Adventure Sports in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal

Adventure Sports in Nepal: Nepal with varied destinations for all types of adventure to leisure and challenging sports offers an extension trip to your choice for extra thrills.

01: Ultra Light Aircraft

Ultra Light Aircraft

Ultra light aircraft take off from Pokhara and offer spectacular views of the lakes, mountains and villages. This is an ideal way to see life from a new perspective. The flights take place from sunrise to 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to sunset every day during these months.

02: Bungy Jump & Swing

bungee jumping in Nepal

Ultimate Bungy at The Last Resort in Nepal may be the most spectacular Bungy Jump on the Planet. This remarkable 500ft (160m) drop into the Bhoti Kosi River gorge on the Nepal/Tibet border is the longest Free-fall in the world. Extra a new in things in sports the swing which turns you into a pendulum swinging before the drop a great experience of a life time
experience is here for you with us.

03: Para Gliding

Paragliding in Nepal Pokhara

The main area for paragliding is the Pokhara valley, commanding views of 3 of the worlds 8000m peaks with friendly and constant conditions for your paragliding holiday.

04: Kayaking and clinic

Nepal offers another challenge in water sports kayaking on the torrent raging glacial rivers for the experts in Kayaking and water sports. For people who wants to know about Kayaking in Kathmandu or at Pokhara there are several Rafting Companies offering a day to a week course for interested people.

05: Cannoning

Nepal offers another water sports Cannoning, abseiling from the torrent waterfalls which is gaining popularity among the adventurous people this adventure can be done in a few hours which involves walk or hike to the waterfalls spots.

06: Sky Dive

Out of various adventure in Nepal, skydive is another sport that’s gaining p popularity every year, even though it’s an expensive adventure to do it, but it is o mind-blowing experience in the very nose of the high giant peaks of
Mt. Everest and its surrounding majestic peaks. It involves flying in a small plane near Everest and then jumping with the parachute depending upon the weather conditions.

07: Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon

This is one of a unique run and it has been recorded in the World’s Guinness Book of Record as the world’s highest marathon from Everest Base Camp at 5,360m to Namche Bazaar at 3,440m, distance 42,740 k.m. Every year on the 29th May to mark the anniversary conquest of this two legendary. We organize Ultra Marathon distance 55 k.m. in the Everest region on the same day and date.

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