Fishing Trips in Nepal

Fishing Trips in Nepal

Fishing Trips in Nepal is very much underrated by most of the adventurers around the world. They kind of have a belief like Nepal is about nothing but trekking and mountaineering. This state of mind among the people about fishing is because of the lack of publicity. So often, they don’t know about the water resources that Nepal has and the living beings in there too. By the way, Nepal is one of the richest countries in freshwater resources. There are chances that a question may arise like which species of fishes are only found in Nepal? The rivers flowing through Nepal’s land from the northern Himalayas are home to more than 185 fish species. And, among them 59 fish species in Nepal are indigenous and two are exotic kinds of fish species in Nepal.

With so much of species to angle, Nepal is definitely a place to be for anglers around the world. Casting bait into the water of Nepal is not an ordinary thing. The rivers are fresh and rapid, lakes are pristine and deep. It’s a whole never done fishing experience while being in one of the Fishing Trips in Nepal. Though the country is small in size, the number of rivers that this country has can amaze you, it’s around 6000 rivers. Out of them, 24 rivers are longer than 100 KM which mainly start from the foothills of mountains in the north and flow towards southern lowlands. This diverse landscape of Nepal has an influential part in making the fishing adventure of the country unique.

Trishuli, Karnali, Budhi Gandaki, Babai, Balephi, and Budhi Gandaki are some of the well-known fishing rivers of Nepal. These are some of the many grounds for a fishing experience in Nepal. You can hook fishes like Mahseer, Catfish, Trout, Freshwater Eel, Murel, Common Carp, etc. But the most common catches are those whom you read right earlier. People from various parts of the world can be seen in the banks of those popular rivers catching those fishes. But, October to December and February to May are the peak times. The best part about fishing trips in Nepal is that you get to enjoy the worthwhile scenery of the country.

Let’s learn about the most frequented Fishing Trips in Nepal and know what happens in each of the trips:

Popular Fishing Trips in Nepal

Out of several Himalayan rivers and pristine lakes in Nepal feasible for fishing in Nepal, we list some of the Best Places for Fishing in Nepal for you:

Trishuli River Fishing

Trishuli River Fishing In Nepal

Trishuli means the trident of Hindu’s greatest god Shiva and it’s believed the god used his trident to create this river. This may be true or just a myth but what’s real is Trishuli River is great for a fishing adventure. The river is one of the main tributaries of the Narayani River which is one of the major rivers of the nation. This river flows through Nepal and gets mixed with the Ganges in India. Trishuli is also popular as the best river in Nepal for water adventures like rafting, kayaking. The gorges and rapidness of water make it the adventure hub.

It’s a ride of about 3 hours to cover a distance of 90km west from Kathmandu to reach the Trishuli river. Flowing since ever, the river is not too far from the capital of Nepal. This fact has aided the river most to get so many adventurers around the year. Along with Fishing one can perform thrilling rafting and Kayaking. So it would not be wrong to say that Trishuli is a must place for water experiences. As we are focusing Fishing, this river lets you try your luck to lure catches like Eel, Trout, Golden Mahseer, etc.

Fishing in Trishuli is not ordinary as you’ll be bestowed with the eye-striking views of rural settlements, hills, and greenery around them. You’ll also love a small hike by the rivers and through villages on the trip. Mentioning its best part, this trip does not take much to happen i.e. within 3 to 4 days. In a matter of 48 hours, an angler can have his best fishing experience up to the time.

Outlined Itinerary of 4 Days Trisuli River Fishing Trip

Day 01: Drive to Charaudi from Kathmandu and fishing after lunch.

Overnight at Charaudi

Day 02: Full Day Fishing at Trishuli River.

Overnight at Resort by the Trishuli side

Day 03: Fishing around Kuringhat side.

Overnight at Kuringhat’s resort

Day 04: Fishing until lunch and returning back to Kathmandu.

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Balephi River Fishing

Himalayan Trout Balephi River Fishing in nepal

Besides other fishing trips in Nepal, Balephi River is another one of the best places for Nepal fishing river tours. This river is a hotspot for adventures like angling, rafting, and kayaking just like the former one. Balephi river is a major tributary of Bhote Koshi River which is around 17 KM long. The white water rafting on this river is the most popular of all. It is situated around 73km away from Kathmandu and reaching this river is easier than you think. That is, jeep time of 2 to 3 hours is enough to get to Balephi for fishing and other acts.

This river begins from the foothills of the Langtang range and adds electrifying speed along the route to the south. The water of the river is as clear as the open skies. That is how Balephi became the most sought river in Nepal for water adventure. Your angling experience will be more fun as you will get to watch the catch easily. Fishes found in the water of Balephi are not unique but the common ones of Nepal. Along with several others, the best fishing spot in Nepal, Balephi River is getting popular day by day for Golden/Silver Mahseer fishing in Nepal. Himalayan Trout, Catfish, Carp are the lives of this river.

Moreover, along with fishing, you’ll see the natural beauty of Eastern Nepal. Hills and greenery will be around all the time of fishing. Plus, you can go to various villages near the river to interact with the locals. Balephi, a river of the bewitching Langtang region, is an awesome place to get lost for fishing.

Outlined Itinerary of Balephi River Fishing

Day 01: Drive to Jalnbire via Balephi Bazaar and Start fishing activity.

Overnight at Jalbire’s resort

Day 02: Half Day Fishing at Balephi River(Khola) and return to Kathmandu

Overnight at Kathmandu

Babai River Fishing

babai River Fishing in nepal

Inbrief, Babai River is another best fishing spot in Nepal. This is a little long fishing trip that takes you to western Nepal. Babai River is a well-known fishing destination of Nepal which lies around 435 KM west from Kathmandu. Either you pick a flight or a bus, the guarantee is you will enjoy the ride which is scenic. As an excuse for Babai River Fishing, you’ll visit the less frequented place of Nepal, the western part of Nepal.

This river finds its way through Bardia National Park, the park known for rare and endangered wildlife shows. In particular, this means it will be a wildlife exploration as well with angling. Existing amid the dense jungle and pollution-less surroundings, Babai River has been a home for more than 50 species. Golden Mahseer, Goonch, Bullseye Snakehead are popular mentions. Angling in the water of Babai has got catches weighing more than 7 Kg, the highest in the 18kg’s catch. Hence, if you have a strong fishing rod and line, the place for you is Babai River.

As mentioned earlier, it resides around the wild Bardia National Park and catchers will enjoy the flora and fauna of the protected area. You are most likely to see lives like one-horned rhinos, elephants, spotted deer, alligators in there. However, you’ll need an entry permit for Babai River Fishing which works for a national park visit also. Babai River Fishing Trip is a whole other thing than most fishing Trips in Nepal.

No other trips can take you deep into the woods to angle.

Outlined Itinerary of Babai River Fishing

Day 01: Drive/Flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu and Drive to Chepang

Overnight at Babai River’s Camp I

Day 02: Full Day Fishing and rafting around Camp II.

Overnight at Babai River’s Camp II

Day 03: Full Day Fishing around Camp III

Overnight at Camp III

Day 04: Half Day Fishing and optional Jungle Safari or fly back to Kathmandu

Overnight at Bardia

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Budhi Gandaki Fishing

Budhi gandaki river fishing in nepal

Among the several doable fishing trips in Nepal, we listed you Budhi Gandaki river as the best spot for fishing in Nepal. If you’re passionate about the fishing tours in Nepali River, Budhi (Old) Gandaki River can be another perfect destination for the anglers. Moreover, the river starts from the skyrocketing mountains like Ganesh Himal and Manaslu and flows via popular areas of Nepal. And it converts into the Trishuli river from Benighat. With comparisons of other rivers, Budhi Gandaki doesn’t get much fame and it’s one of the less crowded yet a perfect place for water adventure.

Furthermore, it can be the place you are longing for because the fish species in Nepal like Mahaseer, Trout, Eel, and Catfish reside in the water. Recently, it is getting renowned as the perfect destination for Himalayan Mahseer Fishing in Nepal. Your line will get to hook bigger catches once plotted into the water. As said before, the river is not so popular, you’ll enjoy fishing at peace. You will live every second of fishing. If you get bored of fishing, there are things that you can do to get energy back. Budhi Gandaki’s water is as suitable and adventurous as fishing for kayaking and rafting. Alongside this, you’ll enjoy the way hills and terrains are put on the view. Villages are also not too far from the river if you wish to interact with the locals.

The river is just awesome to leave all the stress at home and to be in nature’s shadow. You’ll enjoy the dramatic fishing, kayaking if you are good at it, and rafting too. The time spent for the Budhi Gandaki Fishing is the time lived not wasted. Autumn and Spring are two great seasons for this fishing trip as the water stays the calmest.

Outlined Itinerary of Budhi Gandaki Fishing

Day 01: Driver to Arughat Bazar via Prithivi Highway and Start water activities

Overnight at Budhi Gandaki’s Bank

Day 02: Full day water adventure until Seti Beni

Overnight at Budhi Gandaki’s Bank

Day 03: Full day fishing and rafting until MachheGaun

Overnight at Budhi Gandaki’s Bank

Day 04: Fishing and other activities until Benighat and return to Kathmandu.

Overnight at Kathmandu

Seti Karnali Fishing

Babai River fishing in Nepal

Seti and Karnali are the two popular rivers of Farwestern Nepal. The latter is Nepal’s longest river and the former is the major tributary of the latter one. Located some 400km away from the capital, these both rivers are off the beaten rivers for fishing in Nepal. Prospects of both rivers are huge one, Seti originates from the foothill of Mount Saipal and Karnali arrives in Nepal from Tibet’s Lake Mansarover. Religiously and adventurously, both of the rivers attract people from various parts.

Above all, Fishing is considered as the best thing to do in these two rivers. You can catch as many as regularly found 50 fish species in Nepal in these rivers. Plus, the river’s speed is rapid enough to provide adventurous Kayaking and Rafting. The latter one is a must thing for the trip as you will cover a long distance. Golden & Silver Mahseer, Sahar, Bokar, Asla, Catfish are the regular catches of these rivers. As the river is 507km long, there is no specific place for casting. You can cast the rod anywhere you feel like you’ll hook one. But still, Jungle Ghat, Thulighat, Rato Bhale Gaun, Scorpion beach are the fish-loaded spots of the rivers.

Not only fishing but you can do other things while on the Seti Karnali fishing. Far-western’s beauty is unexplored and unknown by many. The woods and hills of the region are utterly dense and enriched with flora and fauna. If you like exploring culture and lifestyles, the people here show distinct displays. This, Seti and Karnali Fishing is however the longest fishing trip that is there in Nepal to do. People with enough time to spare and longing to explore the unexplored, experience the inexperienced can do this visit. This one very best fishing spot in Nepal is getting popular amongst international anglers.

Detailed Itinerary of Seti Karnali Fishing

Day 01: Fly to Nepalgunj and then drive to Gopghat, Dipayal for kicking off fishing

Overnight at Camped Tent by the river

Day 02: Rafting and Fishing until Camp 1

Overnight at Camp 01

Day 03: Full day fishing around Camp 1

Overnight at Camp 01’s tent

Day 04: Rafting and Fishing around Budhi Ganga Confluence(Camp 2)

Overnight at Camp 2

Day 05: Full day Fishing around Camp 2

Overnight at Camp 2

Day 06: Rafting to Scorpion Camp(Camp 3) and Fishing

Overnight at Camp 3

Day 07: Full day fishing in camp 3

Overnight at Camp 3

Day 08: Rafting to Masheer Camp(Camp 4) and fishing

Overnight at Camp 4

Day 09: Full day fishing around camp 4

Overnight at Camp 4

Day 10: Rafting in Karnali River

Overnight at Rato Bhale Gaun

Day 11: Rafting till Ghat Gaun and Half Day fishing

Overnight at Ghat Gaun

Day 12: Rafting till Chisapani and coming out of the water before flying to Kathmandu from Nepalgunj.

Tamor and Koshi River Fishing

Tamor and Koshi River Fishing in Nepal

Tamor River, the eastern gem of Nepal, is a major tributary of the Koshi River. The river comes into existence from the roots of the world’s third-highest mountain Kanchenjunga. From the foothills, the water of Tamor river moves in a great pace through the hills towards the lowlands. Meanwhile, this freshwater river from Mt Kanchenjunga is an admired place for fishing and the area around the mountain is loved for trekking.

Above all, this fishing tour in Nepal is exciting but in a very different way than other destinations of Nepal. Likewise, most of the river fishing trips do not involve many treks but drive only. Similarly, the Tamor and Koshi River Fishing trip lets you enjoy that part also. For that, you’ll perform a short trek in the hilly and remote part of eastern Nepal. Doing the trek, you’ll reach the bank of Tamur river to try fishing along with rafting and kayaking. Your cast can hook Asla, Rau, Goonch, Silver Mahseer, and Golden Mahseer quite easily. But make sure you hold the rod tight, the catches can weigh more than 5 kgs.

Besides, Eastern Nepal’s horizon is an example of Nepal’s unlimited natural beauty. While on the trip, you’ll reach in front of eye-striking views of mountains, hills, plain lands, rivers, and all. Fishing in Tamor and Koshi River is not limited to Recreational Fishing only but to so many things. Also, Green and dense fauna are one of many things. As it does involve trek, you’ll see everything very closely and statically until you get most of the sight. So, yes, the fishing trip is one of the best trips from the list of ours.

Detailed Itinerary of Tamor and Koshi River Fishing

Day 01: Fly to Biratnagar and then drive to Chimra,

Overnight at Camped Tent in Chimra

Day 02: Rafting and Fishing in Chimra

Overnight at Chimra

Day 03 & 04: Two days Fishing around Chimra

Overnight at Chimra

Day 05: Trek up to Ghangeri

Overnight at Ghangeri

Day 06 & 07: Fishing in Ghagneri for two days

Overnight at Ghangeri

Day 08: Trek to Mai Beni

Overnight at Mai Beni

Day 09 & 10: Two day fishing in Mai Beni

Overnight at Mai Beni

Day 11: Trek upto Barachetra and drive to Biratnagar and fly to Kathmandu

Overnight at Kathmandu

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Phewa Lake Fishing

Phewa Lake Fishing in Nepal

In particular, Phewa Lake is a famous lake from the famous city of Nepal, Pokhara. Similarly, it is also a renowned and best place for fishing in Nepal. It’s the same lake that you may have seen in the picture of Pokhara City where the lake is beside the city. Pokhara is also known as the city of lakes, as there is one i.e. Moreover, Fewa lake by the city and some more lakes like Begnas and Rupa Lake very near to the city. Yeah, it’s vigilant to watch the lakes of Pokhara but there are more things you can do around the lake.

Boat riding and Fishing the two best doings of Phewa Lake. Ride means you’ll hover around the lake on a boat enjoying the mountains and hills of the Annapurna region.

Fishing is also as fun as riding when you can angle the fish species in Nepal like Mahseer, Catfish, Grass Carp, Common Carp, etc. All along, fishing is a moment to cherish in every way. Mountains and green terrains at the backdrop, a lake in the front, and fishes into the lake roaming around your cast. The lake has a big area of 9 km and a depth of about 23 m.

Pokhara City, the city where the lake is located, is a touristic hub where the world’s famous Annapurna Circuit trek starts. If you are here for the trek, you can manage one day of a fishing trip in Phewa Lake. Phewa Lake Fishing is one of the shortest fishing trips in Nepal. However, the fishing trip is a bit challenging and demands calm and patience. Can you do that for one day? If yes, then you’ll catch some. But one thing is sure to happen, that is, you’ll be impressed by the beauty of the lake, Pokhara city, and its mountain views.

Outlined Itinerary of Phew Lake Fishing

Day 01: Flight/Drive to Pokhara and city tour

Overnight at Pokhara

Day 02: Full Day for fishing and boat riding in Phewa Lake

Overnight at Pokhara

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