Mustang Trek in Monsoon (June, July, August)

Mustang Trek in June, July, August

June, July and August are monsoon season in Nepal. This is not the perfect time to trek to the popular places of Nepal, especially at the Everest and Annapurna region.Yet, for rain-shadow areas of the Himalayas, Mustang Trek in June, July, August can be a great time.

Every year, the popularity of Mustang trek increases among the local youths and foreign trekkers.

The region of Mustang is geographically divided into 2- Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang. Each of them has it’s own unique points and advantages.

Treks to both the regions of Mustang is possible in Monsoon. It can be an ideal time to visit this area with fewer crowds and cost.

Weather and Temperature during Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang lies in the rain-shadow region of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains. So, there is hardly Monsoon in Upper Mustang.

Treks to Upper Mustang is ideal during monsoon. The average daytime temperature ranges from 13°C to 20°C during the monsoon months of June, July and August.

During the night, the temperature can drop down to -3°C.

The temperature is highest on average in June.

The average temperature is around 11 °C. You will enjoy the dry weather and moderate climate during this time of the year.

Lower Mustang

The conditions of Lower Mustang is quite different from Upper Mustang during these months.

June: The warmest of the months in Lower Mustang in June. The average temperatures during the day are 32.6°Celsius. At night, it rarely drops below 21.8°C. June is the driest of the three months.

July: In late July, Lower Mustang is more likely to receive snowfall or rainfall. It is nothing like the torrential rainfalls faced by most parts of Nepal.

During this month, the trails can be wet and slippery. From the 3rd-4th week of July, there is an average of 6 days of significant precipitation.

August: It is the most humid month of the three.

Note: Among the three months, June is the best month to do treks in Lower Mustang. It has the best weather. For Upper Mustang, there is not much difference in weather.

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Highlights of Mustang Trek in June, July, August

Highlights of Mustang Trek in June, July, August

Upper Mustang

You can enjoy the following highlights throughout June, July and August

  • No muddy or slippery trails. Upper Mustang sees little to no rainfall during the months of June, July and August. Hence, the trails are not muddy or slippery. You can do the trek in comfort without getting wet.
  • No leech or mosquito infested trails. Due to the altitudes of Upper Mustang, you will not find trails infested with leech or mosquito here. Regardless of the month you trek in, Upper Mustang sees little to no presence of leech or mosquito.
  • Favorable and clear weather with high visibility. With little to no rain, the visibility of the Upper Mustang is great in summer. There are hardly any clouds to block the view. You can enjoy everything Upper Mustang has to offer in the monsoon months.

Lower Mustang

Throughout the months of June, July and August, you can enjoy the following highlights during your treks to Lower Mustang:

  • Less crowded trails. These monsoon months are the off-season for treks to Nepal. Hence, these months see the least number of trekkers in the region. You can enjoy the trails at your own pace and comfort. You will not have to hurry to get your choice of tea houses or rooms.
  • The full glory of natural water resources. As most parts of Nepal receive a good amount of rainfall during these months, you can enjoy the full glory of rivers and lakes in the region. You will also find several streams and waterfalls on the trails that are absent for the rest of the year.
  • Lush green landscapes. With the arrival of monsoon in later July, you can find rich and luscious natural life on the trails. From lush-green forests to the presence of wildlife, you can enjoy nature in the monsoon months.
  • Mukti Dhara. Mukti Dhara translates to “Wall of Water-Taps” in Nepali. In the temple of Muktinath, there is a Mukti Dhara. It has 108 water-spouts jostling water from the Gandaki River.

The locals and the devotees believe that the waters of this place are holy. So, despite the cold water, they take bath here to cleanse themselves. During the months of June, July and August, instead of the trickles of water from the taps, you can enjoy gushing water.

  • Yartung Mela festival. The local Yarlung Mela festival takes places in the full moon of August. It is 3 days long celebrations in Mustang.

Locals from all over Mustang and neighboring region come to participate in the festival. You can enjoy the locals showcasing their skills in horse riding, archery, horse riding gymnastics.

You can also enjoy picnics, local culture and tradition during this festival.

  • Janai Purnima: During the festival of Janai Purnima, you can meet Hindu pilgrims from different places in Mustang. They are here to visit the holy temple of Muktinath.

The Hindu pilgrims believe that a visit to Muktinath Temple and a dip in the ponds in the shrine cleanses one’s sins.

  • You have the full attention of the hospitality of the local tea houses. You can have a more intimate experience with the local people of the region.

Mustang Trek in Monsoon: Solo or Group

Lower Mustang:

June: Both solo and group treks are great for June. The weather and trail conditions in June is ideal for treks to Lower Mustang.

You can easily find good places to stay and eat at.

Due to the low number of guests, the tea houses, cafes are able to provide full hospitality services for you. Hence, you should not face any troubles whether you are trekking solo or in a group.

July and August: Solo treks are not ideal for trekking to Nepal, including Lower Mustang. The trails are muddy and slippery.

There are portions of trails that can get swept by rain, mudslides, and landslides. The weather becomes more unpredictable.

Trekking with a guide or traveling companion is a must for safety reasons in July and August. Having a professional guide promises you get updates on weather and trail conditions.

A professional guide can also offer opinions of trails to take and avoid.

Upper Mustang

Solo treks are not possible to Upper Mustang throughout the year. Upper Mustang falls in the category of restricted region trek in Nepal. According to the Government of Nepal, solo treks to these regions is not possible. To trek in this region, you must have an association with the trekking company. Plus you must go with a licensed guide or porter.

Clothing for Mustang Trek in Monsoon

Lower Mustang

June: Make sure to carry inner layers made from moisture-wicking fabric. It can get quite warm during June.

Waterproof Clothing and sturdy boots are the musts for this trek.

July and August: Breathable rain gear is essential during these months. You may face sudden downpours or snowfalls. Be sure to carry crampons or spikes. These help you overcome slippery or snowy trails easily.

During these months, the humidity of the region can be a problem. Make sure you choose clothes made from quick-drying fabric. Avoid cotton clothes during these months.

Also, have waterproof covers for your backpack or duffles. The trails will be leech and mosquito infested. Be ready with salt, insect repellents. Or, simply pack some gaiters and long sleeves to prevent any bites.

Make sure you pack a sleeping bag with liners.

Note: Make sure you pack all the trekking essentials for a high altitude trek. Do go through your checklist for Mustang Trek packing essentials.

Upper Mustang

Unlike Lower Mustang, you will not need the rain gear for this part of the trek.

June and July: Make sure to carry inner layers made from moisture-wicking fabric. It can get quite warm during June and July.

Also, have a pair of warm layers. During the nights, the temperatures can drop. Having a buff, sunglasses and some protective headgear is essential. The wind can be quite strong during the summer days.

August: The temperatures drop a little by August. Make sure you pack a pair of fleece pants and shirt. These come handy during the cold mornings and night.

Transportation for Mustang Trek in Monsoon

Transportation for Mustang Trek in Monsoon

Land Transportation

Lower Mustang: Transportation is the main challenge for treks in Monsoon.


June is the best month of the three for treks to Lower Mustang. The conditions of the trails are good and dry. Land transportation will not have any problems.

July and August:

From mid-July, the trails become wet and visibility gets poor. Thus, it would be good to avoid bus travel to remoter areas. The risk of landslide, mudslide and flood increases during these months. Hence, it might take longer to reach your destinations by land. You may have to spend overnight in the vehicle or lodges nearby.

While on the trekking trails, avoid distant or unmarked trails during these months. The trails may damage due to weather conditions and you may remain stranded.

Upper Mustang: For Upper Mustang, transportation is not challenging within the region. Yet, getting to and from Upper Mustang can be troublesome. The best way to Upper Mustang is through Lower Mustang.

Air Transportation

Lower Mustang:

June, July and August: Due to the weather conditions in Pokhara, you can run into some delays- flight cancellations, flight delays.

Upper Mustang:

Once in Upper Mustang, you will not run into troubles due to the weather conditions. During late August, there might be low visibility problems.

For these months, air transportation is ideal for Upper Mustang Treks. You don’t have to face the challenging road conditions of Lower Mustang to get to Jomsom.

Trekking Permits Required for June, July, August

Lower Mustang: June, July and August

ACAP – NPR: 2000 ($20)

TIMS- $10 with trekking staff

– $20 without trekking staff

Upper Mustang: June, July, and August

In addition for Lower Mustang trek, you need the following permit:

Restricted region Permit: For the first 10 days, USD $500 per person.

USD $50 per day per person, for every additional day after 10 days.

Mustang Trek in Monsoon Safety Tips

Lower Mustang in June, July, and August

  • The weather conditions in these months are quite unpredictable. Beautiful, sunny days can bring sudden downpours. Hence, always keep yourself updated on the weather conditions. Ask around, check your weather forecasting apps.
  • Keep buffer days in your trekking itineraries during these months. These are important to avoid landslides, floods, mudslides in and around the area.
  • Have a travel insurance. The slippery and muddy trails in lower Mustang can lead to slips, falls, injuries. Having a travel insurance with emergency evacuation and rescue is a must in such cases.

Upper Mustang in June, July, and August

  • Always keep yourself hydrated. At high altitude treks like Upper Mustang trek, this helps to keep altitude sickness at bay.
  • Have proper headgear for your Upper Mustang trek. During these months the wind can be quite rough. Having proper headgear and clothes can prevent skin rashes, dry skin. It can also protect you from dust and strong sunlight.

Accommodation and Meals during Monsoon

Nepalese Food

Most of the lodges and tea-houses are open during these months. These are the off-peak months for treks. So the tea houses look forward to the few trekkers during these months.

You can enjoy the full hospitality and attention of the local tea houses and cafes in the region.

Due to the low number of trekkers in these months, you can have your pick of tea houses to eat and stay at.

The choice of meals and drinks is very basic. Some places or tea houses offer more choice than others.

Some of the choices you may have are local, traditional cuisine, some choices of noodles, soup, dumplings.

Try the local delicacies of sha-baley (fried bread with some fillings- vegetables or meat). You can also try the local variations of noodle soup, mushroom soup.

Also, try the local tea made of butter and salt instead of the usual sweet tea. You will find the local trekking staff enjoying these in the morning.

Final Thoughts

June, July and August are the beautiful months to trek to Mustang. You can enjoy the trails and mountain scenery at your own pace without the crowds.

For adventure lovers, some of the obstacles faced in Lower Mustang can be a good challenge.

Besides trekking, you can take part in the local activities of festivities and indulge in adventure sports in the region.

Besides the Mustang trek in Monsoon, there are other great treks you can do in Nepal during this season as well.

For any of these or questions and queries of Mustang trek, feel free to contact us.

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