Trekking in Nepal in September

Trekking in Nepal in September

Nepal is popular throughout the world for its trekking destinations and local’s hospitality. Of the 10 highest mountains in the world, 8 of them lies in Nepal.

And, in September you will get the amazing trekking experiences which other seasons barely offer.

Due to the diverse topography and altitude, the seasons are quite different in different parts of Nepal. Nepal has four seasons. These seasons are Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August), Autumn (September-November) and Winter (December-February).

Autumn is the best season for trekking in Nepal. Spring comes in a close second.

September falls in the beautiful autumn season of Nepal. With its near perfect weather and amazing visibility, this is one of the best months to trek and visit Nepal.

September is also perfect if you want to avoid the crowds that are generally seen in the months of October.

Weather and Temperature in September

Weather and Temperature in September

September is the beginning of an autumn season in Nepal. Summer(monsoon) gradually comes to an end by the beginning of September.

But early September still sees some light, occasional rainfall. It is nothing like the torrential rainfall seen during the summer season. The rainfall can be a welcome change to the dry weather. It is enjoyable too.

The temperature begins to decrease gradually. Early September still sees warm temperatures between 24 to 30 degrees Celsius.

The autumn season settles down by mid-September. It starts getting drier and cooler. The skies and weather become clearer making the views of the landscapes and mountain peaks more luscious and alive.

The average temperatures start dropping. By the end of September, the temperatures are a cool 8 to 16 degrees Celsius. The nights and early mornings are slightly colder than the days.

The different altitudes also see different weather and temperatures as well. As you go higher up on the treks, the temperatures get cooler.

The temperatures decrease by around 6 degrees Celsius for every 1000m you ascend. Above 5000m, the weather and temperature are quite unpredictable. It is likely to change in the slightest duration.

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Trekking Highlights of September

  • As the monsoon has just ended, you will get spectacular views of lush green landscapes, forests, and plantation in the lower regions of the trek.
  • Amazing and spectacular views of the sky and snow-capped mountains.
  • Rivers, waterfalls, streams, and lakes are still at their full glory during September.
  • Some big festivals like Teej, Indra Jatra are celebrated during September. You can see the local culture and lifestyle in their full glory.
  • September is the beginning of the peak trekking season of Nepal. You will meet fewer crowds in the trails, tea houses, and cafes.

Recommended trails for September trekking

Choices for trekking destinations and trekking trails are endless in Nepal.

In early September, the most recommended trekking trails lie in the rain shadow areas of Nepal. This include treks to Upper Mustang, Dolpo Circuit, Manaslu.

From Mid September, the two main popular trekking regions in Nepal are strongly recommended. This includes the treks in the Everest and Annapurna region like Everest Base Camp trek, Annapurna Base Camp trek.

However, if you are short on time yet want to do some trekking in Nepal than the short treks are your best options. Some of the best short treks to do in September include Kathmandu Rim Valley trek, Ghandruk trek.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Highlights of trek in Everest Base Camp in August

September is the most recommended month to do the popular treks like this trek. Along with the perfect weather conditions from Mid September, the trail is not as crowded as some other popular months.

You get the best out of Everest Base Camp trek during this month. You experience the magnificent views of the surrounding mountains, landscapes, rivers. You can do these without having to queue on the trails for the meals, tea houses, and flights.

In early September, there are high chances of flight delays or cancellations due to changing weather. Be prepared for it.

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek

If you are not a fan of occasional, light rain of early September, the treks to the rain shadow areas of Nepal are the perfect choice for you.

trek to upper Mustang is one such trek. It is not affected by the summer (monsoon) of Nepal.

During September, the weather is warm, dry, and sunny in this region- Upper Mustang. On this trek, you get the authentic and rustic Himalaya trekking experience.

The trek to Upper Mustang gives you unique highlights of trekking to Nepal. This includes the barren landscapes, rocky trekking trails, and fabulous views of mountain peaks.

Upper Mustang is popular as the Last Forbidden Kingdom. And, the place is able to maintain its serenity till date.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek (Upper Parts of Manang)

Annapurna Circuit trek is another example of a great trek to the rain shadow area of Nepal. It is one of the most versatile and popular trekking trails in Nepal.

Compared to some other popular treks, this trek is safer and cheaper during early September.

You will see the diversity of the landscape, the culture in this single trek. You will get to explore the lush green hills, dry desert mountain areas of Manang, sub-alpine forests to snow covered hills in this single trek.

This trek gives you the experience of trekking in summer (monsoon) affected areas of Nepal. It also gives you an experience of regions not affected by rainfall at all. This trek covers regions like Ghandruk and dry desert regions like Mustang, Manang.

You also get to meet locals from different tradition, religion, language, lifestyle. You can enjoy the amazing clear views of the mountains along with the full glory of the locals in their festive mood during September.

Manaslu Trek

This is one of the underrated treks of Nepal. If you want to trek down a less traveled path, Manaslu trek is for you.

You can get the best of Manaslu trek during the month of September. It provides a majestic view of glacier lakes, mountain views, and nature. In the lower regions, there will be occasional rainfall during early September.

After the first week of September, you can enjoy clear skies, dry weather and great views of the surrounding landscape and mountains.

Lower Dolpo Trek

Lower Dolpo Trek

One of the hidden gems of rain shadow area trek of Nepal is the Lower Dolpo Trek. It is an ideal trekking destination for you in September.

Here, the weather is not affected by the summer(monsoon). It is also not as crowded as the popular treks in the Everest and Annapurna region of Nepal.

The Upper Dolpo trek is one of the wilder, more rustic and isolated trekking trails of Nepal. You get the Himalaya trekking experience of the early 1970’s on this trek.

This trails and region were where the internationally famous movie ‘Caravan’ was filmed.

Kathmandu Rim Valley trek

This trek is a perfect introduction to trekking for beginners and family style trekking. The Kathmandu Rim Valley trek takes you around the ridges of Kathmandu valley, the capital city of the country.

You get to visit Nagarkot, Dhulikhel on this trek. These places are great vantage points to see magnificent sunrises and sunsets with the mountain range as a backdrop.

Ghandruk trek

This is a short and remarkably beautiful trek. The Ghandruk trek follows the same trails you use to reach Annapurna Base Camp.

On this trek, you get a brief introduction to the natural and cultural diversity of Nepal.

This is great for those who are short on time yet want to enjoy the great Himalaya trekking experience.

Additional tips for trekking in September

Additional tips for trekking in September

  • Early September still sees some traces of Monsoon season. So, make sure you take this in mind before choosing your trekking destination.
  • Check for the conditions (landslides, mudslides) of the trails before undertaking the trails. This is highly recommended during early September.
  • Make sure you have some room for adjustments in your trekking duration. This help to overcome flight delays, need to explore the villages, marketplaces, festivities and so on.
  • Make sure you take your monsoon clothes. During early September, the lower regions of Nepal sees occasional rainfall.
  • It is recommended to have a guide and porter while trekking in Nepal in September. The guide can give you the latest updates on the conditions of the trekking trails. This way you can avoid trails that are affected by the weather.
  • Going through our packing list for trekking gives you a guideline about what to take on your trek.

Advantages and disadvantages of trekking in September


  • You get the perfect conditions of the ideal month of trekking in Nepal. Plus, you will not find the trails crowded.
  • The temperatures are perfect, it is not too hot nor too cold.


  • Slippery and muddy trails during early September.
  • Delays or cancellations of flights, transportation due to the weather conditions in early September.
  • Cloudy views or light rainfalls during early September.

Festivals in and around the trekking trails in September

Festivals in and around the trekking trails in September


Teej is also known as the festival of women. The Nepali women wear their finest clothes. There is a lot of dancing and merrymaking and spontaneous parties.

The women go to temples and ask for blessings for the long lives of their husbands and a blissful marriage. The single women ask for a blessing for the ideal life partner.

Indra Jatra

This is a week-long festival in Kathmandu, the starting and ending point of your journey to Nepal. This festival is in honor of the Hindu God of rain and harvest ‘Indra’.

You can see beautiful mask dances that represent different gods, goddesses. And of course, the chariot of the living goddess Kumari is the major highlight of the festival.

Final Say

Trekking in Nepal is on the bucket list of many trekkers and travelers around the world. Nepal is one of the most affordable trekking destinations and is possible year round.

September offers a unique and exciting trekking adventure in Nepal.

You get to experience two different weather conditions in a single trek. Along with the best weather conditions, you get to explore the trails at your own pace.

You will not face too many crowds even on the most popular trekking trails of Nepal in September.

If you have any further queries, questions or confusion, feel free to contact us.

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