1 Day Kathmandu Valley Tour

Nepal has thousands of tourism prospects, and it has captured the imagination of travelers and trekkers from around the world. Due to its eye-catching landscapes, diverse nature, and cultures, with one of the warmest hospitality in the world, it is considered the best country to visit. This beautiful country has many tour packages, including expeditions, trekking, and cultural and educational tours. Among them, the 1 Day Kathmandu Valley tour is a perfect package that sums up visiting the beautiful places inside the valley.

Kathmandu Valley lies at the heart of Nepal and is one of the centers of the tourism industry. From the Nepalese culture and history to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Kathmandu is grandeur for your perfect one-day vacation. The valley comprises three ancient cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan, which feature hundreds of temples, monuments, monasteries, and shrines – it reflects the country’s religious, cultural, historical, and spiritual significance. Also, you can find a blend of Hindu and Buddhist traditions in these destinations in Kathmandu valley.

At the heart of Nepal’s tourism industry is the Kathmandu Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site that serves as a hub for Nepalese culture and history. The valley, which comprises three ancient cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan, is home to numerous temples, shrines, and monuments that reflect the country’s unique blend of Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

As you all know, Nepal’s beauty extends beyond just the Kathmandu Valley. It is home to mountains, including Mount Everest and many other over 8000 meter peaks. Trekking and mountain expeditions are popular adventurous activities in Nepal as its natural resources draw people worldwide. Similarly, it is a culturally rich country with more than 125 languages and ethnic groups. But if you are looking for a short vacation in this country, a day-long tour in Kathmandu better suits you.

Kathmandu day tour package takes you to different religious and historical sites and many other attractive destinations. Here we will explore specific tourist destinations inside Kathmandu valley, which you will cover during a day-long tour in Kathmandu valley.

Highlights of 1 Day Kathmandu Valley Tour

  • Exploring Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Exploring Patan Durbar Square
  • Getting insights into ancient Malla Kings and their regimes in Kathmandu And Patan Durbar Square
  • Exploring Artifacts and historical artifacts
  • Visiting Boudhanath Stupa
  • Getting briefings about Buddhism and its influence in Nepal
  • Visiting Swayambhunath Temple

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit all the major attractions in Kathmandu Valley in one day?

It is impossible to visit all the major attractions in Kathmandu Valley in one day. That’s why we presented you with the four best destinations out of many that you should see. From this tour, you will get to enhance your knowledge of Nepal’s cultural, religious, and historical cores.

Is photography allowed at the destinations?

Photography is allowed at most destinations. However, some places like Kathmandu and Patan Durbar Squares and Museums have restrictions on photography.

Are there any dress codes for visiting the temples?

Yes, visitors are required to dress modestly. You are not meant to wear revealing clothes in temples – covering your shoulders and knees is advised while visiting religious sites.

What is the best time to visit Kathmandu Valley?

If you want to visit Kathmandu valley in a moderate climate with mild temperatures and clear surroundings, the best time to visit is during spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November).

Can I take public transport to visit the destination?

Yes, you can transport via bus or taxi. All four attractions from our itinerary are viable from the road, so you don’t have to worry about the transportation facility.

Are there any entry fees for the destinations?

Some destinations like museums, Kathmandu, and Patan Durbar Squares charge entry fees for visitors. The cost is considered fair.

Can I get food and drinks at the destinations?

Yes, there are several cafes and restaurants near the attractions where you can get food and drinks. All four destinations from our itineraries feature lavish to simple eateries and cafes where you can get breakfast, snacks, and lunch.

Is it safe to visit Kathmandu Valley?

Yes, of course. Kathmandu Valley is generally safe for tourists. After Nepal has recovered from the global pandemic Covid-19, the country and the valley are safe to visit. However, avoiding isolated areas at night and keeping valuables safe is recommended.

Do we need to hire a guide for a 1 day Kathmandu Valley tour?

You may not necessarily hire a guide for a day tour in Kathmandu Valley, but having a knowledgeable guide can be beneficial. They can help you understand the insights into the history and culture during the tour.

What is the approximate cost of a one-day Kathmandu Valley tour?

The price range of the Kathmandu day tour package varies on several factors, like transportation, activities, guides, and entrance fees. On average, you can allocate around $100 to $150 per person for a full-fledged day-long tour in Kathmandu.

Costs Included:

  • Pickup from airport and drop to hotel.
  • Accommodation at Kathmandu 3 star level hotel.
  • An experienced government licensed holder Tour Guide.
  • Sightseeing around World Heritage sites (Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bauddhanath, Pashupatinath, Swayambhu )(1st Day) ( Bhaktapur Durbar square and Patan Durbar square ) (2nd day )
  • All monuments fees.
  • Private transportation for Kathmandu sightseeing.
  • Services as per itinerary.
  • All local and government taxes.
  • Airport departure

Costs Excluded:

  • Lunch and dinner
  • Soft and hard drinks
  • Your travel insurance
  • International flight and visa cost.
  • Any expense of personal nature
  • Tips for guides or other staffs.

When And How To Go For 1 Day Kathmandu Valley Tour?

If you want a day-long Kathmandu Valley tour, you should schedule your holiday during Spring and Autumn. Since these months are cherished with clear blue skies, fewer clouds, and a moderate climate, you can get the most out of your one-day Kathmandu valley tour.

During the Spring Season, the temperature of Kathmandu ranges from around 10°C to 28°C. Also, the city roads are covered with blossoming flowers and greenery during this time, which makes your ride very pleasant and soothing. During Spring (March to May), there are several festivals in Nepal, including Holi and Nepali New Year. The 1 Day Kathmandu Valley Tour during this time offers you the chance to celebrate these festivals with the Nepalese citizens, which is very overwhelming.

Similarly, the weather is dry during the Autumn season, and the visibility is excellent as there are fewer clouds in the sky. This makes it perfect for outdoor adventures on a Kathmandu day tour. The temperature ranges from 10°C to 25°C during the day, with cooler nights. Similarly, during September and October, the main festivals of Nepal, Dashain and Tihar, are celebrated with joy. You can get a brief notion of these festivals and the culture of people during your tour and even participate in the cultural activities. Though your tour is only a day tour in Kathmandu valley, you can still experience the traditions and lifestyle in full-fledged.

There are no bars for those who want a Kathmandu day tour package in the off-season. You can still cherish many adventures and experiences. Since this is just a one-day tour, you don’t have to travel longer on flights or go through any seasonal roads and routes. So, it makes it easy to go any time of the year. However, heavy rainfall during the monsoon and freezing temperatures in the winter season might impact your tour. So better be prepared for the off-season one-day Kathmandu valley tour.

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What Are The Preparation Needed?

Here are the preparations you need to take before embarking on 1 Day Kathmandu Valley tour:

Plan Your Itinerary

Kathmandu Valley has multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including temples, monasteries, and cultural landmarks. They can all be visited within a day. You should research the places you want to see, get prior information about their opening and closing times, and plan your itinerary accordingly.

Book A Reliable Tour Operator

You can get better help through a reliable tour operator regarding your day-long tour in Kathmandu Valley. At Great Adventure Treks, we provide experienced guides with the core knowledge of the valley and its destinations and history. With the help of our guide, your tour can be hassle-free.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

As you take on our Kathmandu Day Tour package, it’s our primary responsibility to ensure your comfort and safety. That’s why we recommend you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Wear lightweight layers that are stretchable and help you while roaming around.

Carry Water and Snacks

During your tour, you can bring your snacks and food. Be sure to check if you have packed a refillable water bottle and filled your bags with snacks to keep you energized throughout the day-long tour in Kathmandu valley.

Carry Necessary Documents

Always carry your identification while visiting the tourist areas in Kathmandu. You may need to show them copies of valid I.D.s, passports, and other permits. Some places, like ancient palaces and historical landmarks, are restricted from entering without permission, so you need to show them Valid ID Proof while buying the licenses.

Carry Cash

Remember to allocate your budget while you’re out for a day-long Kathmandu Valley tour. Most of the expenses are covered by the Tour agencies after you pay them for the package, but if you want to be involved in extra activities and go shopping on your own, you might need some cash. So carry cash before starting your 1 Day Kathmandu Valley tour.

Respect Local Customs

Kathmandu valley is very rich in culture and tradition. As people from all over Nepal inhabit it, you can experience diverse people, cultures, languages, and traditions. Be mindful of what you are doing – dress appropriately while visiting temples and avoid offending local sentiments.

Must Visit Places In Your 1 Day Kathmandu Valley Tour

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu Durbar Square is one of the notable palaces in Nepal. It is one of the three Durbar Squares inside the valley, which you can visit during your Kathmandu day tour package. It has also been enlisted under the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006.

Kathmandu Durbar Square is a wide and attractive palace featuring carved temples, courtyards, and historical buildings. It was once the Royal Palace of Malla and Shah Kings, dating back many centuries. It was the political and cultural center at the time.

Attractions of Kathmandu Durbar Square:

Hanuman Dhoka Palace

Hanuman Dhoka Palace was built by Pratap Malla, and it marks one of the best architecture of Nepal from the ancient Malla regime. It is the only circular pagoda-styled building that has been built in the world. The palace is named after the Hindu God, Hanuman, and it showcases the culture, history, and ancient artifacts and antiques from the Malla and Shah dynasties.

Taleju Temple

Taleju Temple is a pagoda-style temple built during the Malla dynasty. It is dedicated to the Hindu goddess, Taleju and is open for only one day a year. It remains open during the day to Mahanawami and Ashwin Shukla Navami (the ninth day of Dashain). The temple features intricate woodcarvings and metalwork that showcase the country’s mastery of architecture.

Kumari Ghar

Kumari pratha is one of the most highly admired cultures of Nepal. They are considered the Living Goddess, and the house of her residence is called Kumari Ghar. Nepalese people believe that the young girls from the Newari community take birth as the incarnation of the Hindu goddess, Taleju. And they are worshipped by the people with blessings and high appraisals.


You might not believe it, but Kashthamandap is said to be built from a single tree trunk. It is one of the oldest and most sacred temples in Kathmandu. The temple was built in the early Malla Dynasty by King Laxmi Narasimha Malla, and it carries the country’s significance through its artworks, artifacts, and historical items.

Swayambhunath Temple (Monkey Temple)

Swayambhunath Temple is located on a hilltop in Kathmandu, also called the Monkey Temple. It is considered one of Nepal’s most valuable and revered religious sites. During the Kathmandu Day Tour Package, you can visit Swayambhunath, which consists of shrines, monasteries, museums, and a library.

One of the most attractive things about Swayambhunath temple is its main stupa, which has golden spires and is covered with prayer flags and hundreds of prayer wheels. Monkey temple can be reached by vehicle – but to reach the exact spot, you must climb steep stairs leading to the hilltop. You can see curious and playful monkeys around the way.

From Swayambhunath, you can get a panoramic view of the Kathmandu valley and surrounding peaks. You can even see the Himalayas in the north from here. Things to note, this place is also a perfect viewpoint for having a sunrise and sunset view.

Swayambhunath is a significant temple for Buddhist devotees, and every year thousands of Buddhist followers come up and pay their homage. It was built around 460 A.D. in the 13th century by King Mandev. People believe that the two eyes of Swayambhunath see ‘Justice’ and ‘Sin,’ and the temple is considered the symbol of harmony and tolerance in Nepal.

Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa is one of the largest monasteries in Nepal and is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This stupa is an important religious and cultural center for Buddhist devotees worldwide.

There are two schools of thought regarding the establishment of this significant stupa. Some believe that the Nepalese Licchavi King Śivadeva (c. 590–604 CE) built it, while some say it was built by a Tibetan King around 600 AD. However, there might have been confusion amongst the people as King Śivadeva went and lived in Tibet for trade purposes. Also, he and his family were all Buddhist, which makes sense.

Buddhist people consider the Boudhanath stupa a symbol of peace, enlightenment, and the path to Nirvana. It features a white dome with a golden spire and colorful prayer flags in its surroundings. Also, the prayer wheels and multiple small stupas and shrines are notable things around the place.

People walk in clockwise directions as they spin the prayer wheels and recite Buddhist mantras. You can even participate in prayer rituals and ceremonies during your day-long tour in Kathmandu valley.

Apart from all that, the stupa and its surroundings feature narrow streets lined with shops selling Tibetan handicrafts, prayer flags, and Buddhist artifacts. You can also explore the soothing and peaceful cafes and restaurants around the place.

Patan Durbar Square

Among the three Durbar Squares in Kathmandu Valley, Patan Durbar Square is one of the most exciting places to visit. It is also enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Patan, Lalitpur district.

Like other Durbar Squares, Patan Durbar Square was once a palace of Malla Kings rich in intricate carvings, palaces, courtyards, and other historical buildings.

Attractions of Patan Durbar Square:

Krishna Mandir

Krishna Mandir is one of the eye-pleasing temples you will see in Lalitpur. It is built with stones, and its Shikhara architectural style makes visitors fall in love. The temple was built in 1637 AD by King Siddhi Narasimha Malla of Patan. History shows that one night King Siddhi Narasimha Malla had a dream of Lord Krishna and his love Radha in front of his palace. They ordered him to build a temple the King built at the same place where they stood in his dream.

He also built a temple inside the Sundari Chowk courtyard as he became victorious against the neighboring Kingdom during the war. History suggests that King Siddhi Narasimha Malla urged Lord Krishna’s help to win the war.

Krishna Mandir is dedicated to Lord Krishna, and it is featured with intricate wood carvings and metalwork.

Patan Museum

Patan Museum is a sanctuary of the historical antiques, maps, and artworks of the Malla dynasty. It gives you insights into the cultural abundance that flourished during this period. The art and architecture of the museum are non-replicable and are worth billions.

Additional Places You Can Visit In Kathmandu Valley

Here is a list of some additional places you can visit during your 1 Day Kathmandu Valley Tour.

Pashupatinath Temple: It is one of the most sacred Hindu temples in the world that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located on the banks of the Bagmati River and every night a special function, Arati Darshan is performed, which is attended by hundreds of people from the nation.

Changunarayan Temple: Changunarayan Temple is an ancient Hindu temple located in Bhaktapur. It is situated on the hilltop in Bhaktapur and gives a clear view of Kathmandu valley. It was built by King Mandev and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Garden of Dreams: If you are looking for a quick escape from the busy lifestyles of Kathmandu, you can visit Garden of Dreams, located in the heart of Kathmandu city. It features fountains, pavilions, and a greenhouse that is very soothing and pleasing to visit.

Narayanhiti Palace Museum: Narayanhiti Palace Museum was once the Royal Palace of Shah Kings. Currently, it serves as a museum that features hundreds of ancient artifacts, maps, and belongings. It is open to all nationals and internationals. If you are really into the history of Nepal, then this might be the perfect choice to explore during the Kathmandu day tour package.

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1 Day Kathmandu Valley Tour

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