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manaslu circuit trek

The Manaslu Region is an ultimate paradise for trekkers looking for adventure in the Himalayas. It is one of the most sought after trekking routes in Nepal.

Unlike Everest Region or Annapurna Region, Manaslu Region is within the restricted regions of Nepal. This means you will need to get extra permits to trek in this region.

There is always a lot you need to consider when you plan a trip. And when the trip is to one of the highest mountains in the world the preparation definitely deserves a little more effort. In this trek, you will be walking in the foothills of Mt. Manaslu (8,156 m/ 26,781 ft) to reach the Base Camp at 4,800m/15,750 ft.

You will have to look into matters starting from the flight that you need to take to get to Nepal to the basics like buying souvenirs.

If you are browsing through Manaslu Circuit Trek cost, you are definitely considering Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Apart from the training and physical wellbeing of the body, the financial constraint is a major concern for every trekker. So, while you plan a basic cost estimation should help you outline your trip well.

Before you prepare your packing list for trekking in Nepal make sure that you also check for the best travel insurance for trekking in Nepal. This should be done in your home country.

Now, allow us to usher you through your financial journey.

Major expenses for Manaslu Circuit Trek

The major expenses for Manaslu Circuit Trek are categorized and enumerated as follows:

Cost of Permits

The Manaslu region is a declared conservation area in Nepal. Also, it is within the restricted region in Nepal.. You will, thus, need an authorized permit to trek here.

There are three permits that you need to receive and the fourth one if you plan to trek to the Tsum Valley.

Manaslu Restricted Permit

The Manaslu Restricted Permit is a special permit issued for this region. Depending on the number of days you will be spending in this region, you pay accordingly,

  • For months from September to November: USD 70 per week per person and an additional USD 10 per day thereafter.
  • For months from December through August: USD 50 per week per person and an additional USD 7 per day thereafter.

(Note: Manaslu Trek will take an average of 14 days. Please consult and plan the duration with your travel agency.)

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit cost is USD 23 per person.

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit cost is USD 23 per person.

Tsum Valley Restricted Permit (if Tsum Valley is included in your list)

Tsum Valley Restricted Permit is USD 35 per week per person.

Note: Because you will already have a special authorized trekking permit, you will not require a TIMS ( Trekking Information Management System) for this route.

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Cost of Transportation

Manaslu region is within the restricted region of Nepal and Manaslu Circuit trek is a novice trekking destination. Which is why a lot is to be done here. The roads and transportation facility is developing at its own pace.

Your trek begins at Arughat or Soti Khola. You will be taking the local bus or hire a private jeep for this offbeat road.

Hiring a jeep will cost you about USD 150-200 each way. This can add up to USD 200-250 if you plan to reach up to Arughat.

On a cheaper side, you can choose to take the local ride for USD 10 per person.

The distance from Kathmandu to Arughat is 138 km (86 miles). 12.9 km ( 8.02 miles) to Soti Khola from Arughat.

You can preferably catch the local bus to Arughat from Kathmandu at around 7:00 AM. Do not forget to equip yourself with a mask and sunglasses for the dusty road.

Guide Costs

The Manaslu Circuit is an isolated part of rural Nepal. Also, since this is a restricted region, you can not go on solo treks. You, therefore, need to be accompanied by a guide in this region. There are many places in Nepal that you can do solo treks if you choose to. Manaslu Circuit is not one of them.

According to government policies, you need to be accompanied by an authorized trekking guide from the Nepal Trekking Association. A guide can be arranged by your trekking company.

A professional guide is well trained and goes through a series of tests to be registered as a trekking guide.

A professional Guide will charge an average of USD 20-25 per day (excluding tip). This includes food, accommodation.

Due to the absence of frequent transportation, availability of goods and services is quite difficult. When you are accompanied by a well- experienced guide, you will be able to communicate with the locals better. Proper communication is a must in rural areas.

Cost of Porters

As per rule, you can either be accompanied by a professional trekking guide or a porter. If you are considering a porter instead of a guide, they will charge you around USD 18-22 inclusive of food and accommodation.

This is a cheaper price if you are looking to save a couple of bucks.

Porters will carry your load and will charge as per kilo of your load. You can choose whether to take the guide and porter or porter only.


There are a variety of accommodations that you can choose from in any trek. You can either choose to enjoy your treks in lavish 5-star hotels or small hotels or teahouses. All this depends on the amount of money you wish to spend.

Tea Houses charge about USD 6 to USD 10 a night on a twin sharing room. If you want a single room for yourself, you will have to pay for two people.

Camping would not be necessary because there are a lot of tea houses that offer affordable rates with the necessary facilities.

Food Costs

Transportation is still a problem in this region which is why food and basic necessities are on the pricier side. A meal could cost you 5 USD i.e. USD 15 to 20 on daily basis.

You can arrange your financial budget according to it.

No doubt, the cost of the meal will vary according to what you order. If you choose to eat from western dishes, the charges will add up.

Normally, dal-bhat is the most common meal. It consists of rice, lentil soup, locally grown vegetables and some pickles.

A cup of tea or coffee could cost you USD 1.5 – USD 4 and USD 2 – USD 4 respectively. A bottle of beer will cost you about USD 2 – USD 5. A bottle of water or soda will cost you around USD 0.5 – USD 4.

Drinking beer or any kind of alcoholic beverages is not suggested, as it increases risk of Altitude sickness.

Miscellaneous Costs

Well, apart from the basic necessities like food, permits, transportation, and accommodation, you might carry some for some petty expenses.

Miscellaneous expenses include buying batteries, getting yourself a bucket of hot water for showers or a flask of hot water.

Don’t be surprised, you will probably be charged for a bucket of hot water for showers or a flask of hot water for drinking. Some places will charge you about USD 1- USD 3 for using their internet service.

USD 0.5 to USD 2 for charging your phones or cameras.

Also, Porters and guides expect a tip as a gratitude.Though it is not mandatory.

If you do not prefer carrying trekking equipment from your home country you can buy or rent those at Thamel, in Kathmandu.

Lastly, there could be souvenirs you would like to collect during your trek or some in Kathmandu.

Last Say,

The Manaslu Circuit Trek route is one of the most sought-after trek destinations in Nepal. It’s popularity is increasing because it is a restricted zone, a novice trek and less crowded trekking route.

This region has managed to sync beautifully with the socio-cultural lifestyle of the people with the beauty of nature. The tranquil landscape and captivating nature have a lot to do with the growing popularity of this place.

The cost mentioned is an approximate cost that will give you a general idea of how much you will be spending. You can contact us to find out the calculated cost and the breakdown of the amount proposed.

Different travel agencies have their own way of calculating their costs. To sum up it can cost you around USD 2000.

Indeed, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is among the newer trekking routes. But there are a lot of other trekking routes like Everest – Cho-La Pass – Gokyo Trek, Arun Valley and Milke Danda Trekking in the Everest Region. In the Annapurna Region, you can choose to trek to Poon Hill and Annapurna Base Camp, Annapurna – Panchase or Nar Phu Valley and Annapurna and a lot more.

As far as restricted regions are concerned, solo trek is not allowed. Tsum Valley trek & Climb of Virgin Peaks, Lower Dolpo & Lake Phoksundo, and Around Manaslu – Larke La Pass are among a few other treks to the Restricted regions of Nepal.

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