Best Trekking Seasons in Nepal

Best Trekking Seasons in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country with majestic himalayan ranges and various culture. Trekking in Nepal is possible in every month of the  year. There is no restrictions on trekking month but the experience might differ from month to month. It is usually not recommended to trek around mountain ranges during winter due to the risks of avalanche and extreme coldness.

You need to prepare yourself differently in different weather, you might want to prepare different list of items during different season.

There are mainly two peak seasons to trek in Nepal. They are Spring ( February – March – April) and Autumn ( September – October – November ). 

Best Trekking Seasons in Nepal

Spring Season

Best Trekking Seasons in Nepal Spring Season

February, March and April are the Spring season in Nepal. This is the first peak season in Nepal, thousands of people travel from around the world to trek during these months.  You can expect clear skies and visible mountain peaks during this season.
However, during the early days of February the temperature is still low and there is low visibility, but we can expect high visibility from mid February.

The maximum temperature during Spring at elevation higher than 2000 m is 25 degrees  and can drop to 6 degrees.

You can look here to find out how each month is for trekking in Nepal.

Benefits of Trekking in Nepal in Spring

Clear and Sunny Days

Despite the cold temperature, the views are the best during February. As in Nepal only at the higher altitude, you will experience snow.

In the lower altitude, there is no snowfall and you will be able to experience great sunshine during the day. And later you will have a cool evening and night.

The days will be clear during March and April and you can view clear skies and breathtaking landscape in any time of the day.

Less Crowd

During Autumn season, the popular destinations like the Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp are full of trekkers.

Hence trekking in Nepal in February, March and April serve a much better time. Places like the Annapurna region becomes calm and quiet during this season and are not full of people like that in Autumn. This allows you to have a peaceful trekking experience.

This is a great time to trek for those people who enjoy solitude and do not like being among the crowd.

Autumn Season

Autumn Season Annapurna Circuit Trek

The autumn months of September, October and November is also the peak season for trekking in Nepal. The view during this season is spectacular, you can see the clear skies and walk in a warm temperature during the day. You can clearly view the sunrise and sunset, which is beautiful because it reflects back to the mountain ranges.

For people who are planning to trek during September may have to face some light rain during their trek. So, it is recommended to trek from mid-September to avoid rain.

The temperature is mild, it can reach upto 25 degrees and drop to 0 degrees at an altitude of 2000 m.

Benefits of Trekking in Nepal in Autumn

Perfect Weather

Autumn has perfect temperature and weather. Days are sunny and the temperature is moderate. But the temperature during early morning and nights are colder, yet bearable.

The visibility is clear and can view an amazing mountain. Trekking becomes comfortable and enjoyable with good climate and weather.

Clear Views and Beautiful Scenery

The weather during Autumn allows you to experience the best of nature. Due to a good climate and perfect weather you can enjoy the crystal clear view of the mountains.

The visibility is amazing in Autumn. The mountains, forest, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes are at their best. You will also see seasonal flowers in some hilly areas of Nepal.

Wide Options for Treks

All the popular trails in the Everest and Annapurna region are open during this season. All the high passes and small trekking peaks in the region are also open.

You can enjoy both short duration treks as well as long duration treks during this season. Short duration treks include Shivapuri Treks, Poonhill Treks. Long duration treks include Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

You will have an enjoyable trekking adventure in these regions in Autumn.


Spring and Autumn are considered as the best season to trek in Nepal. All the accommodation along with the trekking routes are open during Spring and Autumn. So, it becomes easy and comfortable for trekking in Nepal in these season. But do keep in mind that most of the popular treks are fully crowded too which is why pre-booking becomes an absolute must. You need to pre-arrange almost everything from your flight tickets to your hotel rooms. Let us do that for you, please contact us for it.

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