Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost & Itinerary

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost & Itinerary

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the greatest gift of nature to thrill-seekers who relish countryside views and astonishing landscapes. Its stunning scenery, epic hiking trails, and wilderness are never old enough to allure hikers.

Every trial at Manaslu Circuit unfolds the finest panoramic view. Trekkers will get to sight shimmering snow-capped mountains, astounding waterfalls, and vivacious valleys. You’ll also get to walk through the picturesque villages of Manaslu where people share different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Those who embrace wildlife would be blown out by the trek as its sanctuary offers more than 33 species of mammals. You can watch as many as 110 species of birds including snow leopard, Himalayan tahr, and musk deer.

With its imposing hillocks, rich verdure, and unwavering mountains waiting for visitors to ascent, Manaslu provides a refreshing change. As the world’s eighth highest peak, Manaslu itself is perched on the lap of Mansiri Himal. Meanwhile, the circuit lies underneath the mountain providing a surreal view.

Doing Manaslu Circuit Trek requires a lot of preparation and advance planning. From the trek difficulties to altitude sickness, there are so many things to take care of during the Manaslu expedition.

Apart from this, you also need to be considerate of the Manaslu Circuit trek cost. Although it’s low-priced in comparison to other hikes, the planning is still a must. Your basic expenses including food and accommodation are included in the package so that’s little to worry about.

Besides that, the trekkers still have a bill to settle for. They’re responsible for the price of trekking gear, extra goodies, and tips for guides and porters. Hikers will also have to incur the cost of travel insurance which varies depending on what kind of policy you prefer.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Manaslu Trek in Autumn

Climbing Manaslu Circuit Trek is a bit more expensive than you think. The list of expenses is incessant and must be paid with no concession. From entry permits to sanctuary and accommodation followed by trek guides, you’re liable to each and every expense.

The trek cost of Manaslu depends on how long you plan to stay in the region. The longer your itinerary is, the more you’ll have to spend. There are various standard packages for Manaslu Circuit Trek based on which you have to bear the costs.

The trek alone can cost you anywhere from US$1,000 to US$1,200 based on the facilities preferred. Hotels with well-furnished rooms and luxe suites are priced higher than the average accommodation. Most of the dwellings are standard and don’t cost more than a few bucks.

Coming far away, it’s cheaper to hire a local Sherpa who’s enough experience and who knows the route quite well. But, if you intend to recruit foreigners to climb the circuit, the charges will be much higher. Although it’s much unlikely, the cost for Manaslu Circuit Trek may also vary due to seasons.

If you trek the circuit in the off-season, the fare will be relatively lower because of fewer visitors. On the contrary, if you ascend the circuit in the prime season, the accommodation and food might be relatively expensive. There’s no way you can get a discount or negotiate the price during spring however, the Manaslu Circuit Trek cost in winter is significantly less.

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Food and Accommodation

Nepalese Food

If you’re worried about starving or robbing off from the accommodation during the Manaslu Circuit trek then don’t be since the region is well-facilitated. There are enough lodges and guesthouses for bed and breakfast.

You can have a dwelling service of your choice that comes with an en suite bathroom and a double bed. Guesthouses are extremely affordable than other accommodation, costing merely US$5 -US$10 per night.

Teahouses are more common when you go to higher altitudes. They cost you as little as US$6 and come only with core facilities including a bedsheet, pillow, and blanket. Due to remoteness and poor accessibility, services are basic in teahouses.

Sometimes, you might even have to share the room with your fellow trekkers. Foods served in the higher regions are a bit pricey, costing around US$15 to US$20. The platter usually has traditional Nepali food pulses, rice, and vegetables prepared from the local product.

But there’s no pressure that you have to have what’s offered. These days, teahouses have started to provide a lot of dishes including flatbread, Tibetan noodle soup, pancake, and hash browns. This may seem like a little rise in your Manaslu Circuit Trek cost but at least you’ll be satisfied.

Cost of Guides and Porters

Guides and Porters are your most reliable and closest companion during the trek to Manaslu Circuit. They’ll help you with the weights on the rugged trails of Manaslu Circuit and make it less strenuous for you to traverse.

In return for the service received, you have to pay a certain amount to the porters. Ideally in Manaslu trek, they are tipped between US$20 and US$25 per day for carrying a load of 15 kg. If the weight exceeds the maximum limit, you’ll have to pay an extra amount as per the excess weight

The cost of hiring a guide is costlier than getting a porter. You’re expected to pay not less than US$25 for a licensed tour guide. If impressed with the service, you can also tip them an extra amount. However, this will not affect much to your Manaslu Circuit Trek cost.

Remember you have to be very considerate of whom you choose as your trek guide. It’s always better to have a professional guide who knows the entire region pretty well. It’s even better if he can speak English fluently so that you can have a conversation. In this way, you’ll also get to know more about the villages, understand local people and their conditions.

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Transportation Cost for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Transportation Cost for Manaslu Circuit Trek

The cost of transportation for Manaslu Circuit Trek hinges on whether which service you choose to have. Price varies dramatically even between car and bus which is the only means of transportation that’ll get you to Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Taking a helicopter flight is the best alternative and convenient as well but it’s pretty expensive. Hiring a chopper costs around US$350 per person but if you travel in a group then the price can see a drop.

The trek to Manaslu Circuit trek kicks off with a short drive to Soti Khola via Arughat which costs US$10 on a public bus. However, they are crowded and take a lot of time. If you insist on riding a private jeep, the price charged is between US$150 to US$200. They are usually more comfortable and easily available to travel with enough rooms.

Cost of Trekking Permits for Manaslu Circuit

Forget trekking Manaslu, you can’t even enter the sanctuary unless there’s no trekking permit. So, the first thing you want to think of is the permits after planning the trip. Every trekker must have a TIMS Card to get an entry in the restricted areas.

The cost of permits for Manaslu Circuit Trek depends largely on the length of time you’ll spend in the region. Since vast, you’ll need three trekking permits which

The cost of trekking permits for Manaslu Circuit starts at US$70 for the first week and an additional US$10 for each extra day. The fee is only acceptable if you trekked the circuit between September and November.

Likewise, if you hike the circuit from December to August, the trekking permit fee falls to US$50. The additional days spent in the region will certainly see a hike in price but with as little as US$7.

This is because December is an off-season for trekking in Nepal due to which there are not many hikers on the trail To lure more visitors, lodges, and guesthouses also provide accommodation at the lowest price in the month.

Trekkers will also have to pay the permit fee for Manaslu Conservation Area which is roughly US$20 for foreign nationals. If you’re native to SAARC nations, the entry permit fee is just NPR200.

Finally and above all, the last trekking permit you’re required to pay is for Annapurna Conservation Area Project. The price to enter ACAP is approx. US$30 for foreign citizens while the SAARC nationals only have to pay US$2.

Cost of Travel Insurance

Cost of Travel Insurance

Given the difficulties and risks involved in trekking, travel Insurance is mandatory for Manaslu Circuit. Without travel insurance, hikers aren’t allowed to leave for the trail especially when venturing at higher altitudes.

As a multi-day hike, trekkers of Manaslu Circuit meet lots of unforeseen circumstances whether its medical emergencies, robbery, or altitude sickness. Thus, to stay insured from unexpected events, hikers are recommended to have travel insurance.

There are a couple of firms in Kathmandu who help non-Nepalese residents with travel insurance. But remember that the purchased insurance must meet the minimum coverage especially medical-wise. It’ll help you settle your medical bills and if necessary make helicopter evacuations from the circuit.

Travel insurance available for trekkers is likely to differ in terms of the price range. As far as the premium amount in an insurance policy is concerned, it’ll cost you US$250 to US$500 for the 30 days offer. If you want the insurance policy for an extensive-time period, the amount will be substantially higher.

Cost of clothes and trekking gears

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the toughest hikes with varied terrains to traverse on. Soaring up to an elevation of 5,106 meters, trekkers will have to endure rugged trails, slippery slopes, cliffs, and foothills. The journey becomes even tougher with the increase in altitude and weather fluctuations.

So, based on which time you’re climbing the circuit, you must have all the essentials required. This will help you deal with the challenges to appear on trial. Without the right equipment, you won’t be able to do the trek easily especially in winter.

Your total cost for the clothes and trekking gear relies on what you’ve already owned and what’s left to buy. Typically, mountaineers spend around US$1500 to US$2000 for apparels and trekking gears including miscellaneous items.

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How to save money on Manaslu Circuit Trek?

1. Do I have to pay for charging batteries or using wifi?

Afraid to say but you have to pay a certain amount for the electricity used to charge every electronic device. The communication facilities and network connections are really poor at a higher altitudes due to which the cost of wifi is extremely high.

To use the service, you’ll be charged within US$2 to US$3 based on how strong the network is. Moreover, the guesthouses expect the customers to pay US$0.5 to US$2 to charge the appliances and gadgets.

Some tea houses provide hot showers for free in winter. But most of them offer the amenity for a certain amount. Tea houses in higher elevation insist on paying USD4 to USD7 to take a hot shower.

2. Can I rent the trekking essentials?

Trekkers who visit Nepal for a hike can both purchase or rent the essentials needed for hiking. However, it’s more convenient and cheaper to lease the trekking gear rather than buying it. There are many local shops in Thamel who let out to trade all the equipment needed for trekking. You can hire anything from a tent to trekking poles and backpack in the

3. Is it compulsory to tip guides and porters?

You’re not enforced to tip guides and porters while on a trek to Manaslu Circuit. If you’re delighted with the service offered, you can acknowledge them with the reward otherwise there’s no obligation. However, you must pay the minimum remuneration that’s been settled before.

4. Is it a must to donate money to pilgrimage and monasteries?

You can totally avoid giving money to pilgrimage and monasteries as it’s a personal choice. But if you can, you must contribute because the donation can help in the maintenance and preservation of such religious places that carry sig.

5. Are there any ATMs on trekking routes?

Since Manaslu Circuit lies in the remote area of Nepal, there is no ATM or bank on the trail. There’s no way you can withdraw cash at highland as the last ATM machine is in Arughat. If not, you have to come to Besisahar to use the ATM.

6. Do I have to carry an extra amount on the trek?

You never know what might happen on a trek like Manaslu, reason its endless trail and aloofness. There’s no proper medical facility and health service along the route and even if there’s, it costs a lot. Thus, to prevent the situation, you need to carry cash even though your basic expenses are looked after by the company.

How to save money on Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Purchase trekking equipment in Nepal

Work smarter not harder when you’re on a trek like Manaslu Circuit. You need to be practical and think wisely about how to make the trek cost-effective. Nobody likes to spend an excessive amount on the hike unless it’s required. So, here are some of the tips for minimizing Manaslu Circuit Trek cost.

1. Purchase trekking equipment in Nepal

Buying equipment in Nepal is usually cheaper than the one in their native country. They may differ in quality but the value is worth the price. There are numerous stores in Thamel that sell and lease trekking items. You can lend the gear and mitigate the cost of the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

2. Shared rooms in Lodges and Teahouses

It’s okay to have privacy. But if you want to optimize the cost of Manaslu Circuit Trek then learn to cooperate and adjust with your fellow trekkers. You can simply earn yourself a hefty amount by sharing the rooms at lodges and tea houses which is normally expensive in higher regions. It may be difficult to adapt to the changes in the beginning but trust me you’ll be just fine. In this way, you can also reduce the Manaslu Circuit Trek cost.

3. Carry a power bank

Electricity costs extremely high in the Manaslu Circuit. So, to reduce the price, you can bring a portable power bank with a huge capacity. It supplies enough energy to charge your gadgets and prevent additional charges for frequent use of electricity.

4. Trekking off-seasons

It’s cheaper to trek Manaslu Circuit in the off-season than at peak time. Only a handful of tourists show interest in visiting the region late in the year due to which the prices have decreased on a large scale. From permits to accommodation and food, everything is reasonably priced during winter. Thus, you can save up yourself lots of amount by just trekking off-season

5. Bring supplementary food

You may be unaware of it but food costs a fortune at shops in Manaslu Circuit due to poor access and remoteness. Thus, make enough room in your backpack to put extra snacks and energy-giving food including chocolate bars and nuts. You can buy these stuff in Kathmandu or Pokhara where the price is affordable.

6. Bring medicines and toiletries

The services en route and even at the tea houses in Manaslu Circuit is rudimentary. Some lodges and guest houses do provide high-quality service but most of them are below average. Given such conditions, it’s better to bring your own personal toiletries and a first-aid kit with prescribed medicines. This will not just save you from extra cost but also help you stay hygienic and avoid medical issues.

Final Say

Trekking Manaslu Circuit may bring you to your knees but it certainly won’t hurt your bank account. It’s inexpensive and moderately priced compared to other long treks in Nepal. If you’re doing the hike solo, expect to pay somewhere between US$1000 to US$1200. The cost covers lodging, food, and permits for restricted and conservation areas. If the services are high-end with pick and drop from a helicopter, the cost will rise dramatically. Manaslu Circuit Trek cost also varies based on itinerary and how you choose to spend while lodging in the region

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