers to have options as per their interest and time. Nepal is rich with more than 850 species of birds and surprisingly handful number of those birds can be spotted in and around Kathmandu valley. Bird watching is practiced in almost every corner of Nepal, ranging from scorching plains of Koshi Tapu, Chitwan, Bardia which are main sites to the mountains of Everest and Annapurna range which are eminent areas for well-known species of birds.
The easily reachable spots around Kathmandu valleys are Nagarjun, Godavari, Phulchowki which are popular bird watching vicinity. Taudaha Lake which falls on the way to Dakshinkali is very close to the city and is an ideal spot for watching migratory water fowl during winter season.

Peak Climbing: Nepal is world wildly known as the world’s best destination for expedition and peak climbing. Peak Climbing in Nepal is a mesmerizing dream for many mountain ramblers. Peak climbing normally means climbing peaks which are basically above the height of 5,500m and below 7,000m. Nepal has blessed in abundance with peaks hence has opened around 1310 peaks that are above 5500m for peak climbing. Some of these smaller peaks also referred as ‘trekking peaks’ are governed by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), a private body entrusted to promote mountaineering and preserve mountain environment. Among them, 33 peaks have been labeled ‘A’ and ‘B’ peaks by Nepal Mountaineering Association. The climbing permit for these 33 peaks is issued by Nepal Mountaineering Association and the rest is handled by the Government of Nepal.

Cannoning: An adventurous journey through intimate passages of knotted rock and powerful blasts of water as our expert guide lead you sliding, jumping and swimming down steep canyon walls to pristine pools down below. Nepal’s unique Cannoning zones is stimulated by breathtaking landscape of untouched jungle with multiple tumbling waterfalls dropping one after another into a fresh pools down below. You are cordially invited to step outside of your relieve zone and experience one of the Nepal’s best reserved coverts.

Rock Climbing: Nepal offers numerous Rock Climbing sites which is yet another exciting and adventurous opportunity to adherent of sport with climbings suitable for both experts and apprentice. Balaju (Nagarjun forest), Hattiban Rock Climbing Site, Thame Rock Climbing Site, Kakani Rock Climbing Site, Bimal Nagar Rock Climbing Site (Near Bandipur), etc. are few names to be mentioned.

Snow Boarding: With no doubts, Nepal is a home to many of the world’s highest snow capped peaks yet downhill skiing is extremely thrilling adventure. The snowline in Nepal is extremely high some ranging around 15,000 feet altitude that can also cause health risks but Nepal has opened few skiing few spots which are good for suitable for both experts and apprentice. Nepal does not have any ski lifts yet hence Helicopter drops are arranged accordingly which yet is another adventure.

Fresh Water Fishing: Fishing in Nepal is all about Fresh Water Fishing, the water that is originated from the snowy Himalayas of Nepal. If you are passionate angler, Nepal indeed is the best place to be. There nearly about 200 species of fishes in the Himalayan lakes and rivers of Nepal. The Himalayan Masheer is most popular species found in the rivers of Nepal. The other species namely Goonch, illusive catfish are yet another species among the other species for angling in Nepal. Nepal is also popular for sport fishing, you can travel and start fishing in most spectacular rivers like Koshi, Karnali, Marshyangdi, Betrawati, Trisuli, Indrawati. While you are fishing you need to be attentive because you might encounter with intimidating crocodiles and even exquisite Himalayan Dolphins which are common in Koshi, Rapti and Narayani River.

Some Popular Fish Species in Nepal
• Masheer (Sahar)
• Deep Bodied Masheer
• Copper Mahasheer (Katle)
• Freshwater Shark (Gounch)
• Jalkapoor
• Freshwater Eel (Raj Bam)
• River Catfish (Bachawa)
• Giant Murrel (Saur)
• Mud Eel (Hile Bam)
• Feather Back (Patali)
• Knife Fish (Chitala)
• Catfish (Buari)
• Tenger Catfish (Tengri)

Honey Hunting: In Nepal honey hunting is a practice that has descended numerous civilizations as an ancient culture. Indigenous people of Nepal basically started this activity some thousands of years. The bee assembles their hives on the high cliffs and the foothills which almost look like a marble of gold hanging high, the honey hunters displays their exceptional proficiency hanging themselves from cliffs as soaring as 300 meters using only bamboo ladders and hemp ropes to bring down the hive soaked in pure honey. Nepal has many locations for Honey Hunting which normally are located in the Himalayan Range and country side region. You can enjoy this adventure through the steep bee cliffs and experience the tradition and culture of the local people in places like Bhujung, Nai Chi, Pasgaon, Naya Goan, Ludhi, Dare which are the most popular areas for this adventurous activity.

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Mountain Biking in Nepal

Mountain Biking is another wonderful adventure sport and since Nepal is enriched with diverse terrain. It tenders environmental friendly way to discover the magnificent landscape and vibrant ethnicity and the remarkable heritage. Peddling through the unknown trails of the rarely visited pastoral villages, you will encounter many smiling faces waving hands as a happiness gesture that lives a simple life with peace and harmony practicing their identifiable culture and speaking some of their own parlance.

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