Nepal Luxury Tour

Nepal indeed is a paradise for travelers. Let it be for its towering peaks or its irresistible terrains or its vegetation or its unique culture, Nepal has no limit when it comes to attractions. Remaining on these grounds, we can say that Nepal is a country worth touring.

Of various tour options to travel in Nepal, this Nepal Luxury Tour can be your sort of tour. Designed truly for the luxury seekers, Nepal Luxury Tour is the luxurious way to explore Nepal. You might be doubting why it is called a luxury tour.

Well, this tour takes you to the two mountain base camps, firstly the Everest Base Camp and then Annapurna Base Camp. What is luxurious here is you do not have to trek a bit; the helicopters take you straight there to the foothills of the two world’s highest peaks. Usually, people attend treks of several weeks to reach Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp. However, that is not applicable during this tour. Within a couple of hours, you will complete the base camp visits. Isn’t that quite cool?

Do not think the tour finishes with that much. You will explore Nepal’s two most exciting cities thoroughly during the journey, the capital Kathmandu itself and Pokhara-the city of lakes. In between eight days of the tour, you will be tracing the important cultural and natural heritages of two cities. Both of the towns have numerous places that have architectural and artistic displays of the country.

Without a doubt, Nepal Luxury Tour is one of the best tours to do in Nepal. But one thing that stands this itinerary among others is people of all ages and experience levels can be part of this plan. What else a person thinking to tour Nepal would ask for other than that?

Significant Highlights of Nepal Luxury Tour

  • Be on one of the easiest and luxurious ways of exploring Nepal.
  • Attend two of the most popular helicopter tours in the world in one trip: Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour and Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour.
  • Experience the bird’s eyes view of Nepal and its unbounded beauty.
  • Land in both of the base camps and experience what it is like to be in such altitudes.
  • Enjoy a whole lot of mountain and landscape views during the tour.
  • Go out on the sightseeings of both Pokhara and Kathmandu.
  • Reach for the famous UNESCO world heritage sites in Kathmandu.
  • Get to know the legendary architecture and culture of Nepal.
  • Explore almost all of the important places of Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Detailed Itinerary of Nepal Luxury Tour

Day 01: Pick up and Drive to Hotel

The opportunity to serve you begins with the arrival of yours at the Kathmandu Airport. Our respective team will be at the airport to receive you. After completing all the on-arrival paper works, you will move towards your airport with the team.

The team will leave you after your check-in in the hotel. You will have a much-deserved refreshment and rest at the hotel. Later in the evening, you will join the tour team for dinner hosted for your welcome. The team will interact with you on the tour’s itinerary and plan. You will also get to know everything about the trip and its members there. After that, you will return to the hotel for a night’s rest. The first night of the tour in Kathmandu.

Day 02: Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

You will wake up to a fresh morning view in Kathmandu to start a big day of the tour. It is the day to do the tour of Everest Base Camp via a helicopter. So, you will have a quick breakfast at the hotel before going to the airport to get the helicopter trip started.

After that, the helicopter will approach the skies of the beautiful Everest Region. En route and on, you will see a bird’s angle view of the region, which is just breathtaking. The craft will make a short landing at Lukla airport after 40 minutes of flying for a refueling purpose. Once refueling gets completed, you will now fly towards the base camp of the world’s tallest peak. Finding the way through the Everest Region’s skies, you will get to view the fascinating landscapes, settlements, mountains, and more.

The craft will then swiftly land at Kala Patthar(5,643m), the best ground to observe Mt Everest’s details. From Kala Patthar, you will witness a clear picture of Mt Everest along with other close peaks. This particular moment is just inexpressible! It will be a short landing of 8 to 10 minutes as it is risky to stay long at such an altitude.

You will leave the place by joining the helicopter ride; make sure you get enough Everest views before it gets away. Following the same pattern, Kala Patthar-Lukla

-Kathmandu, you will reach back to Kathmandu. The night’s rest will be in Kathmandu’s hotel again.

Day 03: Kathmandu Sightseeing

On the third day of the trip, you will do essential sightseeing of Kathmandu Valley. As you may have heard, Kathmandu is the city of temples. This day will be to quest the most important cultural and religious sites of the valley.

Kathmandu Valley alone is home to seven different UNESCO world heritage sites. You will try to attend as many sites as you can in the day. It is a must to visit the likes of Swayambhunath(Monkey) Temple, Pashupatinath Temple, Basantapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and Bouddhanath Stupa when you are in Kathmandu. Each of the temples provides different impressions and enlightenment. The visit to these cultural places will take you to the golden ages of Nepalese art and culture.

We must say that one day is not enough to visit all of the World Heritage Sites. As stated earlier, you will see some of them. After completing the scheduled Kathmandu sightseeing successfully, you will get back to the hotel for a rest.

Day 04: Early Flight to Pokhara, Transfer to hotel and explore Lakeside Pokhara.

Now you will head towards Pokhara, the city of tourists and lakes, with an early morning scenic flight. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to reach Pokhara from the capital. While in the air, you will see the beautiful mountains on the north and the city of lakes approaching. Upon landing in Pokhara, you will get to your hotel in Pokhara for refreshment before starting activities in Pokhara.

Pokhara lies just on the bank of beautiful Fewa Lake, and the lakeside is an excellent place to stroll around. The evening walk especially is enchanting there as you will see the vibrant nightlife of Pokhara. There lots of places, restaurants, and hangouts to explore around the Lakeside area. You will see lots of foreign visitors just like you roaming around the lakeside. Once you explore the site enough, you will move back to the hotel to have a night’s rest.

Day 05: Annapurna Base Camp Heli ride and Explore Pokhara

It will be another significant day of the voyage. After landing on the Everest Base Camp, it is time for the Annapurna Base Camp(4,130m). The base camp of the tenth most-towering mountain in the world is located 37km north of Pokhara. Firstly, you will have breakfast at the hotel, and then you will leave for the airport to catch the helicopter.

You will set foot in the helicopter that is ready to take you to the base camp. In 30 minutes of flying from Pokhara, you will reach picturesque Annapurna Base Camp. You’ll have 30 minutes to explore the base camp area. From that place, you can look at various mountains of the Annapurna Ranges. There are some teahouses in the base camp area, so make sure you enjoy the view while taking a sip of coffee. Annapurna Base Camp is known for its breathtaking mountain panorama. You will traverse the area thoroughly in half an hour of landing time.

After that, you will hop in the same helicopter to fly back to Pokhara. The view from the jet lets you enjoy the eagle’s eye view of the picturesque Annapurna Region. Then you will be back in Pokhara again to do the rest of the exploration of the city. You will keep yourself busy doing touring activities until nightfall. Overnight in Pokhara’s hotel.

Day 06: Explore Pokhara 1st half and Fly to Kathmandu in 2nd half

Pokhara has a considerable number of tourist attractions. Other than Lakeside, you can go to the World Peace Stupa, Mahendra Cave, Davis Fall, International Mountain Museum, and more. To explore most of the Pokhara’s happenings, you will have half of the day again.

Following the half-day exploration in Pokhara, you will start preparing for a flight to Kathmandu. The remainder of the day will be killed well in Kathmandu, visiting the remaining important tourist sites. By this time, you will have explored almost all of the must-visit places of Kathmandu. Your eventful day full of exploration will get concluded once you reach back to your hotel in Kathmandu. Overnight rest in Kathmandu.

Day 07: Free and Shopping day at Kathmandu

On your seventh day of the expedition, you will go out for free wandering and shopping in Kathmandu. With no specific place to reach, you will explore the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu freely. There are plenty of gifts and souvenir shops around Kathmandu. You will also use this day to buy gifts for yourself and your loved ones. The team will guide you to the most happening shopping places. Later in the evening, you will have a farewell hang out with the team. Overnight in Kathmandu’s hotel.

Day 08: Final Departure

Lastly, you will prepare for departure from Nepal on the 8th day of the tour. The team will be at your hotel to give a hotel transfer to the airport on schedule. After leaving you to the airport for the departure, the team will bid farewell to you.

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Best Time for Nepal Luxury Tour

To do a Nepal Luxury Tour without any delay and hassle, you have to plan it during the best times of the year. Best times mean unbeatable and favorable times. In that meaning, Autumn and Spring are the principal times to do adventure outings in Nepal.


Autumn is spread over September, October, and November in Nepal. It is the pinpoint time for traveling near the Himalayas. That’s why you will see huge crowds around the routes of Nepal. The season is characterized by warm temperature, stable weather, and added visibility. Any of the expeditions planned during this season is guaranteed to become successful and fun. It is just a great time to be in Nepal. You will see mountains wide open all day long. That is the reason you should do the luxury tour in this period.


Another prime time for Nepal Tour is Spring which happens from March till May. The season is as busy or maybe more than Autumn when it is about hosting tourists in Nepal. You get to experience similar favorable conditions like in Autumn during this time too. Spring is also a season of blooming flowers and greenery. However, it is a bit colder than Autumn. Otherwise, the three months are just perfect for embarking on a tour of Nepal.

About the Major Attractions of the Tour

Everest Base Camp

You probably know about Everest Base Camp. We are talking about the base camp of the world’s most famous mountain, Mt Everest. Located at an altitude of 5,364m, Everest Base Camp is a dream place to reach every mountain lover. It is also the ultimate point of the globe’s most fantastic trekking trail, the Everest Base Camp Trek. Thousands of new faces come to this place to experience the serenity of the site. It is just a legendary place to be from where one can get the best view of Mt Everest and other close peaks like Lhotse, Cho Oyu, and Ama Dablam.

Annapurna Base Camp

Unless you know, Annapurna is the tenth tallest peak in the world. Among the most iconic mountains, Mt Annapurna fascinates many trekkers and climbers to Nepal every year. Most people’s journey is up to this Annapurna Base Camp, which resides at an altitude of 4,130m. The base camp is among the most beautiful base camps in the world. From this base camp, you can get glimpses of various Annapurna Region peaks, which are known for their iconic structure and beauty. The place also provides a summing beauty of the landscapes of the Annapurna Region.

Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu Valley, the valley which is dotted with historic temples, is known as the center of cultural heritage. Altogether, you will find seven UNESCO-listed world heritage sites: Pashupatinath Temple, Swaymbhunath Temple, Boudhanath Temple, Patan Durbar Square, Basantapur Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and Changu Naryan. Each of these seven sites is uniquely beautiful and important. All of these places give an insight into the ancient history, culture, and art of Nepal. Moreover, Kathmandu Valley is the valley where the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, is located. Alongside Kathmandu, the two popular Nepal cities, i.e., Bhaktapur and Lalitpur, also reside in Kathmandu valley. The tour of this valley’s heritage sites is like touring through the long history of Nepal.


Pokhara is a city in Nepal that is quite popular among tourists from around the world. The city is also known as the city of lakes and a city of tourists. God has gifted everything to this city to make it beautiful. Phewa Lake, one of the picturesque lakes of Nepal, is by the city. And the famous Mt Machhapuchhre(Fishtail) always remains in the backdrop of this city. Hence, making this city a perfect treat for your eyes. Other than the lake, you will find several natural caves, a waterfall, some temples, and monasteries inside the city. This place is also the best place for adventure activities. You can indulge in activities like paragliding, zipline, bungee jumping, boat riding, and more.

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