Langtang trek in Spring (March, April & May)

Langtang Trek in Spring

Langtang trek in March, April & May is perfect to view nature at its finest with the rhododendron blossoms everywhere in the trail. This awe-inspiring trek in spring is a dream come true for anyone looking for a short yet crisp Himalayan experience.

Treks to langtang region offer a colorful experience in spring with blooming rhododendron and other wildflowers and opportunity to spot exotic wildlife of the area. Although a short trek, you get splendid views of the surrounding mountains.

Langtang Trek in Spring- Highlights

  • Amazing views of Langtang, Ganesh, Manaslu, and Jugal Himal.
  • Colorful blooms of local flowers like Jasmine, rhododendron.
  • Lush-green forests of bamboo, oak.
  • Breathtaking and clear views of Ganjala Range, Dorje Lakpa Range, Khemjung Glacier
  • Cool and dry weather with moderate temperature.
  • Rare opportunity to spot exotic wildlife of Langtang region
  • The warm hospitality of ethnic communities in the Langtang region
  • Beautiful and vibrant villages along the way like Langtang Village, Rimche village.
  • Panorama of snow-capped Langtang and Tibetan Himalayas
  • Spectacular Langtang Valley, waterfalls and several suspension bridges
  • Yala cheese factory and Kyanjin Gompa- the oldest monastery of the region.

Langtang Trek in Spring

Weather and Temperature of Langtang Trek in Spring

The local spring lasts throughout the months of March, April and May.


March marks the beginning of spring after the chilling winter. You may experience occasional snow falls during early March. The days become warmer and clearer with the lowest precipitation. The average temperature of the Langtang Region during March is between a cool 5-10 degrees Celsius.


By April, spring will have settled in. The number of trekkers and visitors slowly increase. The weather becomes less hazy. The days become warm and dry with the pleasant climatic conditions. These months bring stable and colorful weather.

April has bright and hotter days than March. The days are slightly longer and drier. The average temperatures increase to a warm 8-12 degrees Celsius. However, the temperatures drop during the nights.

The mild temperature and dry weather are the most pleasant for hikes and treks in the region.

April experiences no rain or snow. You can see colorful hills, amazing and clear views of the mountain peaks.


May is the hottest month of spring in the Langtang Valley. The average daytime temperatures vary between a warm 12-20 degrees Celsius in the region. But as you ascend higher the temperature starts to fall and it may drop to zero degrees.

Sometimes, the monsoon arrives early and you may experience light rainfalls in the last week of May.

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Forests, Vegetation and Wildlife in Spring in Langtang Trek

In spring, you can see terrace fields of mustard on the lower reaches of the Langtang trail. You can also witness the rich blossoms of Jasmine.

You will also pass through dense forests of Spanish Oak, bamboo and meadows of Daphne and Gentian. You can get splendid views and explore forests covered in colorful blooms of rhododendrons.

The Langtang trek takes you through Langtang National park. Here, you will see the wildlife of the region in their natural habitat. Some of the common ones you can spot are langurs, Musk Deer, Bear, wild deer, dzo, falcons and lizards. Spring is also the perfect season to spot the exotic and elusive red panda and snow leopard.

In March, you can see the tiny buds of the local flowers. The wildlife in the region slowly starts to appear after their winter slumber. With peaceful and quiet trails, the chances of catching glimpses of wildlife are greater in March. May is when the blossoms of the local flowers like rhododendron and magnolias are at their best.

The Mountain Views in Spring in Langtang

The Mountain Views in Spring in Langtang

In spring, you can get views of snow-capped mountain peaks from the first day of your Langtang Trek. You also get an up-close view of glaciers and stunning lakes of the valley.

Some of the mountain peaks to look out during your Langtang trek are Langtang Lirung (7246m), Yala Peak (5500m). You can see Gangchhenpo (6388m), Dokpu (5930m) and Naya Kangri (5846m).

In early March and late May, there are chances of clouds blocking the views. For great visibility and clear days, April is the ideal month.

Teahouse or Camping Trek in Langtang in Spring

For Langtang treks, you have the opportunity to choose between tea house trek and camping.

In spring, both these options are available and ideal.

Teahouse treks in Nepal, including Langtang region, are comfortable and safe. They provide you with the comforts of a room with a bed, cooked meals, drinks. The trails start becoming busy by April. Hence, make sure to book ahead to get your preferred tea house and rooms.

Camping provides a wilder and more adventurous trekking journey. You will spend nights in tents camping in empty spaces. These can be in the pastures, fields along the trails. For this, you can rent or buy your tent and camping gear. Make sure you have enough food to last you throughout your camping trek.

There are no tea houses further up Kyanjin Gompa. Hence, you need to stock up.

From mid-March to early May, you can camp. Anyone and everyone including beginners and novice trekkers try camping once. But during the late May, you may face a problem in setting the camps because of rain.

Difficulty During Spring Trek to Langtang

The Langtang Trek is an easy and enjoyable trek. The average per day hike/walk is only 3-6 hours. This trek is quite adventurous short and moderate treks in Nepal. Anyone, from novice trekkers to experienced can opt for this trek. You can do this trek with general fitness and hiking experiences.


During early March, you can still see signs of winter. The trails can be wet and muddy during early March. With the chance of occasional snowfall in early March, make sure you pack your winter essentials and crampons for a comfortable trek.


By April, spring has settled in. The trails are dry and less difficult. You can enjoy your hikes in comfortable temperatures. The drier surrounding and the warm temperatures along with the gentle wind chills make you trek perfect. You will feel lesser difficulties on the trail routes.


May has similar conditions to April. Yet if monsoon arrives early, the last week of May can be wet with the occasional rainfall. The trails become wet and muddy. Langtang Trek can, then, be an adventurous experience.

Accommodations in Langtang Trek in Spring

Accommodations in Langtang Trek in Spring

Most of the tea houses along the trails of Langtang Trek will be open throughout March, April & May.

In general, the tea houses offer rooms on a twin-sharing basis. You can choose not to share rooms by paying an extra cost. In April and May, it is always better to pre-book your rooms. These are the peak months for Langtang Treks.

You can ask for extra blankets or bring a sleeping bag for warmth in early March.

Many tea houses provide comfortable rooms with attached bathrooms. Sometimes you may have to share a communal toilet. But, remember the number of tea houses declines as you trek higher and so does the services they provide.

The Meals and Drinks in Langtang Trek in Spring

There are many tea houses on the trekking trails where you can stop for the meals and drinks. And almost every tea houses are open during the spring season in the Langtang region.

The menu available in most tea houses are quite basic. The menu usually includes local cuisine and some popular international dishes. Enjoy Nepalese food along with some popular international dishes. Make sure you try the local dish of Dal-Bhat-tarkari at least ones. During spring, the seasonal vegetables are fresh and local to the region.

For drinks, you have choices that include tea (black, milk, green, lemon, ginger) and coffee. It will also include soft drinks, bottled or hot water, flavored drinks.

In early March, try the local mushroom and/or garlic soup. This helps to instantly warm your body in the cool temperature.

Due to the high number of trekkers in April and May, you may have to wait in a queue for the food and drinks. So, it is always a wise idea to pre-book the food and drinks. This way, you don’t have to queue or wait for your meals.

Langtang Trek Packaging Lists for March, April, and May

Make sure you pack all the essential trekking items before going on your Langtang trek. You need to know properly about the weather and temperature of the region you are traveling to, and then pack accordingly.  You can also rent or buy your trekking essentials from Kathmandu.

March: Make sure you pack a layer of winter clothes for your early March trek. The temperatures can drop quite low during the mornings and evenings.

April: Your essential trekking list should suffice for April. Yet, pack in a warm jacket for any unexpected change in weather.

May: By late May, you may get some unexpected rain. So, make sure to pack proper rain gear. Crampons or shoes with spikes can come in handy if the trails get wet and muddy. The days are quite warm and bright. Do check you have got the right sunblock, headwear (buff, wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses).

Also, pack in your insect repellant spray or cream.

Permits for Langtang Trek in Spring

Regardless of the time of year, you need the following permits for Langtang Trek. This includes the spring months of March, April, and May.

  • TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System)
  • Langtang National Park Entry Permit

Langtang Trek in Spring Without Trekking Staff

You can opt for solo or group treks for Langtang. In spring, there are lots of benefits to having trekking staff with you on the trek. A professional, licensed guide can enrich your Langtang trekking experience. They can answer almost any questions you have regarding the blooming nature in spring. They can help you distinguish the local flora, fauna and mountain peaks.

During early March and late May, they can provide updates on trail and weather conditions. From mid-March to early May, they can call and book your rooms and meals ahead. This way, you don’t have to search for rooms or queue for meals.

Having a porter is a great deal for beginners and novice trekkers. Having an added weight can be quite burdensome along with the regular walk. Porters also come in handy if you opt for camping.

For early March and late May treks, you will not have to deliberate what or what not to carry. A porter will help lighten any additional weight you may have when packing for rainy or snowy weather.

Benefits of Langtang Trek in Spring

Benefits of Langtang Trek in Spring

Tailor-Made Trip
You can customize the duration of your Langtang Trek. This trek is suitable for everyone including beginners and novice trekkers, family trekkers.

In spring, everything Langtang has to offer is available for you. You can choose to add nearby trekking destinations to your trek.

It can include a side trip to the famous Gosaikunda lake or the remote Helambu region of Nepal.

Else you can have more rest days to enjoy the beautiful villages and natural beauty in and around Langtang trek.

Small climbs

Spring has the perfect weather conditions and temperatures to do climbs. Most of the professional and seasonal climbers choose the spring months of April and May to do high climbs including Mt. Langtang, Ganesh Himal.

In your Langtang trek, you can include adventurous climbs to Yala Peak, Kyanjin Ri and other small peaks in the region. This does not need extra or special permits. It is possible for a fit, healthy person to accomplish these peaks.

You can also try climbing high passes near the region like Ganja la pass.

Sharpest views

Spring months are less humid and so there are least chances that the clouds or fog obstructs the visions. You will enjoy the sharpest views under the clear blue sky. Also, in these months you do not have to worry about the hazy weather. So, Spring is the best time to witness the sharpest views.

Final Say,

Langtang trek in spring is peak season for treks in this region. With moderate temperatures and amazing views, Langtang trek in spring is ideal.

Langtang treks have all the perks of a Himalaya trek with best mountain views in Spring. The routes are peaceful and open for all.

If you have any further questions or queries for your Langtang trek or treks and tours in Nepal, feel free to contact us.

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