Manaslu Circuit Trek in Autumn

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Autumn

Trekking in Nepal is one of the major activities that you can do while in Nepal. There are plenty of options from which you can choose from, one of which is Manaslu circuit trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is not as popular as Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Base camp trek but it offers wonderful views and unbeaten trails. It is a remote trek which is not touched much but thousands of tourist trek in this region. Natural Beauty and Remoteness of this trek is the main attraction of this trek.

You will be witnessing culture of people in this region and will get to know about their day to day life. You can experience various kinds of vegetation and wildlife during your trek and can walk through beautiful waterfalls and green forests.

Manaslu circuit trek in Autumn is perfect time to trek in this region. This is the peak season and you can trek in a group. During this time the weather is clear and temperature is moderate, this will give you extra encouragement to trek and reach your destination.

Weather of Manaslu Circuit Trek in Autumn ( September, October & November)

Autumn season is arguably the best season to trek in this region or any part of the country. At this time the weather is clear and temperature is moderate.

You can see clear skies and snow peaked mountains from a large distance. There is cold breeze during the morning and evening but during the day you will hike in warm temperature.

There will be no monsoon rain during this time but there can be rain during the first week of September as monsoon has just ended. You can experience cold climate in late November because of the arrival of winter season.

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek in Autumn

  • It is one of the untouched trekking route in Nepal, so you can have new experiences as compared to other treks.
  • Unbeaten trail make it perfect trekking routes.
  • Friendly and Humble people in this region will make your trek easier.
  • Experience the lifestyle of Buddhist people.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

This month is the start of Autumn season in Nepal and also the end of Monsoon. You can get different kind of experience in different time of this month.

During the early days of September you can expect light rainfall in this region. Therefore, the morning and nights are colder at this time than compared to mid September or late September.

You can expect clear sky and uninterrupted view of mountains during mid September and late September.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in October

This is the best month to travel in Manaslu region. It is the busiest month to trek in this region. You will be accompanied with large number of people travelling in this region.

During this month the temperature is mild and you can expect clear skies.

Manslu Circuit Trek in November

You can expect cold and dry temperature during this month.  The temperature in this months falls below freezing point during this month.


Day 01: Half day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu

Day 02: Drive from Kathmandu to Sotikhola (710m/2328 ft) 8 Р9 hrs

Day 03: Soti Khola РMaccha Khola (900m/2952 ft) 6 Р7 hrs

Day 04: Maccha Khola -Jagat (1410m/ 4625 ft) 6 Р7 hrs

Day 05: Jagat РDeng (1,804m/5917 ft) 6 Р7 hrs

Day 06: Deng РNamrung (2630m/8626ft) 6 Р7 hrs

Day 07:¬†Namrung ‚Äď Samagaon (3530m/11,578 ft) 6-7 hrs

Day 08: Samagaon РPungyen gompa РSamagaon 6 Р7 hrs exploration

Day 09: Samagaon РSamdo (3860m/12,660 ft) 4 Р5 hrs

Day 10: Rest Day in Samdo

Day 11: Samdo РDharamsala/Larkya B. C. (4460m/14, 628 ft) 4 Р5 hrs

Day 12: Dharamsala РLarke la (5160m/16, 924 ft) РBimthang (3720m/12, 201 ft) 8 Р9 hrs

Day 13: Bimthang РTilije (2300m/7544ft) 5 Р6 hrs

Day 14: Tilije РDharapani  3-4 hrsand drive to Besishar  (825m) 4-5 hrs

Day 15: Drive to Kathmandu 5-6 hours


Manaslu Circuit Trek is remote and unbeaten trail. Yet, this cannot take away the fact that this trail is beautiful and you can view mountains, green forests, rivers and waterfall during this trek. You will fall in love with the culture and people living here and have a different perspective at life altogether.

Autumn season is best trekking season in Nepal. Among the three months in Autumn, October is the best month to trek in this region because of it’s climate and clear view to the mountains and sky.

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