Langtang Gosaikunda Trek -16 Days Itinerary

Nepal is a beautiful country for thousands of travelers around the world. With hundreds of prospects and potential, this country stands as one of the most visited nations in the world. The natural beauty, diverse and vibrant culture, hospitable people, and soothing environment are some of the alluring factors of Nepal. From the southern lowlands of the Terai region to the highest altitude in the world, it offers travelers a diverse form of environment and climate to have adventures.

Primarily, adventurous activities like trekking in Nepal are launched in the Himalayan region of the country, which features destinations like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit, Manaslu Circuit and Manaslu Base Camp, Mardi Himal, Nar Phu Valley, and many others. Out of hundreds of trekking destinations, Langtang Gosaikunda Trek is also one of the most pleasing treks that will give you the experience of the nation’s diverse structure in nature, people, and culture.

Langtang Gosaikunda Trek is one of the destinations nearest Kathmandu valley, Nepal’s capital. All you have to do is drive 123 kilometers north of Kathmandu and reach Dhunche. From there, you will have to take around 15 to 20 minutes of ride to Syabrubesi, where you will start your actual Langtang Gosaikunda Trek.

Without any doubt, Langtang Gosaikunda Trek brings you a wide array of prejudice since it is rich in natural resources like forests, rivers, glaciers, and snow-capped mountains. Similarly, your trek will be within Langtang National Park, where you will get to experience a tropical climate rich in diverse flora and fauna. If you are lucky enough, you can see endangered species like Snow Leopard and the Himalayan Tahr on the way. Whether your stay in Nepal is short or long-term, Langtang Gosaikunda can be customized accordingly. With our assurance, this trek will blow your mind, taking you through Nepal’s natural and cultural sanctuary in the Himalayan region.

We have a 16 days itinerary package, which includes all your trekking expectations around the Langtang region. From dwelling in the local community and their lifestyle to getting insights into Buddhist monasteries and visiting holy Gosaikunda Lake, you can cover this trek as educational, cultural, and religious ones. You need to know and consider some things before embarking on the Langtang Gosaikunda Trek. Have a look!!!

Highlights of Langtang Gosaikunda Trek

  • Sightseeing Activities at Kathmandu (Durbar Squares, Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, and Boudhanath)
  • Vibrant culture at Langtang Village
  • Exploring the development mode after the earthquake around the Langtang Village
  • Cinematic views of Langtang range
  • Exploring Kyanjin Gompa
  • Visiting Shin Gompa
  • Exploring the holy Gosaikunda Lake and its pristine nature
  • Exploring Ghopte Odar and Chisapani Danda
  • Delving into the multicultural community around the Langtang region
  • Exploring Buddhism and its beliefs around the monasteries and local communities

Detail Itinerary

Day 01: Pick up from Airport and drive to your hotel

Location: Kathmandu

Activity: Arrive At Tribhuvan International Airport | Transfer To Hotel

Accommodation: Hotel

To start your Langtang Gosaikunda Trek, you first must arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal, from your home country. It marks the first day of your package, and our agent will escort you to your hotel after picking you up at the Tribhuvan International Airport.

You can enjoy a sophisticated and comfortable stay at your hotel as it features essential to lavish amenities like an attached bathroom, hot shower, 24/7 electricity and internet, bars, lounge, and restaurant. You can rest in a soothing environment inside your hotel on the first day.

Day 02: Half-day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu.

Location: Kathmandu

Activity: Sightseeing

Accommodation: Hotel

After you wake up on the next day of arriving in Kathmandu, you will be ready to explore the city and its lifestyle. Some destinations like Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Narayanhiti Palace, and Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan are on the list for your visit.

This trip gives you detailed insights into Kathmandu and its history. Also, you will know the city’s cultural, historical, and religious sides in depth once you complete this tour.

After you finish your sightseeing activities, you will return to your hotel and stay overnight.

Day 03: Drive to Syabrubesi

Location: Syabrubesi

Syabrubesi Altitude: 2,380 Meters

Accommodation: Tea House

Syabrubesi lies in the Rasuwa District of Nepal, and it lies 138 kilometers north of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. You will take a bus from Machhapokhari bus park in Balaju, Kathmandu, from where you will be riding across places like Bidur, Bandre, and Kalikasthan Nuwakot District before reaching Rasuwa.

From there, it takes around a couple of hours to reach Dhunche, where you must buy permits to enter the region. There is an Army check post where you can get your required testimonials. From Dhunche, you can see the Langtang peak, peeking into you and the surrounding environment. You will have to drive for the next 15 to 20 minutes to reach Syabrubesi – and after crossing a bridge over the Trishuli river, you can get to the spot.

You will stay at a teahouse overnight and prepare for tomorrow’s next hike.

Day 04: Trek to Lama Hotel

Location: Lama Hotel

Lama Hotel Altitude: 2,420 Meters

Accommodation: Tea House

On the fourth day of your Langtang Gosaikunda Trek, you will climb uphill to Lama Hotel, which is 2,420 meters above sea level. The total distance between Syabrubesi and Lama Hotel is around 11 kilometers, and the trekking time is around 5 to 6 hours.

You will walk through the rocky and rugged terrain alongside the bank of Trishuli/Langtang river to reach Lama Hotel, where you will stay overnight. Lama Hotel features the essential logistics and food services you can enjoy before your next hike.

Day 05: Trek to Langtang village

Location: Langtang Village

Langtang Village Altitude: 3,430 Meters

Accommodation: Tea House

From Lama Hotel, Langtang Village is your next destination, and you will be elevating around 1000 meters in altitude this day. So better prepare your things before starting this phase of the trek.

First, you will leave Lama Hotel early in the morning and climb uphill for around 3 to 4 hours before reaching the destination. Langtang Village was once destroyed by the 2015 Earthquake, which took hundreds of lives and properties. But now, with the help of many national and international organizations, the reincarnation of the village is elevated to the top.

You can find multiple hotels and tea houses to stay in Langtang village. You can also view the mystic Langtang peak, Dorje Lakpa, Changbu, Yansa Tsenji, and many more.

Day 06: Trek to Kyanjin Gompa

Location: Kyanjin Gompa

Kyanjin Gompa Altitude: 3,870 Meters

Accommodation: Tea House

On this day, you will visit one of the holiest places in the Langtang region, Kyanjin Gompa. It lies at an altitude of 3,870 meters and carries a great significance of Buddhism. Also, you can see the chortens, mani walls, prayer flags, and other religious notations around the region.

From Kyanjin Gompa and the viewpoint, you can have spectacular views of mountain peaks like Langtang Ri, Ganesh Himal, Lang Sisa, and Dorje Lakpa. To reach Kyanjin Gompa, you must undertake a 3 to 4 hours of trek from Langtang Village. You will stay at a tea house with basic logistics and food services tonight.

Day 07: Rest Day for acclimatization at leisure

Location: Kyanjin Gompa

Kyanjin Gompa Altitude: 3,870 Meters

Activity: Acclimatization

By this day on your Langtang Gosaikunda Trek, you will already have reached nearly 4000 meters above sea level. Since you are on multi-day trekking for over 3 to 5 hours, your body will be drained and need proper rest. So acclimatization is most important here.

Take enough rest, eat nutritious food, and stay hydrated to retain your energy and strength; you must hike for hours for the next few days ahead. You can also explore the nearby places during your resting day.

Day 08: Trek to Lama Hotel

Location: Lama Hotel

Lama Hotel Altitude: 2,420 Meters

Accommodation: Tea House

On your eighth day of Langtang Gosaikunda Trek, you will return to Lama Hotel at 2,420 meters above sea level. You will pass across the Langtang Village, where you stayed a few days before during the trip.

You must hike for 6 to 7 hours to reach Lama Hotel from Kyanjin Gompa. From experiencing the traditional lifestyle and the households of Kyanjin Village, you will walk down with the views of the Langtang mountain ranges. The trail is rugged and challenging, so you better have sturdy hiking boots to make yourself comfortable during the trek.

Day 09: Trek to Upper Syabru village

Location: Upper Syabru Village

Upper Syabru Village Altitude: 2,250 Meters

Accommodation: Tea House

After you reach and stay in Lama Hotel, your next plan on the Langtang Gosaikunda trek will be to get to Upper Syabru Village at 2,250 meters. You will have to descend through the forested area full of rhododendron and juniper trees, and the total trek time is around 5 to 6 hours.

Your physical fitness matters greatly during the trek since you must walk for more than 5 hours through the rocky trails. Do rest in between the course of the route and take it easy on your body before reaching Upper Syabru Village. You will stay overnight at a tea house.

Day 10: Trek to Shin Gompa

Location: Shin Gompa

Shin Gompa Altitude: 3,254 Meters

Accommodation: Tea House

On the tenth day of your Langtang Gosaikunda Trek, you will be elevating around 1000 meters altitude. Ensure you have rested enough, stayed hydrated, and energized throughout the trek for your safety. Since your body can be prone to altitude sickness above 3000 meters, you should take proper precautions here.

You will walk through the dense green rhododendron forest and streams between Upper Syabru Village and Shin Gompa. The trek takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete. First, you will reach Phoprang Danda at 3,190 meters above sea level, which is a perfect viewpoint to watch the scenes of the Himalayas of Nepal.

From Phoprang Danda, you will walk uphill through the trail that leads to Shin Gompa. Sing Gompa is also called Chandan Bari, where you can see the Yak Cheese factory. You will stay overnight at a teahouse.

Day 11: Trek to Gosaikunda.

Location: Gosaikunda

Gosaikunda Altitude: 4,381 Meters

Accommodation: Tea House

This is the phase where your dream comes true. This is the day you will travel to Gosaikunda lake, a holy place for Hindu devotees. It is a pristine freshwater lake where Hindu devotees believe in the sacred place of Lord Shiva and Gauri. As per the Puranas of the Hindu religion, the Samundra Manthan is related to Gosaikunda Lake.

Besides religious values, Gosaikunda is a highly alluring lake in the world due to its presence at high altitudes and the surrounding vegetation. The areas around the lake are clean and green, and the mountainous structure gives it a more pleasant look. Similarly, trekkers have admired the climate around this region over the years.

To reach Gosaikunda, you must walk around 4 to 5 hours from Shin Gompa. You also can hike to Surya Peak from here. While returning, you will have to reach Cholangpati.

Day 12: Trek to Ghopte Odar

Location: Ghopte Odar

Ghopte Odar Altitude: 3,440 Meters

Accommodation: Tea House

On the twelfth day of Langtang Gosaikunda Trek, you will return from Gosaikunda lake. Your destination is Ghopte Odar, and to reach there, you will have to cross the Gosaikunda Pass and walk for around 4 to 5 hours.

Dense alpine forests filled with greenery and rich natural vegetation are on the route. You can enjoy the views of Langtang from the spot, so don’t worry about having thrills during the trek.

Day 13: Trek to Kutumsang

Location: Kutumsang

Kutumsang Altitude: 2,470 Meters

Accommodation: Tea House

From Ghopte Odar, you will be targeting Kutumsang as your next destination. The main attractions of Kutumsang are its pleasant climate and peaceful environment. Situated at 2,470 meters above sea level, it also offers a spectacular view of the Himalayas in the north.

It takes around 5 to 6 hours to reach Kutumsang from Ghopte Odar, and your hike will feature the same dense forested areas rich with a variety of species of flora and fauna.

Day 14: Trek to Chisapani Danda.

Location: Chisapani Danda

Chisapani Danda Altitude: 2,195 Meters

Accommodation: Tea House

Chisapani is a beautiful tourist area that is considered one of the famous viewpoints to watch the series of mountain peaks, including Langtang, Shisha Pangma, Dorje Lakpa, and many others. Similarly, the place has a natural pond, Chisapani Kunda, rich in natural vegetation.

If you want, you can delve into the pristine water of the Chisapani Kunda. To reach Chisapani Danda, you must walk around 5 to 6 hours from Kutumsang. You can find several accommodating options here, but you will be staying in a comfortable tea house overnight.

Day 15: Trek 3 – 4 hrs to Sundarijal.

Location: Sundarijal

Sundarijal Altitude: 1,380 Meters

Accommodation: Hotel

On the fifteenth day of your Langtang Gosaikunda Trek, you will descend downhill from Chisapani Danda early in the morning. You will walk down through the local villages and communities rich in traditional Nepalese culture.

Similarly, you will pass across Shivapuri National Park, which is rich in vegetation, flora, and fauna. It is a protected area designed to conserve wildlife and forest. From there, you will walk down to Sundarijal, which lies 1,380 meters above sea level. The total trek time is around 3 to 4 hours from Chisapani. After you reach Sundarijal, you can visit the famous waterfall around the corner.

From Sundarijal, you will take a bus and reach the hotel after an hour’s ride. You will stay overnight at a hotel.

Day 16: International Departure.

It is the last day of Langtang Gosaikunda Trek – you will return to your home country via Tribhuvan International Airport. Our agent will drop you at the Airport, and after the submission of the necessary documents, you will take a flight to your home.

Costs Included:

  • Trekking permits (Langtang National Park Permit and TIMS Card)
  • Guide and Porter fees
  • Accommodation and meals during the trek
  • Tea-house lodges or camping equipment (if camping trek)
  • Transportation to and from the trek starting/ending point
  • Airport transfers (if included in the package)

Costs Excluded:

  • International and domestic airfare to and from Nepal
  • Nepalese visa fees
  • Travel insurance (mandatory)
  • Personal expenses such as laundry, phone calls, and snacks
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Extra nights’ accommodation in Kathmandu or other cities
  • Tips for guides and porters (expected but not mandatory)

Potential Hazards and Necessary Precautions

Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness is one of the significant hazards that you can encounter during the Langtang Gosaikunda Trek. Since Gosaikunda lake and other considerable destinations lie 4000 meters above sea level, you might suffer from altitude sickness. You can experience depleted air and oxygen levels in this region, which can even be life-threatening. So, it is essential to acclimatize during the trek. Take safety measures and follow the guidelines of your guides to ensure your safety. Always carry a first aid kit and oxygen supplements, and lower your altitude if you feel dizzy and get other symptoms of altitude sickness like nausea, vomiting, headaches, and fever.


The weather around Langtang and Gosaikunda Lake is unpredictable. If you are traveling during the off-season, then it can be more difficult. During the monsoon, the region features heavy rainfall, and snowfall does not let this place get away during the winter. So it’s better to pack weather-friendly clothes, rain gear, sun protection, and other layers for safety. Also, always mark the weather forecast before you start your Langtang Gosaikunda Trek.

Trail Conditions

During Langtang Gosaikunda Trek, you will experience the rugged, steep, and rocky trail, which makes your hike challenging. That’s the main reason we recommend sturdy hiking boots, as they have proper grip and can be helpful to avoid slips and falls while walking. Besides that, the physical state of your body is widely essential for this trek – as this is a 16-day trek, your body should have enough strength, energy, and stamina to carry on walking.

Cultural Norms

Langtang Gosaikunda trek takes you through diverse cultural communities, where they may have strict rules and regulations. Ensure you abide by these rules and don’t break any of them. Dress appropriately while entering the monasteries and always ask for permission before taking photos of people and monasteries.

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Is the Langtang Gosaikunda Trek Right for You?


Overall, Langtang Gosaikunda Trek is thrilling, taking you from Kathmandu’s vibrant and busy city to Gosaikunda in Rasuwa. This trek will be pleasing as you traverse from Langtang Village to Kyanjin Gompa and Gosaikunda Lake.

Langtang Gosaikunda Trek is a famous trek in Nepal; for sure, you can undertake this hike to have a closer view of the Himalayan lifestyle in the Rasuwa district, which is rich in Buddhist and Hindu backgrounds. Monasteries like Kyanjin Gompa and Shin Gompa are rich in Buddhist significance, while Gosaikunda Lake carries great value in the Hindu religion. So if you plan to embark on this trek, contact us for more information; we will help as much as we can and customize your itineraries according to your interests and preferences.

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