Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

Manaslu Circuit Trek in September is something you will rejoice by heart if you’re trekking, here in Nepal.

From the gloomy depths of Deng to lofty snow peaks and sprawling wild forest, everything about Manaslu Circuit Trek is appealing. Its stunning villages, pacific river beds, lush hills, and scintillating glaciers have travelers lose track of time.

The old trail witnessing diverse landscapes and shimmering mountains says it all for why trekkers want to visit the circuit, mostly in September. The month boasts some terrific views with picture-postcard country landscapes, lush-green terrains, and cliffs.

After months of blazing heat and dampness with a continuous downpour, September brings up a pleasant atmosphere. It leads off with mild weather and rainfall initially, but the climate gets better with intense sunlight as time goes by.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in September is astonishing with impressive sceneries, lovely atmosphere, and wilderness. It marks the beginning of Autumn with warm daylights, rustling trees, spectacular fields.

The hills are rolled up in vivid fall colors, followed by wildlife shows and serenity, which is overwhelming to watch. Since September is the festive season, trekkers at the circuit will get to know a lot about the Himalayan people’s rich traditions and customs.

The walk to Manaslu Circuit takes almost two weeks, passing through the old villages of Philim and Lho. Much of its path follows hills and valleys to reach the hilltop from where visitors can catch the glistening mountains, gushing rivers, and forests.

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

  • Snap scenic snow-capped mountains including Lamjung, Annapurna, and Manaslu
  • A brief tour of primordial Tibetan monasteries, Chorten, and mani walls
  • Glimpses of effusive waterfalls, fascinating gorges, and meadows
  • Pastoral landscapes, rolling hills, and charming village scenes
  • Witness exotic wildlife including Himalayan tahr, snow leopard, and musk deer

Why do Manaslu Circuit Trek in September?

Best Time for Manaslu Trek with Best Itinerary

Probably one of the most exhilarating treks of all, Manaslu Circuit is overwhelming with spectacular views. It’s breathtakingly charming, with undiscovered highlands, rocky ridge, and dense forests explored throughout the year.

However, the most fabulous time to witness the raw beauty of Manaslu Circuit in September, when the weather is at its peak. It has a pleasing ambiance with light wind and sunny days, which makes the trip enjoyable.

Trails of Manaslu Circuit in September are prepared to surprise visitors with marvelous settings. They are veiled in multi-colored leaves, which makes a cracking sound when stepped on.

Similarly, food in September varies widely, with all of it tasting delicious. If that’s not enough to make you travel the trek destination, then here are some other reasons why trekkers must climb Manaslu Circuit in September.

1. Mesmerizing view

There is no doubt that Autumn of all-season has the most splendid view with sweeping hills, vibrant villages, tranquil lakes, and beautiful forests. The circuit looks blissfully wonderful in the month with enticing scenes, magical fall colors, and crystal-clear sights.

Visitors of Manaslu Circuit Trek will get seasonal treats in September with autumn foliage and wildlife spectacles. The chirping of birds makes things even better and worth it doing the trek in September. Leaves that once burst in green start to turn color with the arrival of a month.

Many places radiate in orange, red, and gold, making everything look like a picture straight from a postcard. It shows the best of the region alongside a crystal clear view of Manaslu and Annapurna.

2. Cozy weather

The climate of Manaslu Circuit in September is what every trekker longs for during the trip. Its warm and crispy weather with a gust of wind has travelers fall for the month. The atmosphere is easygoing and familiar, making the circuit trek wonderful.

After the scorching heat of summer, September brings relief to the trekkers with fresh air. Its crisp and warm weather makes the trip incredibly exciting and comfortable than any other time.

Days are mildly warm during the month, while nights and mornings are slightly frigid with the temperature dropping below 0 Degree Celsius. With the arrival of autumn, days do get shorter in September but not to worry as you’ll be able to finish the trek before time.

3. Fewer Crowds

Compared to the crowds during the later month, September has relatively fewer visitors. It’s basically due to the presence of monsoon, which causes light rainfall and wind storms. Trails are filthy here and there, causing the trekkers to beat back their travel plan to the end of September or next.

In the midst of all, visitors of Manaslu Circuit Trek in September can take their time to explore the region. They wouldn’t have to fear getting disrupted or not having lonely time to visit the sites. Besides, there’s no pressure to match the pace of trekkers while traveling in a group.

4. Holiday season

September rouses the festive mood in Manaslu with locals celebrating Dashain and Tihar. You can witness the inhabitants full of beans and excited to glorify their culture and heritage. It’s also the best time to take a peek into the customs and traditions of the different ethnic groups and their way of celebrating the festivals.

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Preparations for Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

Preparations for Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

September may be the prime trekking season for Manaslu Circuit in Nepal. But, that doesn’t mean it requires no preparation. Visitors will have to come fully prepared to finish the hike with ease. They have to design a proper workout plan and diet to get in shape and increase physical stamina.

Physical preparation

Just because it kicks off autumn doesn’t mean Manaslu Circuit Trek gets any more comfortable in September. The trek will remain one of the toughest, with a steep climb, which takes a lot of physical strength and forbearance.

Visitors will have to walk an average of 5-6 hours each day for up to 2 weeks, which is enough to make anyone exhausted. Therefore, visitors of Manaslu Circuit Trek in September must come with some experience and fitness training to beat the course.

It’ll ease their journey and make the trip comfortable and easy. Training with a backpack on a short-distance trail helps walk the circuit trek more easily. Building flexibility and core strength with a range of fitness exercises, including cardio and squat, helps prevent the difficulties.

Even though its trails are hiking-friendly, travelers must be in good shape. They’ll have to improve their balance to walk in the uneven terrain of Manaslu Circuit without getting injured.

Mental Preparation

Aside from physical preparation, Manaslu Circuit’s trekkers must be mentally strong to stay focused and overcome challenges during the trek. They have to be realistic and think practically before starting the tour.

Having a stable mind boosts the confidence of hikers to defy the trek difficulties. It also helps them stay calm and overcome the self-doubt arising during the trip. Hence, you must read your body and avoid too much stress while on the trail.

It’s easy to lose forbearance in pressure or the absence of trek essentials. Therefore you must ensure to have all the equipment needed for Manaslu Circuit Trek in September. It’s better to carry some snacks to get the energy required.

Trekking essentials

Breakdown of Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost

Trekking the Manaslu Circuit trek requires advanced preparation and planning, but it also involves many hiking gears. It’s tough to get the trip done without essential apparel, especially with all the rough terrains and steep hills.

You mustn’t forget the essentials needed for the hike depending on the season. A little bit of inquiring into the Manaslu Circuit trek will help you decide what basic items are required for the walk.

Unlike winter, you don’t have to carry heavy clothes or insulated jackets. As for September, you can bring light clothes, but make sure that they protect you from heat. Probe the trails to determine which footwear is best for the trek.


  • Windcheater or down jacket to prevent cold
  • Lightweight trousers and quick-drying pants
  • Moisture-wicking t-shirts
  • Fleece pants
  • Long sleeve shirt

Footwear and socks

  • Sturdy hiking shoes that can resist water
  • Non-slippery climbing boots suited to the terrain
  • A couple of pair of synthetic socks

Other Miscellaneous

  • Extra batteries, charger, and power bank
  • First-aid kit
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, and shampoo
  • Personal toiletries
  • Water filter

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Difficulties of Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

Difficulties of Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

With delightful weather, mesmeric sceneries, and staggering snow peaks, September makes the Manaslu Circuit trek the best time. It stands pleasant weather that tempts visitors and makes them stay in the spot for as long as possible.

Despite the favorability and comfort, visitors have many trek difficulties to surmount to reach the circuit. Some of the challenges that hikers will have to combat during the trek in September are as follows.

1. Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is pretty much what horrifies the trekkers of Manaslu Circuit. They attempt to dodge it as much as possible. But regardless of trying hard, most of the travelers suffer from acute mountain sickness due to high altitude and low air density.

The rapid change in barometric pressure at a higher elevation causes difficulty in breathing. It also sees trekkers feeling dizziness, nausea, and insomnia due to immediate exposure without any adjustments.

It begins with minor symptoms like headaches and gets intense with time. Therefore, hikers will have to take preventive measures before ascending high. Taking proper rest and avoiding direct climb to the circuit usually helps prevent altitude sickness.

2. Unpredictable Weather

The weather at Manaslu Circuit Trek is unforeseeable, making the expedition a lot more challenging and strenuous. In general, September endures delightful weather that’s perfect for hiking the circuit.

But, leaving aside the daytime, Manaslu Circuit’s weather is cold, with the temperature dropping below -3 Degree Celsius. The chilly weather in the morning and nights is intimidating and stressful for traveling Manaslu Circuit. So, it’s better to bring some warm clothes on the trip to Manaslu Circuit to withstand the frigid climate.

3. Long and switchback trails

Sure, the Manaslu Circuit trek isn’t technically challenging, but it’s still hard with an endless trail that rises and falls. The path stretching from Soti Khola is more than 80 miles with continuous uphill and down. Tracks in most sections are steep, taking extra time and strength to put up.

From the lower end of the trailhead, the paths are steep with rocks and boulders. Towering cliffs and valleys add more obstacles to the journey of Manaslu Circuit. Hence climbers must spend a fair bit of time in the gym and work on their fitness.

4. Dehydration

It’s normal for hikers to have dehydration on the way to Manaslu Circuit due to steep trails that never come to an end. Following the arduous walk, travelers often feel dizzy on the journey, especially while climbing hills.

Hence trekkers must take great care of their health and drink as much water as possible. They mustn’t keep walking the trail for too long without drinking fluid or staying thirsty. If the hikers are feeling too tired or dizzy, they must seek medical help.

Drinking a bottle of water or an energy drink is just not enough for the hike. Therefore, hikers must ensure that they drink at least 5 liters of water to stay hydrated and fit for the walk. It’s even better to carry some snacks and bars to obtain energy.

5. Accommodation

With the start of autumn, trekkers will find themself amidst travelers from all around the world. It instantly affects the accommodation with lodges and tea houses being occupied. It’s quite hard to get standard service.

Settlements in higher elevations only have family-run tea houses where the services are fundamental. Apart from a single bed, pillow, and blanket, it’s impossible to get any additional amenities here.

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FAQs – Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

Where is Manaslu Circuit? How far is it from Kathmandu?

1. Where is Manaslu Circuit? How far is it from Kathmandu?

Manaslu Circuit lies at the edge of Nubri Valley below the sub-range of the Himalayas in north-central Nepal. It’s more than 126 km far from Kathmandu, with the trek starting from Soti Khola. It passes through several villages, climbs hills and valleys to reach the circuit.

2. Other than September, which another month is best for the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

October and April are quite famous for Manaslu Circuit Trek as both seasons offer a soothing and restful atmosphere that’s perfect for travel. The weather is captivating during the month, with warm days filled with sunshine. The nights are slightly cold but enough to forbear, unlike winter.

3. Is the solo trek of Manaslu Circuit possible?

Unlike Langtang Valley and Everest Base Camp, Manaslu Circuit is hard to travel alone, especially for those new to the region. Its track isn’t easy to traverse, with continuous ups and downs that take hours.

Its remoteness and rugged trails add more to the difficulty level, making it incredibly hard for trekkers to pass. Therefore, travelers of Manaslu Circuit are recommended to hire a pro guide who knows the area quite well and can steer you all along without any trouble.

4. Do I need a trekking permit for Manaslu Circuit?

Of course, you need a trekking permit for the circuit trek as it nestles in the Manaslu Conservation Area. And since it’s a restricted area, you’ll have to take permission to travel to the region. Trekkers must buy Manaslu Conservation Area Permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit to hike the circuit. It costs US$70 per person for the first week and an additional US$7 for each day from thereon.

5. How much does Manaslu Circuit Trek cost?

Manaslu Circuit Trek’s cost depends on the length of stay and service standard during the trek. Those who choose lavish amenities will have to pay more than the trekkers who don’t mind having regular facilities.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek in September can cost you about US$1,200 to US$1,500 based on the facilities. If the trek itinerary is longer than two weeks, you’ll have to pay more than the amount.

6. Is the trek doable by beginners?

As a moderate level hike, Manaslu Circuit Trek is doable by beginners but with extra precautions. You’ll have to hire a pro trek guide who can steer the way to Manaslu Circuit from Soti Khola. Moreover, the trekkers will have to be physically fit to beat the craggy trails and make it to the top.

7. How can I avoid altitude sickness?

Altitude Sickness is normal during Manaslu Circuit as merely a few people can avoid it. With the trails rising gradually up to 15,750 ft. high, the atmospheric pressure gets low in the circuit. It’s why trekkers climbing the circuit are recommended to take their time instead of getting a rush.

There’s no better way to prevent acute mountain sickness than altitude acclimatization. Therefore, hikers must spend enough time adjusting to the temperature and gently climb the higher altitude.

8. What kind of accommodation is available during Manaslu Circuit Trek?

There’s a great variety of accommodation facilities during Manaslu Circuit Trek in September. From hotels to lodges and tea houses, you can find a lot of options to pick from. Tea houses are the most common accommodation service in the region as they are affordable and excellent. The benefits are rudimentary with a small room, clean bed, and blanket but worth the value.

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