Weather In Nepal In November

Weather In Nepal In November Introduction: November is one of such times when Nepal remains busy hosting tourists around the world. Autumn season, the peak season for traveling in Nepal is on the brink of departure during November. Hence, thousands of people come to Nepal in November before the coldest Winter season arrives. How come that not when November has everything in its basket; clear visibility, rain-less days, mesmerizing views, mild temperature, and a stable climate. Reason for all these perks: November is taken as the best time for adventures in Nepal.

As you may know, Nepal is known for its scenic tours and adventurous trekking trails. There are cities and places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini for the tour excuses. Similarly, Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, and Manaslu Circuit Trek are some of the popular mentions for trekking. You get abundant alternatives to do in your travel time. Yet not every month lets you do so as there can be different climatic conditions. You have to be aware of the best months to travel in Nepal so as not to ruin your hardly gained free time. Luckily, November is one of the friendly months to travel in Nepal, it will let you make the most of your travel time.

Knowing just “November is the ideal month for wandering in Nepal” is not enough. You need to get more into its weather, its perks, tips for this month. So, we came up with this article to help you know about the weather in Nepal in November and other related info about this month. Moreover, we have also added some of the tours and trekking options that you can do in November. It’s all for your ease, so have an awesome read.

Weather in Nepal in November

Everest Base Camp Trek in November

November’s weather is awesome for outdoor activities in Nepal. As mentioned earlier, November is one of the three months of the Autumn season. So, you know how it is during Autumn right? Well, Autumn is the time when most people manage breaks from a busy life to travel around the world. And remember Autumn is not finished until it is November.

Honestly, the weather in Nepal in November is just ideal and at its best for any kind expeditions. That is, the weather is more stable than ever and the temperature is also mild. Yet, the lowlands are a bit hotter than the hilly areas and high altitudes are cold as always. But everywhere you head to you’ll have a workable temperature. For instance, from the altitude of 1000m to 3500m, you’ll feel a temperature around 20°C to 5°C through November. See, November has workable temperature variations. That temperature falls you are seeing are especially when the Sun is out of sight: during night and morning. But also always have this thing in mind, the higher you go the colder will be there.

Moreover, November’s clouds do not pour rain at all but sometimes no one can tell. But, mostly, this month is a rain-free month. As rain does not come much often during November so will the rain clouds and you will have a bright sunny and clear view to exploring Nepal. You’ll be able to wander around Nepal on warm days across November.

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Tours that you can do in November

Kathmandu Valley Tour

This is the tour of Kathmandu Valley, a valley known for nothing other than the pagoda temples and stupas. Kathmandu Valley is stretched over three vital cities of Nepa: Kathmandu-the capital of Nepal, Bhaktapur, and Patan. And these cities are dotted with numerous temples and other architectures standing there since older ages. So, this tour of 4 days will revolve around these amazing monuments of Kathmandu valley. Stepping out of this tour, you’ll be amazed by the Nepalese architecture, religion, and culture that you get to encounter on this tour. So, if you have at least four days or more of November in Nepal, you should head on this tour.

Nepal Holiday Panorama

peace pagoda

As its name says, Nepal Holiday Panorama tour does allow you to see Nepal panoramically within 7 days. However, a week is never possible to see entire Nepal’s land. But, it’s possible to know what Nepal is really like by being in two popular places of Nepal: Pokhara and Kathmandu. Nepal Holiday Panorama tour is all about those two cities of Nepal. One of them i.e. Kathmandu is very much known for its UNESCO world heritage sites and the other is known for its lakes and scenic surrounding mountains. The Nepal Holiday Panorama will make you spend a week around the important happenings of both of the cities. So, why not explore them during this upcoming November.

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour


Lord Gautam Buddha, the explorer, and communicator of Buddhism wisdom were in Nepal’s Lumbini. So, this Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour revolves around the birthplace of Gautam Buddha and other important Buddhist shrines, stupas, and monasteries. Buddha was the greatest orator of tranquility and peace of his time and he traveled across the globe to share his message about a peaceful world. To be able to follow his footprints in Nepal would be a wellness ride. It’s a week-long tour that enables you to see all of the important Buddist sites of Nepal including places you never heard of.

Other possible tours in November in Nepal

As you have known the fact that November is one of the best times to travel inside Nepal. So the thing is, you can go for any kind of tour that is available out there during November. There is no problem with the weather in Nepal in November at all. The other possible tours are as below:

Best Treks that you can do in November

Everest Base Camp Trek

7 days everest base camp trek

No other treks of the world are rated higher than the Everest Base Camp Trek. This trek is about trekking all the way up to the base camp of the tallest peak in this world. Along the trail, you’ll be surprised coming across the horizons like never before. Some of the world’s tallest and most beautiful peaks will always be there to attract. And so will be the unique terrains of the Everest region.

Moreover, you’ll find yourself in the midst of most hardworking Sherpas and their houses. Crossing many settlements some time through woods, sometimes through suspension bridges and other times by the Buddhist gompas, stupas, prayer flags, and wheels. And then you’ll get to see Mt. Everest and other peaks from the Everest Base Camp. This classical trek will take 15 days to make them the 15 most lively days of your life. And, whether in Nepal in November is ideal for doing Everest Base Camp Trek.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

This is another Himalayan trek that is flawless doing in November. Annapurna region is a place with boisterous natural beauty. Annapurna Circuit Trek is a popular way to investigate the raw belle of the Annapurna area. There are peaks like Annapurna Main and its other siblings, Mt Machapuchare(Mt Fishtail), Gangapurna, and many more in the Annapurna region to satisfy your mountain hunger. Moreover, trails of this trek are stretched through various iconic villages of Nepal like Tatopani, Tikhedhunga, Ghorepani, Manang, etc.

Thorong La Pass and Muktinath Temple are the two major highlights of this trek. Muktinath Temple(3,410m) is one of the world’s highest located temples known for religious importance for both Hinduism and Buddhism. Likewise, Thorong La Pass is the highest climb of this entire trek that is 5,416m. Annapurna Circuit Trek is a 20 days long journey through the heavenly Annapurna region. You’ll not know when the 20 days passed away.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Weather In Nepal In November

It is yet another popular trek option from the Annapurna region of Nepal. This is Annapurna Base Camp Trek, a trek that takes you to the dreamable foothills of the tenth highest peak in the world, Mt Annapurna. The base camp of Mt Annapurna is located at an altitude of 4130meters and this trek will approach this height within 15 days. The base camp in itself is the place to be once to see the entire snow-bathed Annapurna massif. Other parts of this trek too are uniformly beautiful and appreciable, after all it is about viewing the Annapurna region.

Poon Hill, the world’s best place to entice the Himalayas is also in this ABC Trek’s itinerary. This is a hill station from where one can intake views of numerous peaks. The sunrise view from that hill is what you’ll recall for long. Similarly, you’ll come across the Annapurna Conservation Area’s flora and fauna in the way. Leaving that, trekkers of this trail get to interact and spend enough time with the inspiring locals of Nepal.

Three Passes of Everest Trek

Weather In Nepal In November

Three Passes of Everest means Cho La Pass(5,420m), Renjo La Pass(5,340m) and Kongma La Pass(5,535m). These all high mountain passes are from the Everest region and a trek to pass via all these passes is the Three Passes of Everest Trek. This trek is completely different from the classical Everest Base Camp Trek: more adventurous, longer, and scenic. Three Passes trek covers the entire Everest region within 22 days except for Everest Base Camp. The option to add that is always one and possible but you have to add some days and trek in the itinerary.

Truly, you cannot imagine how scenic and exquisite this trek is. You’ll get tired of seeing mountains and beautiful things of the Khumbu region. Plus, it is a way more peaceful trekking experience than the Everest Base Camp Trek. If you don’t like crowded trails then, do this trek in November or any other doable months and enjoy the peace and calmness along with nature at its beauty.

Langtang Valley and Ganja La Trek

langtang valley trek banner (Weather In Nepal In November)

There are many treks in Nepal that are under the shades of the popular treks. Langtang Valley and Ganja La Trek are one of those unspoiled and unexplored treks. This trek takes you through one of the most beautiful valleys of Nepal i.e. Langtang Valley towards the Ganja La Trek(5,121m). As it is less explored by trekkers, so the horizons and views will be completely raw and virgin. You can expect a lot of mountains on the trek but mostly the Langtang region mountains like Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, Shishapangma, etc.

Furthermore, this trek is astonishing because of the scenarios of the Langtang region. You’ll stay around some of the scenic villages like Kyanjin Gompa, Langtang Village, Kharke, Dukpa. The natural blessings of this region are inexpressible in words. Attractive mountains, peaceful and rural surroundings, vibrant environment, and unreal landscapes. If you love exploring the less explored places, make sure you embark in the upcoming November to see the beauty in the calm Langtang region.

Other possible treks doable in November

You know that Nepal has numerous beautiful trekking trails whose ultimate destinations are wide valleys, towering mountains, and unique terrains. November is the right time for doing any of those treks of Nepal. You cannot complain about the weather in Nepal in November for trekking, it’s the perfect weather condition. So, the treks that you can embark on in November are as below:

Tips for Traveling in November

Book Everything Prior

November is a peak month and everything gets easily occupied particularly in the popular trails. Therefore, make sure you have booked tickets, flights, accommodation, and food earlier.

Start the Trek Earlier

November is the last month of the Autumn season and days start to get shorter than normal. 5 p.m on the watch and darkness arrives around Nepal during November. So, make sure you start the trek around the early hours of the morning.

Day and Night Hours are cold

When the sun is out and bright, you won’t feel cold during November. But as the sun sets, the temperature starts to fall. Hence, have some layer clothes for such hours.

November is a festive month

Yes, November is a time when Nepal is more beautiful than ever especially during night times. The second greatest festival of Nepalese Tihar- a festival of lights occurs during November. So, try to be part of this festival by celebrating with the locals. The locals are very welcoming and friendly as always.

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In a nutshell, November is easily the best month for doing outdoor activities in Nepal. No matter which outing you pick, either tours around cities and touristic places of Nepal, trekking to the mountains, or any other adventurous recreation acts. November allows the best weather and tries to make sure you have the best time in Nepal. So, when there are so many good things about the weather in Nepal in November, why not reach for Nepal during November.

We, Great Adventure Treks, are very much excited to welcome you to Nepal. So, remember us when you decide to visit Nepal in November or any other coming months.

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