Trekking in Nepal for Beginners

Trekking in Nepal for Beginners

Who doesn’t like a good hike, especially, the one where nature is at its best. A great hiking trail always folds the simplest and most exquisite scenery, leaving people in awe. And that’s exactly what trekking in Nepal is all about.

A green foliage backdrop with scenic mountain front onto and continuous sweep of breeze that makes anything look better. The trail here amazes visitors with sublime nature’s beauty, quaint landscapes, and luscious forest spread all through the region.

Most of them stick to the quiet path and meanders along a hilly region with lush greenery that’ll hold your interest. There’s a pretty good chance for travelers to run across a wide species of animals while traveling deep inside the woods.

Moreover, the trek routes are easy to navigate and can be done within a short period of time. Trekking in Nepal for beginners is less difficult but equally exciting and fun. Every hiking destination offers a jaw-dropping view of snow-capped mountains, stunning forest trails, and sociable people.

Trekking in Nepal for beginners

Trekking will never be easy unless you do it with your heart and enjoy the trail to the fullest. As long as you’re able to connect with the route and environs, everything else will fall into place. Therefore, while picking a destination for walks, go with the one that comforts you rather than the one that’s best rated.

The distance, of course, is key to every hike so, be considerate of what you choose. Luckily, for Nepal, there are dozens of hiking trails that are anywhere from easy to moderate to offer hikers.

Most of them are well-marked and run through villages, making it easy for hikers to navigate. Those who have just started trekking will get to enjoy the scenic vista through these treks with no pain and extra effort. Below are the top 10 trekking in Nepal for beginners.

1. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Maximum Altitude: 3210 meters

Time Duration: 4-5 days

Those who’re not a big fan of long-distance walks are likely to approach the trail of Ghorepani Poon Hill. It has the easiest and most restful trek routes to attract every other hiker who despises walking too much.

The 22 miles hike across pouring rivers and grassy cliffs to the fore of Pokhara provide breathtaking views. Unlike most treks, it’s an easy climb to the viewpoint, leaving few precipitous hills and jagged paths.

The moving trail prepares hikers for an incredible journey, preceding through vibrant valleys and forest. Far from the madding crowd, it quickly visits staggering Ghorepani which was earlier a trade route for ancient merchants.

As a gateway to Poon Hill, Ghorepani too offers magnificent sightseeing of snow peaks. The ramble from the rest stop is uphill with almost 1km distance to the viewpoint. Travel the hill station before dawn and dusk to watch the sun smiling upon the valley. As the hill station lies at an elevation of 3210 meters, you can clearly geek at Annapurna massif, Nilgiri Himal, and Dhampus.

2. Ghandruk Trek


Maximum Altitude: 2012 meters

Trek Duration: 3-4 days

Hike off the trail to Ghandruk for a stunning vista of Annapurna range and extreme wilderness. Unpretentiously, it’s one of the best treks that any non-hiker can come across during a visit to Nepal.

Ghandruk is an amazing Gurung village in Annapurna with historic wooden houses, diverse culture, and foothills surrounded by terrace farms. As it’s just a few hours away from Pokhara, traversing the route is super quick and easy

With its rushing streams, a glorious village that reflects Nepalese art and culture, Ghandruk frolics with something for everyone. The trek kicks off from Pokhara and traverses along the way through Pothana to reach Ghandruk.

The walk to this remote village is so relaxing that you’ll forget about the exhaustion and tensity of the trek. Moreover, it offers a glorious view of Mt. Machhapuchhre and Hiunchuli that no trekkers have to escalate the peak.

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3. Lower Manaslu Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

Maximum Altitude: 3220 meters

Trek Duration: 11-13 days

Lower Manaslu Trek is a typical example of what trekking in Nepal for beginners is like and how it feels to voyage the route. Hiking the trail is profoundly easy and pays off big time through mind-blowing scenery and landforms.

The trek wraps everything from the ancient Nepalese culture to archeological sites and holy pilgrimage. Travelers can take a look into the diverse culture and learn about the religious practices embraced by different ethnic groups during the tour to local villages.

As a threshold to the Himalayas, Lower Manaslu Trek is looked at with great interest. It provides a wonderful view of snow peaks including Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Ganesh Himal.

The 80 miles trek to Lower Manaslu starts from Ghairung before passing a historic landmark, Gorkha Durbar. Its classic trail reminds of a fresh painting of natural scenery while crossing Sirandanda and Laprak.

4. Panchase Trek

Spring at Annapurna Base Camp

Maximum Altitude: 2500 meters

Trek Duration: 3 day

With wet river beds, backdrop straight from the Himalayas, and wooded hills, Panchase Trek has captivated nature-lovers for a long time. Its easily reachable routes with carefree villages and kindest locals have made hikers awe-struck.

Those who are pressed for time often take a stroll down the woodland path of Panchase, savoring inescapable vista. The journey starting from Pokhara stows impressive verdure and pastel landscapes which refreshes the mind of a traveler.

The trail making a run from Pumdi is a bit craggy but still fun to do. You can always have a heartwarming view of snow peaks, gushing rivers, and valleys all to yourself while taking care of errands.

Upon reaching the village, you can have a mesmerizing glimpse of Annapurna I and Dhaulagiri I. Moreover, there’s a luscious forest covered with wildflowers and orchids which visitors can explore anytime.

5. Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek

Maximum Altitude: 4300 meters

Trek Duration: 10-12 days

No matter how many places you’ve trekked and discovered, nowhere you’ll find a gem like Langtang Valley Trek. It’s a quintessence of trekking in Nepal for beginners, providing easy access. Whoever can resist a minimal 6-7 hour walk on a rugged trail will simply pull off the trek without any strain.

Hikers usually reserve 10-12 days to traverse Langtang Valley that rolls from Syabru Besi. Major trailheads from Lama Hotel are unpaved and wind through steep hills which can be a little challenging to overcome.

Trails are mostly busy during autumn with hundreds of travelers flocking to the region just to glance at the mountain and store serenity. So, if you expect to have privacy and some lone time on the trail then do it at the end or beginning of the season.

The place is so intriguing that you can’t help but stay in the region for as much time as possible. Make the most of your holiday and visit wonderful Kyanjin Gompa and get a taste of local cheese at a nearby factory.

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6. Everest Panorama View Trek

Quickest Way To Everest Base Camp

Maximum Altitude: 3870 meters

Trek Duration: 6-10 days

Say no to the tough trails of Everest Base Camp if only you wish to catch the sublime beauty of Mt. Everest. Instead, take a short course of Everest Panorama and give our feet a break from hiking which else would have to walk for almost two weeks.

A favorite with all novice hikers, Everest Panorama Trek comes with a splendor view in a little sauntering. Even though the trip starts with a short flight from Kathmandu, the actual trek gets going from Lukla.

Mountaineers go through a zigzagged trail that scales uphill to Khumbu and Namche Bazaar before stopping at Tengboche Monastery. Along the route, they pass quaint villages, ancient monasteries, and prayer flags fluttering in the wind.

Traces of ancient Tibetan culture and rich history will send travelers to delight during a stay at the monastery. They can also use the spare time to check out a heart-pounding view of Mt. Everest and Ama Dablam.

7. Dhorpatan Trek

Dhorpatan Trek

Maximum Altitude: 3850 meters

Trek Duration: 10-11 days

Amidst the soaring popularity of Annapurna and Everest, Dhorpatan can be easily overlooked but not its grandeur. Trekkers in quest of a less difficult and adventurous holiday can count on the trek at any day.

Located on the west of Pokhara, Dhorpatan can be traveled in a short space of time without too many difficulties. Most of the trails are quiet and swept by green meadows, incredible landscapes, and remote settlements.

As the only hunting reserve in Nepal, the sanctuary allows visitors to hunt certain animals at some parts but we recommend not to do so. Instead, you must enjoy the moment and discover as many wild animals as possible

The starting point for Dhorpatan Trek is Beni, a colorful and stunning village in Myagdi district. The trail is slightly off-beaten from here inclines many hills, past forests, and Chorten which is rejuvenating to watch.

8. Balthali Village Trek

Maximum Altitude: 1730 meters

Trek Duration: 3-5 days

Being under the table for too long, not many people have heard about the Balthali Village. But let me assure you, it’s one of the plain sailing and easily attainable trekking in Nepal for beginners.

The trail scrambling to the village is real smooth and relaxing to scout at any season. Sights from the hilltop are no less than watching a live paradise. Along the route, there’re religious shrines, exquisite views of mountains, and roaring streams.

The village lies 40km southeast of Kathmandu so hikers of all ages can effortlessly make it to the destination. You can enjoy the rolling landscapes, green steppes, and historic villages that have been in the region for years. The highlight of the expedition has to be an old Newari town of Panauti, fabulous Namo Buddha stupa, and terrace fields.

9. Helambu Trek

Helambu Trek Maximum Altitude: 3490 meters

Trek Duration: 5-8 days

It’s the premier choice of every trekker who dislikes spending much time on the trail and rather enjoys nature. With an easy and short-distance trail, Helambu marks as the finest trekking in Nepal for beginners.

It’s a great alternative for rookies as the village itself lies 80km far-off from Kathmandu. The remote settlement is home to an indigenous tribe called Hyolmo. Therefore, on your stay here, you will come to know more about their history and native culture.

Roosted at the Himalaya’s highland, Helambu offers a magnificent view of Jugal Himal and Rolwaling ranges. Its rugged routes pass through some of the most splendid scenery including Lauribina La Pass and Melamchi Valley.

The path moves through Shivapuri National Park so visitors can witness plenty of wild animals. They’ll also get to relish some cascading waterfalls, a dense bamboo forests filled with rhododendron.

10. Khopra Danda Trek

Khopra Danda Trek

Maximum Altitude: 4130 meters

Trek Duration: 8-11 days

Another most iconic trekking in Nepal for beginners is Khopra Danda Trek. Trekkers who want to experience the Himalayas lifestyle but without any struggle approach Khopra Danda. It’s a complete pack of everything that a hiker can ever dream of.

The walk is moderate and gets underway from Tikhedhunga, previous to advancing Ghorepani. Scale to forested mountain leads travelers to Upper Chistibung and finally Khopra Danda which can be a bit strenuous to travel.

It’s always delightful to walk the classic trail of Khopra that has been a prime trekking destination for so many years. Eco freaks can travel into the woods to explore nature wearing shades of life force.

Locals are really genial here so you can always have someone to talk and guide around. Taking a quick tour of the nearby village is a good idea to know furthermore about the traditional practices and values adopted by people in the region.

What is the best time for beginners to trek in Nepal?

Treks in Nepal are so indulgent and invigorating that every visitor is drawn to the trail, somewhere or the other. Despite the jagged routes of Himalayas, they are well prepared to undertake any mountain hike all year round.

While this is feasible for pro hikers, beginners will still struggle to travel mountainous regions during monsoon and winter. Provided the adverse weather, the amateur trekker will have to overcome a lot of challenges for better or worse before arriving at the destination.

Therefore, it’s wise to pick the right time for trekking in Nepal which is so often Autumn. The season has well-balanced weather with sunny days and mild nights. Cool breezes from mountain fill the air, causing morning to be slightly chilly and refreshing.

Forests are cheered with vibrant fall foliage that appears starting September and fades away by the end of November. The trails look beautiful with colorful leaves that make a lovely whisper.

The sky is clear during the time so you can have a closer look at the mountains and vibrant valleys. As for temperature, it keeps fluctuating but never goes below 0 degrees Celsius unless you reach the high altitude.

Just like autumn, spring too has a pleasant atmosphere with an average temperature ranging above 10 Degree Celsius. Falling right after winter, the early few days of March can be slightly cold with frosty weather. But, after the end of the month, the days start to lighten up with beautiful sunshine while mornings are cool and placid.

Forest along the trail turns green after nearly 3 months of cloud-cover. And by April, there are full-bloom Rhododendrons covering the entire forest which is amusing to watch.

Noted as an offseason, monsoon and winter do have much likable weather. In fact, there’s heavy rainfall during the time around monsoon, which makes the trail slippery to walk. The views are not so great either with dark clouds covering the mountain most of the day.

Meanwhile, in winter, the weather is extremely harsh with the temperature dropping below minus. Mornings and nights are unbearably cold in places at high altitudes and can cause altitude sickness.

Although the season starts from December in Nepal, it’s January that endures the coldest climatic condition. There’s heavy snowfall in most parts of the Himalayas which makes the body freeze. So, if you want to get the better of your trip to Nepal then consider spring or autumn season for the visit.

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