Trekking with Kids in Nepal

Trekking with Kids in Nepal

Many trekkers want to do trekking in Nepal with their family. Along with the dream adventure they are equally worried if trekking in Nepal with kids. They have common questions in their mind:

What if they are unable to walk? What if they fall in sick? What if the weather conditions get worse? Will they face altitude sickness?

Keeping all these concerns aside, trekking in Nepal with your family and kids is possible.

Nepal offers a lot of amazing and kid-friendly treks. As a prime example, Annapurna Region offers various family-friendly trekking routes. You can also go for a one day hike with your little ones.

Most of the people have not considered about trekking with their kids. However, many parents have already started to break these norms. They wish their kids to participate in several adventures, explore new places and learn which they have actually missed in their early days.

Trekking is also a part of active learning. Kids will able to learn by doing things and experience by themselves. It’s real life learning of real-life skills. Even if they learn to tie a Knot, it’s a skill, isn’t it?

It is thus, important to explore the destination focusing on the interest of your children. With superb mountain views, diverse culture, pristine nature, and teahouses surely offer the best places for your kids to trek in Nepal.

Children are always curious about exploring new things. Thus, Nepal has great potential for learning and discovering new things for your kids.

Nepal is also an endless playground for your children. It offers a fun, educational, friendly environment and outdoor experiences to the kids.

Your children will also love to participate in some of the exciting outdoor activities. Such as valley tour, jungle safari, trying out local Nepali foods, learning the diverse culture, and so on.

As long as your little ones are active, love nature and open to new things, you will have a good time during your trip.

Trekking with Kids in Nepal will surely be a fascinating journey of the lifetime.

Popular Destination for Trekking in Nepal with Kids

Poon Hill Trek

Popular Destination for Trekking in Nepal with Kids
Poon Hill Trek

Annapurna Region offers a lot of easy trekking routes like Poon Hill Trek. The Poon Hill trek is a four-day route with the maximum elevation of 3,210 meters. Thus, there a very less chance of altitude sickness for you and your kids.

This is an easy trekking route with stone steps at a few points. It is easily accessible from the Pokhara and you will have a pleasant trek to the Poon Hill.

This trail will pass through dense Rhododendron forest and beautiful local villages. There are also many tea-houses or lodges throughout the way which makes one of the comfortable treks for your kids.

This trip will be an unforgettable journey to your kids with an amazing view of mountains and a friendly environment.

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Royal Trek

Royal Trek

The Royal Trek is a four-day route to the Annapurna Region.

It is one of the easiest trekking destinations with a maximum elevation of 1,700 meters. The altitudes are not high which means there is no risk of altitude sickness at all.

This trek will start from the Pokhara Valley and passes through many beautiful Gurung villages.

And this trek ends in the Begnas Lake.

The children will just love this amazing atmosphere, not only because of the mesmerizing Himalayan views. But, also due to fun and excitement, they feel while learning about the new lifestyle and culture. Also, interaction with local inhabitants of small villages will delight them.

Due to easy trekking routes, you and your kids will have no physical difficulties. That feeling when you are happy with your kids exploring the new beautiful place is just awesome.

This trek also falls under the Annapurna Region and is less visited tourist area.

This area lies at an altitude of 3,320 meters. This trek offers unique and close-up insight into the beautiful villages in the Himalayan area. Thus, Annapurna Community Homestay Trek is a perfect destination to trek with your kids.

This trek can be easily completed in 5 days. It gives an opportunity to your kids to indulge in nature, interact with local people, and have a quality time.

The best part of this trek is a less crowded trail with the incredible views of mountains and landscapes.

Short Trek to Everest Region

Short Trek to Everest Region

You can also go for short and easy treks with your kids around the Everest Region.

There are lots of option available for an easy trek to the Everest Region. Trekking around the Sagarmatha National Park where you can encounter Sherpa culture. You can also get the astonishing views of Mount Everest.

You can also trek from Namche to Thame can be easily completed in 5 days.

Both of these trek stay below 4000 meters. So, there is a very less chance of altitude sickness

There are varieties of accommodation options in the Everest Region. There are luxury hotels with full comfort available.

Despite being the short treks, it still offers a spectacular view of Himalayas. As well as introduces you to the vibrant culture of the Sherpa people.

Lower Mustang Trek

Lower Mustang Trek

You can trek to lower Mustang which is a part of Annapurna Conservation Area. It has the largest protected biodiversity area in Nepal.

It lies at an altitude of 3,780 meters. The scenic Himalayan view and the entire Annapurna massif is an unforgettable life experience.

This trek offers your kids an opportunity to explore the beauty of nature on the other side of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges.

Langtang Valley

Routes of Tamang Heritage trail Langtang

Langtang valley is the closest trekking destination from Kathmandu. It takes only 8 hours drive from Kathmandu. The maximum elevation of this area is 3,870 meters.

The Langtang Valley Trek is a superb short trek suitable to trek with kids. It packs a lot of scenic view into a small amount of time.

Besides trekking for a couple of days, you can also opt for one-day hike with your kids. You can choose to go for one day hikes in Nepal which also offers you amazing views. There are various hiking options to choose from:

Shivapuri National Park

Shivapuri National Park

Hiking to Shivapuri National Park with your kids is a perfect place to get an astonishing view of the city.

It provides your kids with an opportunity to gain insight into Nepal’s religions in a fun and active way.

Shivapuri National Park is a paradise for bird watchers and known for its flora and fauna. It offers an admirable view of Langtang Himalayas and wonderful nature.



Nagarkot is usually considered to be the best place for mountain view in the Kathmandu valley.

On this hike, you can see the panoramic Himalayas and beautiful landscape. Downhill is quite fun and also kids won’t feel that tiring.

This trail is all mixed with roads, downhill, flat trails, and a bit uphill somewhere but they can do it. Total hiking hrs is 5-6 hrs only. Elevation of Nagarkot is 2200 meters and it’s safe for kids.



Champadevi Hill is a newly opened day hiking trail nearby Kathmandu, which starts from Kirtipur. Kids will enjoy the trail because it’s mixed uphill and gradually flat.

You can enjoy fresh air passing through pine forest, Langtang ranges, monasteries, and a beautiful view of Kathmandu valley. The total trip length can be for 6-7 hrs or can make short for kids.



Sarangkot is one of the most popular hill stations in Pokhara. And, also the best viewpoints nearby Pokhara city. The hike to Sarangkot is about a 3-hour uphill walk. It will be an easy one day hike for the kids.

There is a view tower at the top and a few tea shops for refreshment, to catch spectacular sunrise and sunset views.

Things to Consider While Trekking with Your Kids

Age Ranges

  • It will be wise not to take very young children on a high-altitude trek. Because they may face acute altitude sickness. We recommend up to 3000 meters.
  • It is possible to take young children (1 year plus) on trekking. It is better to hire porters and have child carriers with you.
  • For very young children of 0 – 12 months in child carriers, it is probably best to be only based at a single location. That way, everything will be ready for you on your return at the end of the day.
  • Short walking tours or one-day hikes are also a good option for young children. Remember that you will need to take regular breaks. And your progress will be a lot slower than walking without children.
  • Older children of 7 years or more who are active and acclimatize well can make great trekking partners. But, don’t get too upset when you realize that they are faster than you.
  • The most difficult age to take children walking is probably from 5 to 7 years. As they are too old to carry them and too young to walk long distances.



Kids are more affected by altitude than adults. So, they are prone to altitude sickness. Also, the symptoms are more difficult to recognize in children.

To avoid the altitude sickness is to remain at a lower altitude below 3,000 meters. Otherwise, if you are trekking to higher altitudes you can go very slowly and allow plenty of time for acclimatization.

Keeping that in mind it is better to avoid high altitude trekking destination.


Many of the popular treks in Nepal are time-consuming. It will be wise not to choose more than 10-day treks. 10 days trek is already a long time to be trekking for a child.

When you add the need to slowly acclimatize to the altitude, the trek will be even longer. The goal is to trek short distance, slow and acclimatize adequately.

Porter to Carry your Kid

You can hire a porter to carry your kids. If you expect your kids to be well carried all the time, we suggest you bring a baby carrier along with you.

Your porter will be much more comfortable with a child in a baby carrier.

Health and Safety

Health and safety of the kids are the first priority during the trek.

You should make sure that your kids always drink only boiled or purified water. You should warn them to keep their hands and foreign objects out of mouths. Also, ask them to wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer during the trek.

You can pack in a few sanitary wipes for kids which can be useful while trekking for a couple of days. You should also warn them to stay away from edges, cliffs and not getting too close to animals.

Clothing and Accessories

For clothing, you need to choose clothes which is comfortable for your kids during the trek. You should also pack extra clothes for your kids while trekking for many days.

Bringing along a few lightweight games when trekking in Nepal with kids will keep them occupied in the evenings at the teahouses. You can bring some crayons for drawing as well.

Useful Tips for Trekking in Nepal with Kids

Useful Tips for Trekking in Nepal with Kids

  • The first thing, of course, is to choose the right trek suitable for you and your kids. The smaller your kids are, the better it is to choose shorter treks in lower elevation areas with easier services.
  • It will be more convenient to hire the porter to carry your little children on the trek.
  • Do not forget to carry a sunhat and sunscreen lotion for the kids as well. Also, do carry layers of clothing with the wind resistant top layer.
  • Always carry extra supplies of water for your kids. As it is important to stay hydrated while trekking.
  • You should carry healthy snacks and chocolate bars. It will be a nice treat for your children during the journey.
  • Children get tired very easily. So, take enough and regular breaks.
  • Proper acclimatization is very necessary to avoid altitude sickness. And let them enjoy nature and play in the surroundings.
  • You can also take some fun games with you to lighten up the mood the night after productive trekking.

Final Say,

Trekking in Nepal with Kids is very much possible. Nepal has a lot of trekking destinations for kids. However, you have to choose the trek destination wisely.

Nepal is actually known for its wild trekking routes and adventurous trek destination. But, Nepal is also known for the most family-friendly trekking destination which is suitable for your kids.

Let your kid experience the beauty of the mountain, learn while they travel and grow.

Nepal is an assortment of beautiful locations with a scenic view where your kids can explore nature in its purest form.

So, trek in Nepal with your kids and instead of going back home and telling your stories. Let them witness and experience by themselves.

For further information and queries, please free to contact us. It is our pleasure to assist you and make sure that you have a successful trip.

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