Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring (March, April & May)

Manaslu Circuit Trek in March, April & May

The Manaslu Circuit trek in spring offers an excellent combination of rugged scenery and adventure. Opened to foreigners in 1991, it has some of the most well-preserved scenery. It also involves the crossing of one of the most dramatic high passes, Larkya La pass.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring (March, April & May) is ideal to attempt high passes, climbing the small peaks in the area. In short, Spring offers the best of your Manaslu Circuit Trek. The local spring season is during the months of March, April, and May. These are some of the best months to do treks in Nepal.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring- Highlights

  • Colorful blossoms of rhododendrons, local flora, and fauna.
  • Larkya La Pass- 5,153 meters. Spring is the safest season to cross this pass.
  • Budi Gandaki, a deep, long river gorge, with many suspension bridges
  • Crystal clear and spectacular mountain views. You can view Mt. Manaslu, Mount Himalchuli, Ngadi Chuli, Ganesh Himal mountains range, Shringi, Langpo, and Saula.
  • Opportunity to view and witness the wildlife of the Manaslu Conservation Area.
  • Different glacial and fresh-water lakes. In early spring, you can witness different streams, waterfalls that dry out by mid-spring.
  • Century-old Buddhist arts, monasteries, and chortens
  • Exotic off-the-beaten trails. The trails will neither be muddy nor slippery.
  • A scenic and adventurous drive from Gorkha to Arughat

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Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring: Weather and Temperatures

The entire Manaslu Circuit trek falls under six climatic zones. These are tropical, subtropical, temperate, sub-alpine, alpine, and arctic.

This range is due to variations in the elevation within the circuit. The Manaslu Circuit Trek has altitude ranges from below 1000 to over 5000 meters. You can experience different variations in weather conditions and temperatures within a season.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in March

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring is perfect for the tranquility as well as the scenery of the trail. March is the beginning of spring season in Nepal. Hence, it is the coolest of the three months during Spring.

The temperature, in general, is neither too cold nor too hot in the lower regions of the trek. If it rains during early March, you could get about 50 mm of the rainfall in the lower regions of the trek.

Yet, it can drop to -6 degrees Celsius in the upper regions. Make sure you pack the right clothing and supplies for extra warmth.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in April

This is the best month among the three spring months. It has the best visibility and more stable weather conditions. This is also the best month to attempt summit climbs. The average temperature is around 6 degrees.

The trails will be full of energy and enthusiasm. You can meet professional and seasonal mountain climbers this month. It is the perfect month for expeditions and summit climbing in this region too.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in May

This is the warmest month. Even in the higher regions, the temperatures do not go below 0 degrees Celsius.

You could break a sweat while trekking during this month. Yet it is not extremely hot. You can witness the last blooms of the local flora.

In spring treks to Manaslu region, you do not have to fear the Manaslu Circuit trek difficulty. You will have much easy trekking.

Manaslu Circuit Trek DifficultyManaslu Circuit Trek- Spring: Safety

Spring is undoubtedly the safest of all seasons for treks and expeditions. There are very low risks of avalanches, mudslides, landslides. There is also less chance of snowfall, rainfall during this season. The Manaslu Circuit trek is less challenging in spring (March, April & May).

The trekking trails are also safer in spring. They are not muddy nor slippery. During the Spring trek to Manaslu Circuit, you do not have to worry either of the rain or the snow.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring: Permits

To trek in Nepal, you need to get trekking permits. These are either issued by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), or the local offices at trailheads.

For Manaslu trekking, you need the following permits:

Restricted Area Permit:

USD 50 for first 7 days. USD 7 per extra days from December- August.

During the spring (March, April & May), the restricted area permit is cheaper than some of the other months. That means the cost of Manaslu Circuit trek is low during this time.

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit:

SAARC Nationals: USD 2 per person

Other nationals: USD 20 per person

Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit:

SAARC Nationals: USD 2 per person

Other nationals: USD 20 per person

Note: You do not need TIMS card for this trek. Plus, locals do not need to buy this permits.

You can not get solo permits for this trek. Solo treks are not possible in Manaslu. You need at least two people and a local trekking staff to trek to this region.

Manaslu Circuit Trek- Spring: Scenery

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring (March, April & May) is great for photographers and nature lovers. The local vegetation and flora of the region start to bloom. The lower region of the trek sees colorful blooms of rhododendron and other flowers.

It is also a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the exotic wildlife in the region. The wildlife of the region come out of hibernation.

The Manaslu Conservation Area is home to snow leopards and Red Pandas. It is also home to Asian black bear, horseshoe bat, woolly hare, blue sheep. It is home to exotic birds like Tibetan snow cocks, crimson horned pheasants, and Himalayan Griffon.

Spring has great visibility. This promises you magnificent views of the surrounding mountain peaks and landscape. You can view great mountains. You can view Mt. Manaslu, Mount Himalchuli, Ngadi Chuli, Ganesh Himal mountains range, Shringi, Langpo and Saula on this trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring: Transportation

For Manaslu Circuit Trek, there are many places where you can start your actual trek. These can include places like Arughat, Soti Khola, Besi Sahar. These places are where your actual trek on foot begins.

Once you arrive in Kathmandu, you can look for options for transportation. Local transportation is a great way to save on cost and meet the locals of the area. These are quite bumpy and crowded. To reserve a seat, book your tickets a day or a few hours ahead.

Private transportation is more costly. Yet in spring this can be ideal. You can share the cost of transportation with other fellow travelers. You will not have difficulty finding fellow trekkers to the region during the Spring.

When you hire private transportation, you have the freedom to enjoy the beauty of the landscape on the route.

In spring, nature comes alive. There are beautiful, lush green forests on the way. You get views of terrace farms, local villages. You will also drive through the beautiful Budhi Gandaki valley and cross the river on the way. All these will leave you wanting to get out the vehicle to take pictures or just take in the views.

Spring is a busy month for treks. So, make sure you pre-book your private vehicles.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring- Itinerary:

Itinerary available for treks to Nepal is an ideal option for Spring.

For Manaslu Circuit Trek, you can choose from the 12- 18 days. Shorter itineraries are great for the adventure lovers and risk takers. These are great for individuals with prior altitude experience and a strong fitness level.

During spring, the trail and weather conditions make it ideal to try and push yourself. It is the right season to do so. The more conservative itineraries are, it is perfect to do the trek in comfort. You will not have to rush, walk long distances for the day.

The day starts getting longer during Spring. This is a plus point. You will also have more days to acclimatize to the changing altitudes. This duration is great for the beginners and novice trekkers.

If you are not in rush with time, longer duration is perfect. With perfect weather and temperatures, spring is a great time to trek. You have the opportunity to explore the villages, trails at your own pace. You can choose to spend an extra day at a village or settlement you want to know better.

If you add Tsum valley to your trek, the itinerary may extend by 4 days to a week.

Manaslu Circuit Trek- Spring: Accommodation and Meals

Most of the lodges and tea-houses re-open in spring. After staying idle in winter, they re-open to cater and welcome the trekkers.

Spring is one of the busiest seasons in Manaslu Circuit Trek. Yet, with the sheer number of trekkers and mountaineers in the region, you may have to pre-book everything. Make sure you pre-book your accommodations as well as your meals. This way you can confirm that you have a good place to stay and eat at.

The choice of meals is very basic. Some places or tea houses offer more choice than others. The basic choice will be local, traditional cuisine, some choices of noodles, soup, dumplings.

Once on the trails do try the local Dal-Bhat-tarkari. This is a meal of steamed rice, lentils, and seasonal vegetables. You will find your local staff enjoying these more than once on your trek.

For drinks, you will usually have choices of some soft drink, tea, coffee, flavored hot, and cold drinks.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring- Local Trekking Staff

Solo treks are not allowed in the Manaslu region. Any trekker wishing to trek to Manaslu must do so with another person and a local trekking staff. This trekking staff can be a guide, porter-guide or porter.

In Spring (March, April & May), it is a great idea to trek with a guide. For nature lovers, a guide can give you all the information you need. A guide can give you information about the wildlife, flora, and vegetation of the place.

A guide is also crucial in spring to get the desired rooms. An experienced guide will usually call ahead and book rooms with a good tea house. This way, you will not have to settle for less on rooms.

For beginners and novice trekkers, having a porter is also a great help. They help lighten your load and also provide support when necessary. They can carry anywhere between 18-22 kgs.

A porter-guide is great when you can’t decide between the two or if short on budget. A porter-guide does the work of both a guide and a porter with some limitation.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring: Equipment and Supplies

Knowing what to pack for your trek is essential for a safe and comfortable trek. A guide for your packing for Manaslu Circuit Trek in spring is as follows:


Base layers: Synthetic shirts and trousers (choose a moisture-wicking fabric)

Insulation layers: Lightweight fleece jackets and pants (soft and warm for cold nights)

Upper Layers: Warm and windproof jackets and trousers. (if possible, make sure they are waterproof as well)

Head Gear

  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Beanie (great for extra warmth on the higher regions)
  • Buff or balaclava (during early spring)

Hands and Feet

  • Gloves (light, insulated)
  • Hiking boots (comfortable ones with ankle support)
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking socks
  • Trekking sandals (great for exploring villages, tea houses, cafes)

Bags and Others

  • A good, waterproof day backpack
  • Good Quality Duffel (if you hire a porter) or a heavy duty backpack
  • Sleeping bag with liner (easier to warm up than the blankets provided)


  • Trekking poles (great for balance and descents)
  • Crampons (you may need them for crossing the pass in early spring)
  • Sunglasses
  • Torchlight or headlamp (great for early morning treks)
  • Water bottle (durable)


  • Camera
  • Portable chargers
  • Books or Kindle
  • Games (cards, monopoly)
  • Easy to dry towels
  • Travel size toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissue paper)

Note: In early spring or March, make sure to pack more warm layers. It is colder during this month. Make sure to carry a sleeping bag suitable for negative degrees. This will come in handy on the higher regions of the trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost & Itinerary


Manaslu Circuit Trek is a moderate trek. With favorable weather conditions, Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring (March, April & May) is perfect. This is a novel and remote trek. It is also one of the most beautiful treks in western Nepal.

In spring, you can enjoy the full glory of the trails. Although a busy season, this route is not as crowded as Annapurna and Everest Base Camp treks. It is a thrilling trek and takes you through some of the most beautiful and remote landscapes of Nepal.

Feel free to contact us for any queries or questions about your Manaslu Circuit trek or any other trek or tour in Nepal.

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